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  1. JCinPA

    Oh no! McLellands is gone! Frog Morton replacement, please!

    So, about 5-6 years ago after a decades layoff smoking only cigars, I started back on the pipe a little bit--not much, just a little bit. Then, after acquiring a few tobaccos, I laid off again for another 4-5 years. Now I grabbed a corn cob, filled it with McLelland's Frog Morton On The Town...
  2. JCinPA

    Ranga Model 3 pen review

    Ive never done one of these before, plus, I don't have a big collection of pens or experience, so don't expect much sophistication. :blush: I wanted a "nice" pen to go along with my Lamy Safari, Al-Star, and few Jinhaos I got on a lark, as well as my fairly nice Cross Townsend. But I wasn't...
  3. JCinPA

    Quick advice, please ... 1.1 or 1.5 nib for calligraphy?

    I am not going to turn Calligraphy into a hobby, but now that I'm working on my penmanship with fountain pens again, I want an inexpensive pen dedicated to writing things like Christmas, Birthday, Thank You and other cards. And maybe the occasional other use like name cards, and such. After...
  4. JCinPA

    Interesting new pen by Sailor - Compass 1911 demonstrators

    Well, Although I have an old Cross Townsend fountain pen, I'm still a noob, haven't used it in quite a while until recently. I am not ready to get a "premium" pen or a custom pen, and I'm not going to start collecting them, they are utilitarian tools to me. I got two Lamy's recently to practice...
  5. JCinPA

    Few random questions from a FP noob ...

    I have just gotten back into the habit of using a fountain pen, and it is a time waster fun way to spend some quality COVID time away from the TV. :D I have a couple questions I've not found the answer to in my Internet searching, though, I hope you'll indulge me. 1. People amass tremendous...
  6. JCinPA

    I just had a PERFECT shave with a new Merkur 34C ...

    You all are probably going to think I'm nuts, because the EJ DE89 (Muhle R89) and the Merkur 34C are hands-down the most recommended beginner razors out there, and fairly similar in aggressiveness, although most give a slight edge to the Merkur. Frankly, I would not have been able to tell the...
  7. JCinPA

    Drew Estates Cigar event at Up/Down Cigar in Chicago last night .

    Fun time! :w00t: Found this nice humidor in a display case right inside the front door. Any Pirate fans out there? Arrrrrrrgh! Cigar smoke in my eye, it was getting a little short! I'm on the left. My buddy, Trent, is on the right. My new favorite cigar, wowthis was deelish...
  8. JCinPA

    Learning about buying used pipes . Was this a good deal?

    I just got a Peterson #517 restore for $60 shipped. Original listing here. Scroll down past small pictures to get to it...
  9. JCinPA

    Pipe repair - what is typical cost of fitting a new vulcanite stem to a pipe?

    Anyone had this done? Cost? Repair service recommendation? Thanks!
  10. JCinPA

    I forgot how enjoyable pipe smoking is!

    I fell away from the pipe for a while and all my stuff was at my Philly home, while I work in Chicago. Just brought back a couple of corn cobs and a few jars of tobacco and had a nice Dunhill Nightcap in a corn cob last night, first pipe in well over a year. What a treat!
  11. JCinPA

    QC of Polsilver SI - Polsilver vs. Gillette Blacks (India)

    I've been going back and forth between 5-packs of Polsilver and Gillette Blacks for some time now and I have a question for you Polsilver fans. First, after trying over a dozen blades, I settled on the Gillette Blacks as my standard. I find a half dozen or so perfectly acceptable but the...
  12. JCinPA

    Truefitt & Hill vs. Taylor's Rose Cream - a face off

    Well, While not my intention, I'm sure this will step on someone's toes. I will give you the conclusion up front, and then you can read the rest if you are interested. While there is more than a nickel's worth of difference in price, there is not a nickel's worth of difference in performance...
  13. JCinPA

    What a nice cool weather fall shave!

    My furnace is on the fritz, so I've been without heat and it's getting into the high forties in Chicago lately at night. Hopefully it gets fixed tomorrow. I'm good down to the fifties with no heat, but the forties is getting a little ridiculous. So yesterday my package from Queen Charlotte...
  14. JCinPA

    Where is that shaving video that used to be on the Weber site?

    To the tune of the 'Shaving Cream' song? I can't find it anywhere and I really like it, probably because of the music. Thanks!
  15. JCinPA

    Any decent alcohol splash after shave knockoffs of Creed Green Irish Tweed?

    OK, I am in love with this scent ... or at least the QCS version of it in their soaps and creams. Now I am definitely NOT in the Warren Buffet net worth category, but even if I was, I don't think I'd buy Creed GIT at $135 per bottle. I'm too old and set in my curmudgeon ways to be able to do...
  16. JCinPA

    How would you rank Cella, Tabac, and D.R. Harris?

    All three are excellent and well-regarded around here. I'm settling in on owning (repurchasing) just these three soaps and I rank them this way Cella Tabac D.R. Harris I'm curious how people who use all three view them. I like them all, but in that specific order.
  17. JCinPA

    Travel bottle/jar store - AWESOME resource!

    You know, finding those little bottles for after shave, shaving cream and hair gel for your travel toiletry kit can be a real pain. I just discovered this place online, and after you order, if you are lucky enough to have a store near you, you can pick it up on your way home, and save the...
  18. JCinPA

    Nice vacation shaving den and a new shave mug!

    Well, when I travel for business, it's usually a couple Bic Metal disposables, a shave stick or small tube of cream and some aftershave in a bottle. Like this. It works, I can get through security with only a carry-on because I don't need blades. Quick and dirty, not ideal, but what can...
  19. JCinPA

    Rediscovered Gillette Red Tip - WOW!

    Holly smokes! :w00t: In my two years of DE wet shaving, I've had a Slim, Fatboy, Flare Tip, Aristocrat, Edwin Jagger DE89 now with Ikon Bulldog handle, and a Bob's Razorworks Bull Mastiff with a replated NEW long comb mounted on it. I got rid of all the others and only have the DE89/Ikon and...
  20. JCinPA

    Has anyone posted a compendium on Gillette blades sold by year?

    In other words like the razors ... what would be the right Gillette razor package to have been in a 1956 red tip case or an early 1960's fatboy? Is there a resource to match them up correctly?
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