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  1. Merle

    Oh dear, What just happened?

    Valobra Cologne puck + my Rudy Vey, 2018 Birthday, 22mm badger brush, & a Captain's ceramic bowl. I finally 'cracked the lock' and made myself a brilliant shave cream from this triple milled soap. I've had three of these classic blue bowled pucks since I started wet shaving and haven't had a...
  2. Merle

    Is this a discussion we still need to have?

    Different razors hold blades in various geometries. We all speak about the difference in blade/razor feel during the instant of shaving, the immediate afterward, and hours following. These can be further attributed to pressure, angle of attack, coefficient of friction due to wetness, slickness...
  3. Merle

    I hate mandolins.

    ... and shaving off finger tips! Luckily it was "only" a partial and my right ring finger. So, only time and some good bandaging skills. But dadgummit! Why do they always lay in wait until you've got someone in the same room with you to run interference for them? I really should make peace...
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