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  1. salman

    How to Soften a Zenith Brush?

    Pic attached. Brush on the right. The brush arrived over a week or so ago, and i’ve had 4 shaves with it so far. It’ synthetic, and the bristles are still pretty stiff even though i soak it in warm water before my shaves and all that. I don’t use a bowl and almost always face lather. Plus I...
  2. salman

    Whats your usual before and post shave routine?

    Not postshave as in balms or splashes..but tasks or activities that usually take place either side of your shave. Also, do you have specific times that you allocate to it all? I’ll start with my weekday routine. I’m a slave to the clock and every minute that isn’t routine ruins my day ...
  3. salman

    Are Artisan Products Better Than Drugstore Ones?

    Sorry if this has been discussed already, but artisan products are all the rage in the wet shaving community ( atleast going by what i see on social media ). It’s almost like more people use them instead of drugstore products, which i’m sure isn’t actually true, but it just goes on to show the...
  4. salman

    Aftershaves that you’ve fallen out of love with

    I seem to be repulsed by my old spice aftershave ( and cologne ) off late. Both seem to be last on my preference for scents recently. Not sure about the reason, but I’m guessing because i have a bigger collection to choose from now. I plan on keeping them since I might force myself to use them...
  5. salman

    Aftershaves with Identical Scents

    I used Barbasol Brisk for the first time today, and i was somewhat disappointed at how similar it is to Mennen Skin Bracer. I was expecting something different and new in my aftershave collection but it's like now i have two skin bracers ( or two brisks :) ). I got the bottle off Amazon, so i...
  6. salman

    Your Favourite Vintage Gaming Console and Game

    I recently saw the series ‘High End’ on Netflix. Brings back a ton of memories. I was born in 1985 so i grew up playing Nintendo and Sega. Even tried my hand at my dad’s Atari! If i could go back in time and pick a console, it would probably still be the SNES ( Super Nintendo Entertainment...
  7. salman

    Artisan Shaving Products or Supermarket Shaving Products?

    I’m not huge on artisans. A have maybe two artisan soaps in my den and virtually no artisan aftershave. Everthing else is regular supermarket stuff. One of the reason behind this is cost, since i feel artisan products tend to be more expensive. Plus I don’t notice a huge difference in quality...
  8. salman

    Henri Et Victoria Lime Review

    My first Henri Et Victoria product came in yesterday and today i had my first shave with it. They’re based in Victoria BC, so delivery was quick. I got it 3 days after placing my order. Cost $21.90 CAD plus shipping so it’s definitely not cheap, but then again, it will last you a long time. The...
  9. salman

    Face Masks and Shaving

    Hopefully this doesn’t turn into a debate about if masks are effective or not, or the general politics of COVID-19. That certainly isn’t my intention here. I’ve been working from home since March and going back into the office on Monday for one week. My workplace has staggered staff around so...
  10. salman

    Fine American Blend Review

    Is it wrong of me to assume that this is what the white house must smell like? Arrived in the mail a few days and i finally used it today after the disinfecting protocols. Love the scent..old school barbershop with a hint of citrus? Came across somewhat similar to Clubman Pinaud, albeit more...
  11. salman

    My first Arko experience

    I finally took the plunge into this shaving den essential, and my experience was OK-ish. Nothing too spectacular. I’ve read/heard/watched people on how the soap stinks..and i’m not sure I completely agree. It’s not the greatest scent in the world but nothing repugnant either. Decent slickness...
  12. salman

    How old old were you when you first shaved?

    This has probably been aske before,but I can’t seem to locate a thread. So restarting one.. To get the ball rolling, i think i was 12 when i first used a trimmer to knock off my peach fuzz. My first wet shave was with a disposable razor when i was 14. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. salman

    What line of work are you in?

    No need to give out your supervisor’s name, or your work address Ofcourse. If you’re retired/currently unemployed/a student..you can mention your last line of employment. No specific reason.I just thought it would be interesting to know what fields fellow wet shaverw belong to. I’ll get the...
  14. salman

    My first Razorock soap

    Arrived in the mail two days ago and after going through the usual crazy disinfecting person routine ( Remember the time you could open a mail package or grocery item like a normal person? ) , i used it an hour ago for the first tiime. First things first, love the scent. Has a fresh lime like...
  15. salman

    Reviews of Shaving Creams from Pakistan

    Finally got around to using 2 of these 3 creams. Touch Me - The cream was more runny than i’m used to when I started to lather, but that might have been because i used more water. The lather itself was slick, no complaints. The exotic scent advertised on the cream is actually true - it’s very...
  16. salman

    New shaving creams from Pakistan

    My father in law just came back from Pakistan, and as requested, brought along a few local creams for me. I haven’t used them yet, although i’ll be doing so in the next few days. My luigi ‘stache and i are both very excited! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. salman

    Your favourite 5 rock albums?

    No particular order, however only one caveat : Don’t repeat the same artist :) Here is mine : -Led Zeppelin IV -Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon -Guns n Roses Appetite for Destruction -Deep Purple Perfect Strangers -The Beatles Sgr.Pepper Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. salman

    Clubman Facial Hair Products

    I bought these both approximately 3 years ago when i last went with a full handlebar moustache. I’ve been doing the ‘stache again now, and it’s around 6 weeks old now. Not the perfect handlebar yet, but it does have a nice small twirl around the edges so i want to use a bit of wax now. So my...
  19. salman

    Life achievement unlocked

    Back when i was wee little boy, I didn’t think this day would come. I was hoping for smaller, petty things. Like becoming an astronaut. Or the president. Or eliminating world hunger. Or finding a vaccine for HIV. But yesterday I unlocked the mother of all achievements. That too, on...
  20. salman

    Has my williams mug soap gone bad?

    Pic attached. I’ve had it for almost 9-10 months now and i use it every week or so. So a good 30-35 shaves so far. Yesterday i noticed a blue mark in the middle, which wasn’t there before. It doesn’t smell foul or anything, but i’m not sure what the spot would mean. Soaps can’t go bad, or can...
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