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  1. Type1

    Best Blades for a Feather Artist Club SS?

    Hi Gents, I had my first straight razor shave yesterday which went without blood shed and very little irritation! I used the Pro guard blades shown as I thought they would be the best choice for a beginner. However, I have a thick beard and sensitive skin. I found at times the blade felt like...
  2. Type1

    Does anyone use Beard Butter?

    As per the title, I'm curious to hear opinions and recommendations from those that use beard butter? I often find balm too tacky and not conditioning enough. I like oil, but it can end up looking a bit shiny. Beard butter sounds like an interesting alternative.
  3. Type1

    What is the purpose of a Slant Head?

    What is the principle behind a Slanted Head? Does it actually produce the desired results? Cheers, Type1
  4. Type1

    Help Identifying - Kingfisher Super Badger

    Hi Gents, I’ve recently purchased the following brush but I can’t find any information online - The advert description was as follows - “Genuine Rare Brand Kingfisher Super Badger Hair Sterilized T55 Shaving Brush, Handmade In England, Comes In Original Box With Care Instructions” The...
  5. Type1

    Best Witch Hazel Aftershave with Aloe Vera?

    As per the title, I'm looking for a witch hazel based aftershave with Aloe Vera, natural ingredients and ideally a nice scent? Cheers, Type 1
  6. Type1

    Identifying 2 Gillette DE Razors

    Hi Guys, I’m relatively new to the DE razor world and would like some help identifying the 2 Gillette’s I’ve recently picked up - Unfortunately the first Razors guard is bent. Do you think this is salvageable? Cheers, Sean
  7. Type1

    Newbie checking...

    Hi Guys, I have a beard but have been shaving my neck and tidying up lines with an electric razor for the last 10-ish years. A couple of years ago a new barbers opened locally specialising in beard grooming and traditional wet shaves. So I have been treating myself to a beard trim and straight...
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