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  1. dabrock

    A nearly preventable tragity

    Dear reader, I am writing this to warn you all of the dangers that need to be addressed immediately so that this might be avoided in your life. Yesterday, my young nephew was visiting, he is autistic and doesn't have a fear response that would save him like other small children of his age. It...
  2. dabrock

    Erasmic Cream Has the Best Warning Ever

    Was shopping at Winners (Canadian Marshall's store) and came across a tube of Erasmic cream and noticed that they had a warning sticker "Warning: Not for use on children under 3." I'm glad they cleared that up! Although, not exactly sure why it's ok to shave a 3 year old...:shaving::lol1:
  3. dabrock

    A Great New UK Cream (Fendrihan Cobranded)

    Fendrihan just brought out there new line of creams from the UK so I thought I would one and see what they were like. I was originally going to try their Aloe water version but settled on their Euro scent instead because I like the fragrance notes (bergamot, cedar, lemon and patchouli). I won't...
  4. dabrock

    Another reevaluation of GTF Eucris Soap

    I must have been smoking my breakfast, which isn't legal just yet in Canada :001_rolle, but I decided to give another shot to one of my worst soap, GTF Eucris, to see if I could get something going with it. I decided right away that I would shave with whatever I got and to withhold judgement on...
  5. dabrock

    Just Saw Nivea Again! :)

    So I was in Shopper's Drug Mart last night and saw that they had Nivea cream, both regular and sensitive, back on the shelves. Does anyone know when it came back?
  6. dabrock

    R41 first shave

    Finally got my R41 in the mail and tried it on a couple days growth, which is very unusual since I shave twice a day now. The first pass wasn't the smoothest as you can imagine due to the two days growth and I've definitely found smoother first passes in these situations from my slants. It was a...
  7. dabrock

    A pleasant surprise

    Well, today I decided to do something I thought I would never do again and that was pick up a new pack of Personna Barbers at the pharmacy near my work. Last time I bought a pack they were absolutely horrible and like shaving with broken glass! I've seen a lot of comments since then on how...
  8. dabrock


    I finally got an irritation free, nick free first shave on a GEM SS in my 1914! :thumbup: I haven't used it much in the last few months but I have been using more aggressive DE razors and learned a bit about lighter touch shaving that really helped. Still having issues under the nose so if...
  9. dabrock

    Shocked to find out

    My girlfriend loves the smell of Arko! :lol:. First she buys me SMN and now this! How can I not propose? [emoji14]
  10. dabrock

    Good Bye PannaCrema

    I just got an email from PannaCrema that the basic line is being discontinued but it looks like Nuavia will continue to be produced.
  11. dabrock

    Hard water soaps

    I'll be traveling to Boise, Idaho for about a week at the end of June to race in the Spartan Sprint there and being that I used to live in ID I know that the water is very hard there. I checked the water quality in Boise and it's at the high end of hard water :glare: so I know I'm going to have...
  12. dabrock


    Just got this to day and tried it out and wow this stuff is concentrated! I only used a small bit and did a quick bowl lather and easily had enough for three passes and more with such a small amount -- very impressive. I think it does live up to it's reputation as one of the best creams out...
  13. dabrock

    Just Received Nuavia

    It took a long time but now that it's here I have to sat in just a tad disappointed that I didn't hear angels singing when I opened the container. [emoji38] Smells amazing and can't wait to give it a spin. I was surprised at how similar it is in appearance to the standard PannaCrema line. I...
  14. dabrock

    Organic Oar The Shaver

    Found one of those rare artisan shave creams, while at a local barbershop awhile ago, called The Shaver made by Organic Oar from Hamilton, Ontario (just outside of Toronto). This is my third time trying it today and I have to say that with a bowl lather it's a great shaving cream. It's vegan as...
  15. dabrock

    Evlado Wild Mint and Lime

    Elvado is a Canadian M&P soap that doesn't get a lot of mention and that's a huge understatement. I saw it originally on Men Essential's web site but I wasn't so sure about it since I hadn't seen much about it and the ingredient list didn't seem to promising. Being that's a M&P I was also wary...
  16. dabrock

    Great Xpec-tations - first Impressions

    I received Xpec last week and decided to give it a first spin today. The first thing everyone always comments on is that scent and I've heard one person claim it smelled like lemon-lime cleaner. At first sniff I can say it could give that impression but after a bit more sampling it's definitely...
  17. dabrock

    It must be love

    So my gf knows I'm a big shaving fan, unfortunately she likes the scruffy one or two day unshaven look but nobody is perfect! :lol: Well, I was showing her a pic of SMN online and was commenting on how expensive this hobby can get, it's $110 in Canada from the B&M store that sells it around...
  18. dabrock

    Saponificio Varesino 4.2 vs 4.0 vs 4.1

    Has anyone tried the new 4.2 and 4.1 versions and can tell me how they differ from the 4.0? I really love the 4.0 but are the newer versions really a step up in performance? I'd love to get some Cosmo once it gets back in at IB but would like to hear thoughts and opinions on it.
  19. dabrock

    World's Cheapest adjustable?

    Found this yesterday in a dollar store but I'm not that brave to actually try it. Has anyone found anything cheaper? Remember this is Canadian dollars and in a local store so would be below $2 US and about £1.5 and perhaps €1.75. The description on the back ia a hilariously bad translation...
  20. dabrock

    RR Bazooka - New Head is impressive

    I just received the RR Bazooka today and received two heads with it and clearly one was a newer version. I was really only interested in the handle because I had alignment issues with the Little Bastone so I was using a cap from my Merkur with the OC base plate before I got my Merkur 1904. I...
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