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  1. patrisVII

    Picture tag

  2. patrisVII

    Anyone feel that they get a better shave with a cart?

    With the Schick Hydro 3 and the KOS Hyperglide, yes, I do get a closer shave with less effort and damage than any DE I've used. I have not had that level of success with Gillette cartridges however (though I have not tried the 'powered' ones).
  3. patrisVII

    (Linux) Meet "Lisa": she's Mint-y fresh

    It's a wonderful distro! Desktop sanity with a future! !f you like the Unity/Gnome Shell 'button-pane' interface, great. If not, this is the desktop to have.
  4. patrisVII

    Linux gurus and fans let's hear from you

    Been a Linux user for about three years. Ubuntu up until 11.04 - did nothing but swear and spit at the Unity screen in front of me - tried the classic DE, but it was slow and buggy. Tried Fedora with Gnome 3 shell and could not believe someone actually developed a more user unfriendly DE...
  5. patrisVII

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    Cars II - Pixar marches on - maybe their weakest story so far, but that's like saying 'The Night Watch' was Rembrandt's weakest painting. Big Empty - weird independent from about 6 years ago. A pre Iron Man helming Jon Favreau and a mouth watering Rachael Leigh Cook make it worth watching...
  6. patrisVII

    Best Disney movie

    Great thread! I'm a total animation buff! I think most of the classic Disney films really only hold up in regards to their visual beauty and technical achievements - the stories are a bit weak and pacing is slow or even strange by modern standards. Pinocchio is one exception to this - perhaps...
  7. patrisVII

    Odd Animal Facts or "Facts"

    The largest terrestrial arthropod is not a South American Tarantula. It is in fact the.......... Coconut Crab!!!! just an excuse to post my favorite internet picture :001_smile But they can have a three foot plus leg span, a foot diameter carapace and weigh a dozen pounds.
  8. patrisVII

    USN Veterans - Which ships did you serve on?

    USS Sculpin SSN 590 - Tour ended just prior to decommissioning USS Simon Lake AS33 - Crewed with her in Holy Loch, Scotland through the closure of that base and the following refit in Norfolk/Newport News. Tour ended just prior to her deployment to Italy.
  9. patrisVII

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    Sorcerer's Apprentice Better than I expected in the same way the first Pirates of the Carribean was. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief was still a bit better though for this type of fantasy. The Other Guys If you like Wil Farrel, you'll love this. I dig a lot of his humor (though he can...
  10. patrisVII

    I need a vacuum that really sucks! .... in a good way, of course.

    that's a blast from the past - the vacuum store I worked for sold that canister - it was called 'portapower vac' back then. Very powerful and built to last. Small bag filled up quick, but replacements were cheap or you could go with a cloth 'shake-out' bag. I would recommend it if it's still...
  11. patrisVII

    Favorite Albums Re-Evaluated

    My all time favorite band. Got to chew the fat with Bill Payne a few years ago before their concert (Lowell Historic Park).
  12. patrisVII

    I need a vacuum that really sucks! .... in a good way, of course.

    Miele canisters do have great suction - I would not buy another canister brand. However, their attachments and bags are expensive. You can get off-brand bags for a lot less - same with the attachments (except for the powered carpet head, but I would stick with an upright if you have a...
  13. patrisVII

    Favorite Albums Re-Evaluated

    I agree. The Last Waltz was not the Band's greatest live work by a long shot. Keeping in mind that it was a deliberately glitzy set up for a film, that the band members were in a state of warfare and that lots of chemicals were in their blood streams, it's not a surprise that this is less...
  14. patrisVII

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    One of the few movies that is superior to the book it's based on. In this case, far superior.
  15. patrisVII

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    Twighlight: New Moon with Rifftrax Really bad movie but really funny commentary. One of the MST3K guys best yet. New Moon Riff Sample Looking forward to the Last Air Bender Rifftrax next
  16. patrisVII

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    The really funny bits in this movie were not the over the top gross ones. Rather they were the witty lines like P-didy's exchange about black fashion or calling the long hallway 'Kubrickian". Watching someone vomit, lingering shots of compound fractures and overwrought drug mule gags are just...
  17. patrisVII

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    Scott Pilgrim v. The World Entertaining, but I didn't really get it - if there was anything to get. Get him to the Greek Some belly laugh moments but also some gratuitously gross unfunny ones as well. The prequel, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, was better. Funnier than The Hangover or Hot Tub...
  18. patrisVII

    A (hopefully civil) political thread

    Possibly - if they successfully find, prosecute and incarcerate/terminate violent offenders, you may be safer. But of course the offender had to initially commit a crime, so in every case at least one person was not made safe by law enforcement. Terms needs to be defined. What is the...
  19. patrisVII

    Man: natural born killer

    The issue with this perspective is how the propensity for violence started. Someone had to be the first to pass it on - how did he acquire it? This also goes agianst the grain of history as it relates to ethics. Historically, cultures, by and large, have emphasized the values of peaceful...
  20. patrisVII

    Man: natural born killer

    My world view is Christian, so I would dispute the evolutionary foundations of your premise (though not the overall idea that man is a killer by nature), but I am not inclined to debate that on this thread. I must, however, jump to defend Herbert Spencer. Though he is often credited as the...
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