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  1. Brutus

    Question for Braun Series 9 Owners: Head Orientation

    A question for those of you who use a Braun Series 9 regularly: Do you care about your Series 9’s head orientation when you clip the shaving head back on? The options are: A) titanium coated (gold coloured) trimmer closer to the shaver’s front (ON/OFF switch). B) titanium coated (gold...
  2. Brutus

    Mühle Rocca Safety Razor

    Mühle created quite some stir when they announced the stainless steel Rocca series, but after an extremely short time these razors disappeared from the market and became harder to come by than Hens’ teeth. Apparently, Mühle felt that a redesign was necessary and had halted production. I have no...
  3. Brutus

    When did TOBS Discontinue the Lavender Shaving Soap?

    The title pretty much says it all. My soap and cream stash was shrinking and I was thinking of buying a replacement puck (for the replacement puck :-) ) of TOBS Lavender soap. It's still available here and there, but many sellers - including TOBS - don't seem to carry it any longer. May need...
  4. Brutus

    Friodur Info Requested

    Zwilling Friodur razors appear to be highly respected, but sometimes hard to come by since they have been out of production for quite some time. My Friodur collection is slowly growing [after an initial disappointment with my second, late production (no model number) NOS Friodur that took an...
  5. Brutus

    When Did Friodur Quality Turn for The Worse?

    Recently, I got more interested in stainless steel straight razors and almost naturally stumbled across posts about Friodurs. Most comments were positive, but one comment stood out where someone who hones professionally was quoted as saying that he does not touch Friodurs. I believe that...
  6. Brutus

    Straight Shaving and Airport Security.

    Gents, Due to my work, I travel extensively by air, but don't want to miss the comfort of a straight shave when away from home. At the same time, I would rather leave the suitcase at home and take only a carry-on bag to get home quicker after a long day on the job (see below). The two are...
  7. Brutus

    Sx Weeks from DE Shaver to BBS Straight Shaver

    Greetings Gents, Having used DE razors for years, I mustered the courage (Yes, with straight razors there is some fear factor, remember?) about six weeks ago to switch from open comb DE Mühle to straight razor. In preparation, I had soaked up as many useful You Tube videos, Forum posts and...
  8. Brutus

    New Old Stock Razors

    Got back from Vienna, Austria this morning and tried out my new old stock (NOS) razor. Found a Mühle ⅝" NOS straight razor in the store and was very impressed with the result. I almost overlooked this razor, but the $75 price tag for a rew razor was simply too good to resist and...
  9. Brutus

    Dovo Green Paste to Be Discontinued

    Just got back from a trip to Vienna, Austria and stocked up on shaving supplies in a lovely (meaning well stocked and knowledgeable) little shop I've found near the city center. During our conversation, the store manager showed me a letter from Dovo stating that the green paste would no longer...
  10. Brutus

    Proraso vs. Omega

    On a recent trip to Seattle I stumbled across Omega shaving cream in a local supermarket. I opened the tester and the cream instantly reminded me of Proraso. To find out more about Omega shaving cream, I did some research on this forum but I was not sure what to believe: - Some members stated...
  11. Brutus

    Improvements in Seattle (Omega, Cella, Valobra Shaving Soaps)

    I spend every year some time in the Seattle area and noticed that the supermarket of my choice there now carries an improved selection of shaving soaps and creams (in the herbal, bulk soaps section). On this trip I found: Omega shaving soap Omega shaving cream Cella shaving soap (in the orange...
  12. Brutus

    Buying Shaving Soaps in Italy

    Some of the more popular Italian shaving soaps have a putty-like consistency and could be called either creams or soaps. Even among manufacturers there is no clear line; some label their product a soap (Proraso), some label it a cream (Valobra, Cella, Figaro). Whatever you want to call them...
  13. Brutus

    When In Rome Do As The Romans Do.

    Over the years I have grown increasingly fond of Italian shaving creams (and soaps). Often they have a putty-like consistency and one manufacturer (Proraso) may call their product a soap, while others (Valobra, Cella, Figaro) call theirs a cream. Most are almond scented, with the obvious...
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