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  1. Mark Brandon Read

    Lavender Love

    Gentlemen, I love lavender fragrances I have Dolce and Gabbana pour homme, ADP Colonia and Pour un homme de caron. What am I missing? Paco Rabanne is also a favourite but finding a good formulation is difficult, too many variations. I'm sure there are many more to try. What are your favourites?
  2. Mark Brandon Read

    Captains choice copper bowl

    I had a white film develop on my Captains choice heavy copper bowl, I put boiling water in but it reacted with the finish and made matters worse. So I decided to remove the finish with acetone and give it a polish. It came out fine, interested to see how the patina develops.
  3. Mark Brandon Read

    One blade one shave?

    I was watching YouTube today and came across a gentleman who tosses his blade after every shave. He didn't seem to have a particularly heavy beard. I was wondering if anyone else follows this formula? I typically get 4-5 shaves per blade.
  4. Mark Brandon Read

    Newbie from UK

    Hi all, first post on your great site. Came here via sharpologist. I started de shaving again last year in an effort to save money (I know lol!) Finding the Zen aspect of wet shaving a perfect antidote to the stresses of the day. Right, down to hardware. Merkur 38c Feather asd2 Flair tip...
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