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  1. gdawg55

    Edwin Jagger 3one6

    Okay, so I bough another razor. I've been on a slant kick lately, but ran across an interesting razor last week that I knew I just had to have. It's the 3one6 from Edwin Jagger. I bought the all stainless version. I had never heard of this razor until last week when I was searching around...
  2. gdawg55

    Slant Acquisition

    I have been in slant acquisition mode after trying an Icon X3 on a whim. I liked it's performance so I bought a ATT S1 head to use with a Weber handle I had laying around, a FOCS, and a Merkur 37C. They all perform really well, but my favorite so far is the S1. It is super smooth...
  3. gdawg55

    Ikon X3

    Not sure if I'm behind the eight ball here, but I just stumbled across some threads that mentioned this head from Ikon. Well, it's on sale for $25 so I decided to buy it. I've always been intrigued by slant razors, but never owned or used any......so what the heck. For $25 there's not too...
  4. gdawg55

    New Creams Have Arrived

    I decided to try a few shaving creams that I haven't used before. I normally use hard soaps along with the occasional Proraso Red and Musgo Real Classic creams. I recently purchased (all tube creams) La Toja, LEA Classic, Palmolive Classic, and Cella Extra Bio. So far I have received all but...
  5. gdawg55

    La Toja Aftershave

    Not sure how many users out there of La Toja aftershave, but I decided on a whim to buy a bottle to go along with my La Toja shaving cream. I haven't used it yet, but I opened it up and gave it a whiff. Smells like a combination of Speick and Mugso Real aftershaves. Anyone else think that...
  6. gdawg55

    New Blackbird

    Well I took a chance and ordered a Blackland Blackbird. Got the solid bar satin finish model. I was worried it was going to be too aggressive, but my worries were unfounded. I have a weeks worth of saves under my belt and I can say it's a fantastic performing razor. I'm still working on what...
  7. gdawg55

    Captain's Choice Copper Bowl

    I'm thinking about getting a Captain's Choice copper bowl and was wondering about the differences between the 2 they offer. One is a heavy weight with a flared edge and the other is lighter with a rolled edge. I'm leaning towards the standard rolled edge, but curious about he heavy weight...
  8. gdawg55

    Tried Cold Water Shaving

    Well, I finally got up the courage to try cold water shaving with my DE razor. Results are fantastic. It feels a little weird putting a cold metal razor against my face, but both of my cold water shaves have left me with less neck irritation and smoother feeling skin. I will continue for the...
  9. gdawg55

    Sir Hare = Awesome

    I wanted to give some love to Sir Hare Classic Barber shaving soap. I've been trying a few different soaps and creams lately and Sir Hare turned out to be fantastic. To be honest I had never heard of it until I ran across it online a couple of months ago. I liked the hare logo so I decided...
  10. gdawg55

    New WCS Artisan CNC Razor

    I just wanted to share my experience with the new WCS Artisan CNC razor. I bought a Hollywood Palm razor and had my first shave with it this morning. The razor is very high quality and all parts fit together perfectly. I loaded my standard Astra SP blade that I use with all new razors and...
  11. gdawg55

    Musgo Real

    Hi folks....getting back into wet shaving after being away for a couple of years. I'm slowly building back my chops with a Schick L1 injector. This puppy gives me pretty good shave. Anyway, I've tried a lot of soaps/creams over the years, but I believe I've found the best one yet....Musgo...
  12. gdawg55

    Getting Back Into Wet Shaving

    Back several years ago, I started wet shaving (and posting on this site) after many years of using only an electric razor. I found that my face and technique got along best with vintage Gillette Super Speeds and Techs. I had to have surgery that left a large scare across my neck so I've been...
  13. gdawg55

    Duke Cannon

    I don't see much talk about Duke Cannon shave cream. Are there any users here? I love this stuff. It always gives me good shaves when I use it. The smell is good too. The only thing is that it doesn't lather all that well. It doesn't effect the performance, but I'm used to lathers from...
  14. gdawg55

    Traveling and DE Razor

    I am taking my first business trip since switching to wet shaving. What do you guys do when you travel? Do you take all your shaving stuff with you or do you switch to cartridges or electric while being away? I bought a smaller travel brush and I have some shave cream in a tube (even have a...
  15. gdawg55


    Well, after searching some interesting threads on aftershaves, I bought some Clubman yesterday and used it this morning. Was looking for an old school manly kind of aftershave. WOW that stuff hits like a hammer, but feels good and smell just like I remember my local barbershop smelling as a...
  16. gdawg55

    Great Shave This Morning

    Hi again. I had my very first no nick, no irritation shave this morning. I was using my Parker 26c and a new Voskhod blade. WOW. Nice combo for me. This was the first shave with this combo so I'll give it a few more before I make up my mind that this could be the blade for this razor. I...
  17. gdawg55

    New Guy

    I'm very new to DE safety razor saving, but wanted to say hello. I have gotten lots of helpful advice searching through your posts. This is a great site with lots of beneficial threads...so many thanks. I have been wet shaving now going on 3 weeks. I have been using an electric razor for the...
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