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  1. Hoppimike

    What would you do if your shaver did THIS?

    Sorry about the quality but I don't think you'll regret watching (or even rewatching) this! It's from season 2 of the original Twilight Zone! He doesn't have the best experiences with technology...
  2. Hoppimike

    Uneven blade exposure

    I've had bad luck with these metal Wilkinson Sword safety razors!! On the first one I had poor blade alignment and so I got a free replacement and this one has... uneven blade exposure. The cutting edge of the blade protrudes more on one side than the other! So of course one side feels too mild...
  3. Hoppimike

    Random q: Are analog watches quiet?

    Because... with 99.9% of analog clocks the *tick tick tick* drives me crazy! XD I am wondering if anyone knows - if I bought an analog watch... would I not hear it at all or only when it's very quiet, or? Thanks :D
  4. Hoppimike

    In a dystopian future where everybody uses cartridge razors...

    ... one man has taken it upon himself to convert people to the light, and his name... Double Edge! Join Double Edge on his mission to defeat his arch nemesis - Multi-Blade! ... What do you guys think? Good, right? ^_^
  5. Hoppimike

    Do cartridge razor cartridges typically last for more shaves than razor blades?

    I've been wondering about this for a while and just wanted to hear your thoughts! Thanks, guys! :)
  6. Hoppimike

    Blade alignment on the Rockwell 2C

    Is it... very good? I ask because I have this bad habit of cutting the far edges off the blades to eliminate the overhang. It works great for me on my Wilkinson Sword razor but that's only because it aligns the blades very well. So I just wanted to check before I bought a 2C (or maybe a 6C...
  7. Hoppimike

    I'd like to find an electric shaver that gets good results for me

    I have two here - a Braun 190s-1 foil shaver and a Philips PQ203 rotary travel shaver. With both of them whether my stubble is long or short the results are... at best very slow, at worst more like a face massage, lol What am I doing wrong? I know I could splash £60 on a high quality Philips...
  8. Hoppimike

    Parker 99R or Rockwell 2C?

    What do you guys think? I am so tempted by both of these two! In the poll I'd really like it to be a general head to head and not just about my preferences, but I'd love some comments on my own preferences too. Blade alignment is important to me and also the ability to loosen the razor when I...
  9. Hoppimike

    Your favourite shaving youtube channel

    Which one is it? :) Maybe post a video by them! My favourite is SinatraLennon:
  10. Hoppimike

    Would it be possible to make a safety razor that doesn't give you nicks?

    Because like... cartridge razors don't really, right? But safety razors do. It's strange because the main reason I switched to safety razors (over 10 years ago) were because they can shave off more days worth of growth with ease, and because the blades are much cheaper. Would it be impossible...
  11. Hoppimike

    Rate all of the blades in your stash

    Out of 10 I guess! And in your own experience. Mine: Wilkinson Sword: 10 Astra: 8 Personna: 6 Feather: 6 Bic: 5 You guys? :)
  12. Hoppimike

    Feather vs Astra vs Bic

    These three seem particularly highly rated so I wanted to face them off against each other! What do we think? :) I mean, of course blades have pros and cons but... in terms of your personal overall preference :)
  13. Hoppimike

    I am looking for metal razors that feel similar to the black plastic Wilkinson Sword razor

    Hi all :) OK so I've been using one of these black plastic WS razors for I think over a decade by this point. (here it is in a video so you can see it fully) Recently I've gotten more into all this and decided to purchase the metal WS razor... but I found it to be... I dunno. It...
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