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  1. Jakebullet

    First time using a ‘Method’ edge.

    Ive been straight shaving daily for 2 and a bit years and had gotten respectable, I thought, at honing and maintaining my own edges. I’d had a bit of experimentation with films, slate, shale and a Naniwa12k and was getting great results from all, with consistent improvements coming along nicely...
  2. Jakebullet

    Scratch pattern

    My first straight razor was a Thomas Turner & Co 5ths. It wasn’t very sharp when I got it so I sent it away for honing. It came back fine but over the last two years I’ve been maintaining my razors myself. I only have 7 of them so I don’t get a ton of practice on the hones. Mostly my edges are...
  3. Jakebullet


    I know there’s tons of threads on the stuff, but I used mine today for the first time in a while and was just blown away again by it. I’m on my 2nd puck of it and was struck by just how much it out performs any other soap I’ve ever tried. I loaded it longer than usual today and got an amazing...
  4. Jakebullet

    Why does the razor stick to the stone?

    I only have one natural stone, a small piece of Welsh slate and I’ve been playing around with it this past 18 months or so. I’ve noticed that if I hone with a slurry the razor starts to stick which I use as a cue to dilute with water and go again until the slurry is gone. The thicker the slurry...
  5. Jakebullet

    Finding natural pieces of rock to hone on

    I was out fishing yesterday, walking through woodlands following the river and on my way back I started to notice the lumps of rock and stones in the water. It got me thinking so I started to look about for something which might be made into a hone. I couldn’t find anything worth trying but I...
  6. Jakebullet

    Why X strokes?

    I have only 3 abrasives. An acrylic block with lapping films, a Naniwa 12k and a little piece of Welsh slate. The slate is small so I have to do X strokes on that one, but the other two are large enough that I could hone the whole edge pretty easily With no X stroke. I’ve seen many videos on...
  7. Jakebullet

    Using the Loupe

    I’ve been using straights a couple of years now, I Hone my own razors. I have a loupe about 30x magnification I think. My question is what exactly are you looking for when you’re assessing your work with the loupe? For example, I’ve heard it said The loupe can be used to observe the scratch...
  8. Jakebullet

    Lapping question

    I lap my Naniwa and Welsh slate on a piece of 320 grit sandpaper on a tile. I see a lot about avoiding contaminating a finer grit with a coarser one. Does a 320 grit sandpaper leave 320 grit scratches on my 12k stones? Should I use a sandpaper close in grit to the stone?
  9. Jakebullet

    Using the time off

    Having time on my hands today as I stay at home as advised, I decided on a little honing and maintenance to kill an hour so I got set up on the kitchen table and put my glasses on. I decided to use metal polish to try to clean up my Suredge, my ELSINE and my Thomas Turner razors. The Suredge and...
  10. Jakebullet

    Coronavirus delivery?

    I’ve ordered a brush from China about 3 weeks ago and it arrived today but I’m not sure if I should open it what do you think?
  11. Jakebullet

    Straight razor shavers and goatees

    I watched a few YouTube shavers while I was learning to straight razor shave and it was quite frustrating as the most difficult areas for me to learn were the chin and jaw and top lip especially atg. Yet I found about 95% of the YouTube shavers I watched had goatees and as such completely...
  12. Jakebullet

    A starter kit for my dad

    My dad is 75, ever since I was a kid I remember him using a stainless steel safety razor and packets of Wilkinson Sword blades. As time has moved on somewhere along the line he lost that razor and has used cartridges for decades. I started DE shaving 18 months ago with a Muhle R41 and now use a...
  13. Jakebullet

    Nice find at the museum

    I was in the Lady Lever Museum and Gallery today when I came across this great object. It said that it was originally believed to have belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte but had since been dated as slightly later. Either way it’s a brilliant object, thought you all might like to see it too.
  14. Jakebullet

    Can anyone tell me about this razor and interesting box?

    Hi, I just picked this up at an antique store in Wales Uk for £10. Could you tell me anything about it? How old is it, any history etc? Its straight, in fairly decent condition and the edge looks ok so I plan to reset the bevel when I get it home and shave with it. It came in an interesting box...
  15. Jakebullet

    How dyou store tour balsa strops/ honing equipment?

    As the thread asks, How dyou store your balsa strops/ honing equipment? I’m ready to give ‘the method’ a try. But that involves storing 3 balsa strops plus my 12ich x 3 inch acrylic block for boning on lapping film and my razors too. Can I ask how you store this stuff? What type of boxes do you use?
  16. Jakebullet

    Cartridge to R41 to Cut-Throat

    After shaving with a cartridge razor for 30 years I eventually saw the light last February and went DE. I dived straight in and bought a Muhle R41 as my first razor. It was the best shaving decision I’d ever made and after a steep learning curve I’ve been getting amazingly close smooth shaves...
  17. Jakebullet

    DE newbie with a muhler r41

    hi, I’m brand new to DE razor shaving, and would like to share my experience of using the Muhler r41 from an absolute beginners perspective. I’ve used Gillette Mach 3 or similar cartridge blades for most of my shaving life (about 30 years) but became disillusioned with them as they keep flying...
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