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  1. sm29

    Help me, I think I may be satisfied with what i have.

    I came back to DE wet shaving after some 30 years with an electric about five years ago. My journey began with a Merkur 34C, a Parker silvertip brush and Proraso Green soap. I quickly added MWF and Tabac, a Simpson Classic 2 brush and a Simpson Wee Scot for travel. Shortly after my wife...
  2. sm29

    Blackland Tradere SB after almost a month

    After 26 shaves I have a pretty good idea about how I like this razor. It took about 10 shaves to know how good this razor can be and it just keeps getting better for me. Everybody is different in their preferences and shaving. I am a daily three pass shaver and prefer a smoother shave. My...
  3. sm29

    Please help me identify my new purchase. I believe it is a Gillette NEW SC

    I just purchased what I believe to be a Gillette NEW SC from possibly 1932 to 1935. It needs some clean-up. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could confirm what I bought and what year it may be from. I'll post a post clean up picture after it arrives which should hopefully be before...
  4. sm29

    My Simpson brushes and why I won't settle on my next brush.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed many of my Simpson brushes and currently own a Chubby 1 in super, a Duke 3 in best, a Classic 2 in best, a Wee-Scot (in best), a Classic 1 synthetic, and my newest a Major in super. I briefly owned a Case in best. While the Wee-Scot is great for what it is, I wanted a...
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