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  1. steven1201

    Bought a couple of vintage razors and need help identifying them

    Okay so I bought my first lot of 4 vintage razors on the Bay and needed help identifying and restoring them to their natural beauty. Naturally, this is the best place to ask around, as many of you are wizards and obviously know your stuff. Before starting the identification process, I wanted to...
  2. steven1201

    Just bought my first SE razor blade and I have some questions

    Okay so I bought a lot of 4 vintage safety razors on the Bay and one of them included a beautifully ugly "Ever Ready" SE razor. I don't know if I'm allowed to post questions about my other razors since they're DEs so I'll just focus on the SE razor. I was curious as to what model and year my...
  3. steven1201

    Pinaud Clubman Classic Vanilla AS

    I got a bottle of some Classic Vanilla aftershave and today was my first time using it. Let' just say that it smelled kind of "skunky" when I put some on my face... :bored: I don't know if skunk is the right word but it has that initial "sourness" that a skunk has. It's not a strong smell but...
  4. steven1201

    My first time using a "shavette" style straight razor

    And man was it rough! My face look chewed up and scraped from every angle, even got a few nicks and weepers. :bored: I bought the shavette thinking it would be easier and cheaper to learn on one of these, then I figured I'll move up to a traditional straight razor, but now I'm not too sure...
  5. steven1201

    Looking for some good, cheap hair products.

    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on the forum, but I've browsed through the site for a couple months looking at old threads and such and I was wondering if any of you knew of some well-made, inexpensive, and good-smelling hair products? I've been using Brylcreem for over a year now...
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