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  1. texcattlerancher

    Musgo Real Original

    One last try. Bump.
  2. texcattlerancher

    Musgo Real Original

    Bump. I joined here back in 2007. I had serious AD back then, and I still have a product or three dating back over a decade. Accordingly, I know some of you AD afflicted hoarders have some old Musgo held back somewhere! It's time to get rid of that old Musgo you don't want, and I will trade...
  3. texcattlerancher

    Who here shaves every day?

    Every day with a rare miss pre-Covid. Now, almost never, with a rare shave due to having a Zoom meeting of some kind.
  4. texcattlerancher

    Musgo Real Original

    I think Musgo has changed its formula. I bought two new tubes and the new cream (white) is a different color and the scent is different from the original. I am looking for any tubes of the original Musgo where the cream has a green color rather than the new tubes. If you do not like your old...
  5. texcattlerancher

    Musgo Real Formula Change?

    Hello B&B Brethren. I haven't been active nor have I posted in a long, long time. I have been working through creams and soaps, both of which I bought far too much of a number of years ago. I did, however, recently buy a new tube of Musgo Real Classic off Amazon, and not through one of the...
  6. texcattlerancher

    Dallas Pen Show 2018

    I went. Picked up a new Pelikan 800 from Dromgoole’s! Also, wife went and picked out a number of Noodler’s to sketch with. Texas Navy was the complimentary show color this year.
  7. texcattlerancher

    Truefitt & Hill — Dallas

    Please reply if you know of a T&H vendor in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
  8. texcattlerancher

    QED Shave Sticks

    When and why did Charles stop making his shave sticks? I was on the QED site today to buy some supplies, and he no longer has his soaps available. I especially liked his lime. In addition to the original question, if you know of a strong lime scented soap, or cream, please let me know.
  9. texcattlerancher

    Vetiver, Any Suggestions?

    Wow, you are the first I have ever heard comment that Salter's vetiver could be stronger. At one time just a few years ago, Salter's vetiver was considered the most pungent on the market. I had a tub of this that was so strong my wife made me quit using it. I had to trade it away. You could...
  10. texcattlerancher

    Do you remember when you started shaving and what you used?

    Gillette Trac II razor and canned goo in about 78 or 79. I still have the razor.
  11. texcattlerancher

    The Anything Thread

    Wow, this thread is still going. I haven't been around for a few years. Never would have thought The Anything Thread would still be around.
  12. texcattlerancher

    Truefitt and Hill

    I haven't posted or surfed here in a long time. I've worked through just about all the soaps and creams I purchased years ago when I was active here. One of the best products I have used is Ultimate Comfort. It's time to buy a new tub of this. Who are the Truefitt and Hill dealers in Dallas...
  13. texcattlerancher

    My Guess... 3017

    Doing well thanks. Still with the wet shaving hobby of course. But, I was using a brush and a cheap puck before I found B&B nearly nine years ago. I looked at the recent posts and didn't recognize any names from when I was active here. 3017 has taken my old thread "How many shaves to the...
  14. texcattlerancher

    My Guess... 3017

    Wow. Browsing around B&B, and 3017 has its own meaning!
  15. texcattlerancher

    My Guess... 3017

    This thread is still going strong. I haven't posted in over a year and haven't really been keeping up with B&B in several years. I recall thinking when this thread was started that there was no way the OP would finish his journey through all his soaps. But, here this thread is, still active.
  16. texcattlerancher

    Musgo Real Preshave Oil

    My experience exactly. I don't need to use an oil. I have an old bottle of Musgo PS Oil that I only used a couple of times before I put it away for good. As Rodmonster said, it is difficult to wash off and it gunks up the razor. With such a poor experience I thought I might be using it...
  17. texcattlerancher

    Musgo Real Preshave Oil

    Anyone use Musgo Preshave Oil? If so, how does one properly use this stuff? For me, it leaves my hands slick and oily after application. It takes forever to wash this stuff off with soap.
  18. texcattlerancher

    QED Lime

    Very true. Ouch, you have changed your sig lines. I don't recall the German (or whatever that language is) being in your sig line in years past.
  19. texcattlerancher

    QED Lime

    I will pester Charles again. His sandalwood was wonderful as well. I seem to recall there being rules here about organizing group buys. However, even without a group buy, I am sure Charles would sell out quickly of both Lime and Sandalwood if he made a batch. My memory may not be perfect...
  20. texcattlerancher

    QED Lime

    First shave with the CF Lime this morning. Very nice. It is not quite as strong as I remember QED Lime being, but it is still very limey and refreshing for a summer shave.
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