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  1. indytechnerd

    Deodorant / Antiperspirant for Sensitive and Irritated pits???

    Alright folks, I'm coming to the best source I have. I need yer help. My problem: It seems everything I try to use ends up causing my pits to be super irritated, think serious diaper rash or the worst razor burn in history. My attempts so far: Crystal; tried that for a couple years, and it...
  2. indytechnerd

    Baker's Dozen - Music Edition

    Looks like we've got a corruption edition, but no regular edition for this. So, let's do it. 1st Category: Story Telling Songs, post up your favorite song that tells a story. 1. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant - Billy Joel
  3. indytechnerd

    too used to wet shaving?

    I usually don't post here in General, but I have to relate a funny story from a trip I took a couple months ago. I had to go to California for business for a couple days, and I didn't check any bags, so my usual shaving kit got to stay home. I brought my old brush (Van Der Hagen boar), a...
  4. indytechnerd

    Downtown LA - Where can I get some stuff?

    I'm staying 2 nights at the Biltmore on a bidness trip M-W next week, and I've never been to LA (or anywhere else in CA). Where can I pick up some supplies that's nearby? I can probably gut up taking the Mach3 for that Tuesday shave, but I'd really like to make the most of my trip and get...
  5. indytechnerd

    1st Full Pass Straight Shave!

    Last night, I completed my first full pass, neck, chin, and all. It wasn't the best, but mostly because I was shaving out of the shower and need to figure out how to make shaving at the sink more wet and slippery. My son had wanted to see me shave with the straight, so no shower shaving this...
  6. indytechnerd

    Stumbling here, dunno why

    I started first week of December last year. So I'm 3.5 months into DE shaving, with 1.5-2 days between shaves, depending on whether I shower in the morning or evening (having a tween daughter and a wife who both love hot baths and showers tends to kill the hot water, so dad gets his when he...
  7. indytechnerd

    Shave Goody Souvenirs?

    I'm flying to DFW in a couple weeks and will be in the Plano area. Stopping here-> Finley's Barbershop while I'm there. The question(s) would be any suggestions on which goodies to bring back (carry-on only) and has anyone been there to see what they have other than the brands listed on their...
  8. indytechnerd

    Friodur 451

    Picked it up today. Pics are straight from the shop, I have done nothing to this razor. I wouldn't shave with it, but it will take some hairs off the arm. Now the big question is 'hone it and shave, or trade it?'
  9. indytechnerd

    Passes Explained - at least from my perspective

    I see it a lot in this forum, and occasionally over in General Shaving. It can be intuitive, but for some, it's one more mystery they have to solve during this learning curve. So, to better help my fellow newbs, I present: Now, the explanation. WTG - WITH the Grain - shaving in the same...
  10. indytechnerd

    Haberdashery - I need your assistance

    I need some wardrobe help, folks, and I know you all are just the ones to do the trick. Here's the deal, in about 3 weeks, I'm flying to Dallas for a one-day meet and greet with a potential employer. In December, I had 3 (I think) phone interviews with various people including the man who...
  11. indytechnerd

    Get Your Hike On! - Picture Thread

    Haven't seen one here, so I'll start it off. Post up a pic (or more) of one of your hikes. Let the rest of us B&Bers see some of the cool places you've visited. First - what I call the Big A*s Curve, just below the Tip Off on the South Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon National Park. This is...
  12. indytechnerd

    Almost Gone

    I received a sampler PIF from a kind B&Ber way back at the beginning of the year, and I'm down to 2 untried blades; a Feather and a Gillette Super Thin (Vietnamese). Now, where to go from here? First: Which should I fire up next (day after tomorrow when I shave again)? Second: What's the best...
  13. indytechnerd

    I found a use for Williams!

    Got a puck for a little over a dollar just to see what it was about. Can't say it's the thing for me, and the kids think it smells like bugspray. So, what to do? Pitch it? Suck it up and use it? Ah-HA! Williams has just become my new 'OMG my new badger brush stinks and I need to lather it...
  14. indytechnerd

    Do I or Don't I?

    I'm trying to keep my ADs in check and limit my shave spending. But, a week or so ago, I found these at a little shop. They're both under $10, I think $6 and $9 left to right. Should I pull the trigger with this month's 'Shave fund'?
  15. indytechnerd

    My 4-dollar Krona

    Found at a local antique mall. Here it is after a quick soap and water wash-off. It's currently sitting in a bath of CLR (just the head) for a day or so to see how it does. If it cleans up well enough, it's a user. If not, I'm out 4 bucks, oh well.
  16. indytechnerd

    "Twenty Grand"

    Was browsing my local antique mall today, and found 4 packs of these, $2.50 each. Anyone heard of them? Searching here and with the assistance of google didn't get me much...
  17. indytechnerd

    $50-60USD To Spend - Need Brown Liquor

    I just polished off a gifted Woodford Reserve Masters Collection (Aged Oak Finish). So, I'm needing something to fill that spot in the cabinet. When I buy it, I can't keep Makers in the house, and Johnny Walker goes nearly as quickly. For single malts, I've had my share of MaCallan, Highland...
  18. indytechnerd

    Practice Lather

    I've started whipping up a batch of lather every night, whether I shave or not. This lets me figure out my technique, how much water to use, and helps to break in my brush. Well, yesterday I was at Wally World and found the $1.50 salsa bowl that many on here have touted as a good, inexpensive...
  19. indytechnerd

    Derby Green vs. Derby Red?

    :confused: - What's the difference? (this is what I have) vs.
  20. indytechnerd

    First thing to change?

    I'm absolutely new at DE shaving, so I'm sure there are things that need tweaked, but I'm looking for some feedback. I picked up a cheap DE and some Derby blades a month ago, and changed nothing else from my Mach3 Turbo days before. I had 7-8 'good' shaves, meaning as good or better than the...
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