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  1. Hawkeyeted

    What happened to Superiorbrushes.com?

    I must have taken my eye off the ball. Did I miss the closure of Superiorbrushes.com? I bought a custom brush from them a year or so ago (and is a spectacular brush!), and now I can't find them. I'm hoping they just changed names or something. Anyone have the inside scoop?
  2. Hawkeyeted

    Shaving Pay-Dirt at Christmas!!!

    I hit proverbial shaving nirvana for Christmas! 6 tubs of Mama Bear's shave soap: -Aromatic Tobacco (Despite the name, it's surprisingly refreshing!) -Bitter Orange Orchid -Celestial Waters -Chai Tea (I think this one is for her and not me....) -Fresh Ginger Lime -Ye Olde Barbershop...
  3. Hawkeyeted

    Question for Vision 2000 users

    After cleaning my Vis2K, I found the blade gap adjustment is out of whack. When at it's lowest setting, the blade is below the comb. I know the adjustment for it is the set-screw on the bottom of the handle. I just can't get it right. It seems any adjustment to it is "over-the-top"; a 1/2...
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