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  1. simon1

    Texas winter storm

    Anyone have an outrageous electric bill after the storm knocked out the power grid here? Those $17,000 bills for the month are crazy. At the legal fluctuating price that went to $9,000 a kwh people are getting double and triple hit...the storm damage, no heat for those with total electric, and...
  2. simon1

    Concept gun (Or how to kill a dark blob.)

    I'm trying to design a firearm that hasn't been done for the specific quarry. It needs to be powerful enough to stop the animal, yet light enough to transport over rough terrain. There is a potential to make millions for the future demand. Any ideas...
  3. simon1

    Back from the brink

    Sometimes...there is good news floating around. https://www.nssf.org/nssf-promotes-safe-hunting-as-2020-hunting-license-sales-surge/
  4. simon1

    Lens problem

    I have a Tamron 18-400 lens on my Nikon D3400. Had it a few years...maybe 3 or 4. Today the camera started to do nothing when I pushed the shutter button. I put the Nikon 18-55 lens on it that came with the camera and it works fine. The nearest camera repair shop is over 100 miles away. Any...
  5. simon1

    Game cameras

    I need to get a couple of new game cameras and was wondering if anyone had any experience with either of these. Browning...
  6. simon1

    The gun that won the west.

    And the honor goes to...
  7. simon1

    Pepper, pepper, pepper

    Ground up some peppers a bit ago...couple of poblanos from the store I let turn red and dry out naturally, serrano from sister-in-laws garden I dried out, and a dried habanero from my garden. That habanero is still HOT! I wonder what is in store in the next few days.
  8. simon1


    Saw a cute little thing at the convenience store today. Cashier had a Gumby figurine sitting on the back of the register. Haven't seen one of those in years.
  9. simon1


  10. simon1

    Ruh Roh

    Looks like we have a Boo Boo. One of the outside cats (that I rescued a few years ago, (this thread Born in the Great Outdoors - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/born-in-the-great-outdoors.516745/) was laying by the porch last week looking like she didn't feel good. She was limping...
  11. simon1


    Made some tomatillo salsa today to go on tacos, tamales, etc. Used some PDW (pretty damn warm) serrano peppers in it from sister-in-law's garden. It's sitting in the fridge now letting the flavors blend. I'll put some on a soft taco in a bit with some thin sliced grilled ribeye. grilled onion...
  12. simon1

    Travel trailers

    Been thinking about going with a fiberglass 16-17 foot instead of aluminum/wood, so it's between Scamp and Casita...fully contained. Anyone use one of these? SWMBO retired yesterday so may go somewhere...I'm thinking Colorado and Arizona. She can go to Colorado and I'll go to Arizona.
  13. simon1

    Historical sites

    Thought I'd drop this here, since it involves shoot-em-ups. What hysterical (I mean historical) kind of outlaw places have you been to? Off the top of my head I've been to: Jesse James home before it was moved back to its current location. Been through Coffeyville, Ks. many times, and went...
  14. simon1

    Store bought BBQ sauce

    We've been making our own for decades, but sometimes I get some store bought just to change up the pace. Over the years I've tried Heinz, Bull's-eye, Kraft, etc., but lately it's been Stubb's Original. SWMBO mistakenly picked up some Stubb's Sickly Sweet, I mean Sticky Sweet, awhile back and I...
  15. simon1

    Anyone use one?

    Looks like it may be good for smoking a small amount of stuff when you don't want to go outside and fire up the big one. How well they work I have no idea.
  16. simon1

    RIP Charlie Daniels

  17. simon1


    I saw where Wallyworld is getting into the drive-in theater business...
  18. simon1


    Thought this was as good a place as any to drop this. I was watching an old B&W western a bit ago, and a thought came to me (as rare as that is). I was wondering if those old enough to remember could say when was the last time they saw a WANTED poster in the Post Office. I can't recall when...
  19. simon1

    Fried green tomatoes

    Pulled a couple from the garden yesterday. Anyone else making these this time of year?
  20. simon1

    Doom and Gloom and Agony On Me

    Talk about the cure being worse than the disease.
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