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    2021 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Shave Trek

    Still out. Actually I was never in because my goal for 2021 was to learn to keep my straight razors sharp. I was in the previous five years but when I reviewed the rules for this year I decided to not join. This year I bought a couple sheets of lapping film and did an inventory of the...
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    My Guess... 3017

    I agree that the Harris soaps seem to last a long time. My one data point was 428 shaves with a puck of Marlborough. I am looking forward to getting around to the Arlington I have in the queue.
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    2020-2024 Leap Year Restraint/2020s Restraint (10 years)

    I seem to be collecting both paper and e-books. I tend to get woodworking, history, books that I will continue to reference and things that I find historically interesting in paper form. Things I am likely to read once I try to check out from the library, and non-fiction I want to keep will be...
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    2020-2024 Leap Year Restraint/2020s Restraint (10 years)

    I am unsure if I have reached a state of restraint or apathy. I just don't feel a need to acquire more stuff (except books...) at the moment.
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    Espresso -- Stove top or fancy barrista style machine -- which is best?

    I just bought a steam valve rebuild kit for my GS3. Over the years I have had do replace a few bits an pieces. I also regularly replace the portafilter gasket when it starts to become less elastic (a couple times a year). But I really like having a plumbed in machine that is always ready to...
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    roaster under construction

    I thought you said it was a 2kg machine.... that is what 4.5 pounds? :a53: I have not weighed my 2kg machine but the website says it is about 350lbs. I don't have concrete outside my garage/shop so I wheel it to the edge and put a section of double wall pipe on the exhaust to put most of the...
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    2020-2024 Leap Year Restraint/2020s Restraint (10 years)

    I am 764 shaves into my brick of Vitos extras super coco... The shaves are great but if I keep using at the rate I am now I should finish the brick sometime in April 2023. Makes me wonder if it is possible to do the leap year sabbatical with just a single soap. 🤔
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    Café Acquisition Thread

    I regret selling my 1980s vintage Cremina
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    Tell us about your espresso machine

    Mick, I would be interested in how much volume you seem to be able to grind with your Mazzer prior to replacing the burrs. I have an older Mini (from the 90s) and I am on the third set of burrs but I have ground at least 1500 (likely more) pounds of beans.
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    Tell us about your espresso machine

    I am lazy. I agree that making the machine boil the water is kind of a must have feature for me. In my mind one of the drawbacks with the cafe robot style of machines is that all of the machine will be room temp. For machines that include a boiler and lever it usually warms the portafilter...
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    Espresso Machine placement - under cabinet clearance for water tank.

    I might be too late to chime in but in 2019 I designed my kitchen to include an espresso station. I have a kitchen sink with a window and to the left is my espresso area. I have two holes in the granite - one is the drain and the other is for the water supply line. I have a LaMarzocco GS3 but...
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    How To Use a Pasted Balsa Strop

    I had to give up looking local. If I wanted some thicker pieces (3/4 or 1 inch thick) and 3 inch wide doesn't seem available. Craft stores has 3/4 and 1 inch square... but nothing 3 inches wide and thicker than about 1/4 inch. The couple hobby stores I called didn't have any thick sheets either.
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    Cast Iron

    +1 my wok is just a simple hammered steel device. The response to amount of heat I am adding allows me to turn it up/down quickly when I mess up and need a large adjustment in heat.
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    What Green Coffee did you Buy or Roast Today?

    I don't have a heater, but the roaster is powered by propane so when it is cold you hang out closer to the roaster :biggrin1: I could hook up the chaff separator and that would radiate a bunch of heat. Most times I don't use the chaff separator because I don't care if the duct just throws chaff...
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    What Green Coffee did you Buy or Roast Today?

    Hmm, snow on the ground wearing a polar fleece... used the 2kg roaster to make 2.1kg of greens into yummy espresso for the week.
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    My Guess... 3017

    :happybday: No not me... I started a brick of Vitos two years ago today. Normally people seem to celebrate when they finish a soap but since I am soo slow I figure I could note the birthdays too. I have managed to miss three shaves in that time period. One was due to crossing the international...
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    Jokes that make you groan

    Dad, are we pyromaniacs? Yes, we arson.
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    My Guess... 3017

    It has been said that people always remember their first time :001_rolle
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    2020-2024 Leap Year Restraint/2020s Restraint (10 years)

    LOL - I have one of those in my queue of 58 unopened soaps. At 250g it is the largest in the queue (along with a RR Santa Maria Del Fiore Sapone Da Barba). I have some 200g MdC in there as well and the rest is in the 60 (Haslinger) to 150 (PdP and some RR). To be honest I am not sure what...
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    2020-2024 Leap Year Restraint/2020s Restraint (10 years)

    Don't know about BS.. but my Vitos extra coco will hit two years of 3017 daily shaves next weekend. This one soap is likely to last really close four years.
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