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  1. PiperKev

    Unscented Beard Balm?

    Can any of you guys recommend an unscented beard balm? I still shave my neck and cheeks to keep my beard trimmed, and I use beard balm to moisturize the skin underneath the hair and to keep my beard tamed. The problem is the scent of the balm sometimes conflicts with my aftershave, and that...
  2. PiperKev

    Marvy vs. Scalpmaster

    Is there much difference between the Marvy rubber shaving mug and the ScalpMaster "Rubberized" mug? They look VERY similar online, except for the color, but I obviously can't tell what the physical difference might be. Cheers, Kevin
  3. PiperKev

    Wish me luck!

    I broke down and bought a 1964 Gillette Tech from Ebay this afternoon! I've never had a vintage razor, just the Merkur 25c I've had for a few years now. I know it's not a fancy "high end" DE razor, but I'm excited to own one! Hopefully I can clean it up and put it into my rotation! Wish me...
  4. PiperKev

    Help with identifying this DE Razor?

    Hey, folks! I found this razor in my late father in-law's things, and I'm trying to figure out what it is, if possible. I don't expect it's worth anything beyond the sentimental value, but I'm curious. It has absolutely no markings on it, is fairly heavy, and the handle is knurled. I've looked...
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