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  1. MrLara

    Cereal... crunchy or soggy? You decide

    Simple question.
  2. MrLara

    Trimming your beard

    How many of you trim your own beard? I usually let the barber do it. But he's on vacation. And I have a wedding to go this Saturday. I can trim the sides, cheek lines. And the line in front of the ears. But it's the bottom I can't get right. I'm not trying to get it this sharp. But more of a...
  3. MrLara

    NRA files for bankruptcy.

  4. MrLara

    Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22

    I picked one up these cheap at the gun show. I'm sure there's a few of you that have one. How do you like it? and how have you modified it? The guy I bought it from upgraded the stock to a Magpul MOE, and a Hogue grip. It also has what it seems to be a simmons scope. I've read that many...
  5. MrLara

    Trying to figure out what scope this is.

    I searched for a while yesterday. I couldn't find the scope brand. Does anyone have this one?
  6. MrLara

    Is there a way to increase posts seen per page?

    I see that the current posts per page view is 21. Is there a way to increase this? So that there's less pages to go through?
  7. MrLara

    What did you guys do to your razor collection? since this subforum is full of beards.

    I started shaving with a double edge about 9yrs ago, and like most guys here at B&B i hunted for razors every chance i got. And i ended up with about 50 razors, mostly double and a few single edge. About 5yrs ago i tried the winter beard challenge (started with movember) and the wife liked the...
  8. MrLara

    Little things in life that can be infuriating...

    I was mowing the grass an hour ago and the damn mower sputters and dies. I already changed the filter, oil and whatever else it needed maintenance wise. There's a spring that pulls back a lever so the blade keeps spinning at top speed, it doesn't seem to hold it back. So i replaced the spring...
  9. MrLara

    For those that walk or jog, what tracking app do you use?

    I've been using the map my walk app from under armour. And while i thought it was good, i recently tracked my mileage around a school track, and it measured 6.7 miles, when i only did six. That's quite off. On another occasion, i did 3miles and it marked 3.4. I'm just trying to find another...
  10. MrLara

    Nike epic react vs Nike pegasus turbo vs Adidas Ultra boost

    Looking to get some new running shoes. I've tried new balance, brooks and asics. I do like them, but i'm looking at these 3 specific ones. It seems that the ultra boosts are probably gonna be the most proven shoes of the three since they've been out the longest. But i'm hoping there's a few out...
  11. MrLara

    R.I.P Hugh Hefner

    He was 91.
  12. MrLara

    Planning a California trip with the wife

    We want to go in October, and we're planning on going to Yosemite national park, big sur and maybe a few other spots. Probably going to book an Air BnB. So i'm looking for affordable but enjoyable destination spots (cities, restaurants, beaches, etc.) Places that are dog friendly?
  13. MrLara

    Clear shaving cream.

    When i go to the barbershop, i sometimes get a beard trim. And after the barber applies the hot towel, he uses a clear shaving type of gel/cream. So he can see my beard line and define it with ease with a shavette. Now, i can buy that specific product there. But i don't really like the scent...
  14. MrLara

    Rest in Peace Don Rickles

    One of the funniest ever!
  15. MrLara

    R.I.P Arnold Palmer.

    Golf Legend
  16. MrLara

    Another handle i made.

    As some of you may know, i have made a few handles by hand. No lathe, just good ole dremel and sand paper. Well, today i decided to go buy a lathe. Ended up buying the one at harbor freight. $120. I also went ahead and bought the Drill press $60. So i fired it up earlier and i ended up with...
  17. MrLara

    20 things men in their 30's (and up) need to stop doing.

    20. Going to the club- What exactly does the club hold for you? Do you really think your chances of meeting a 22 year old model are high enough to justify $12 domestics? Unless you're a rapper or an athlete, you have no business at the club. Even if you are a rapper or athlete, it's a grey...
  18. MrLara

    My cousin made me a scuttle.

    Two years ago i made a thread asking for help in choosing a razor for my cousin who was graduating HS. Now, he just graduated college and is going to a university and he recently told me that he was taking a pottery class. I mentioned to him that it would be cool if he could make me a scuttle...
  19. MrLara

    Old spice mug with wood lid

    Old Spice "Ship Grand Turk" mug, according to the OS mug page, this one was sold from 1964-1978. Mahogany stain from Minwax, sealed with marine spar urethane from the same brand. The ship was hand drawn on the lid. Cork glued under the lid to create an airtight seal for soaps. The...
  20. MrLara

    German metal/aluminum? brush.

    Anyone see one of these before? i tried google and all i keep getting is the 'dubl duck' brush (also made in germany). This one looks like it says: Perfecto Pure Bristle Serilized Set in Rubber on the bottom front it says Made in Germany. gave a it a good wash and the knot looks to be in...
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