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  1. THall

    VB Emperor Adjustable - Turn That Frown Upside Down

    I have been commenting on the VB Emperor Adjustables for some time now. Basically, I love these razors. They are affordable, solidly built beauties that provide a very efficient, smooth shave. The shape of the whole head is just about a copy of the Slims and Super Adjustables. I have both...
  2. THall

    New Replica Fatboy

    Hello all! Just a shout out to 195 fans. I just happened to check on Global Shave Club’s replica version of the 195. It (Fat Guy) has been in development for over a year now and wanted to see their progress. They finally posted pictures and a video. Overall appearance doesn’t look bad. I...
  3. THall

    Going Back to the 53 Super Speed

    I have a 53, 57 and a few black handled later Super Speeds. Although they always have me an easy DFS, I found to get BBS, I basically had to do 4 passes. Even my mildest razors usually get me there in 3 passes. Very smooth and irritation free but couldn’t muster up anything blade wise to...
  4. THall

    Vintage Trorhy Razor

    Perhaps one of you gents can assist me on a razor purchase. I got this on auction today and got it because it looks like an old Gillette Single Ring. FYI, not my picture. Anyone have any knowledge on Trorhy Razors?
  5. THall

    2 Serial Numbers on my Old Type

    Started out with one of course, now I have more than a few Old Types. All either have one serial number or none at all. This newer acquisition has 2 serial numbers. I haven’t run into this before and I’m a bit confused. Not only dating it, but the reason for doing this to begin with. I...
  6. THall

    Sherlock Razor Co. A New Finishing Company

    For anyone interested Just saw this new website for this company online as I was looking at some finishing options. They offer 3 types of finishes, Gunkote, Cerakote and Gun Candy. They are pretty new as far as I know and have a gallery. You pick the colors and they have a template for you...
  7. THall

    New Vikings Blade Meiji Adjustable

    I’m already familiar with the Emperor Augustus, a long handled version of this new release. I’m a big fan of the VB long handle. Although the adjustment is different geometry, the long handle’s head is remarkably similar to the Gillette TTOs from the early 60s until late 80s. If you have a...
  8. THall

    Am I Picky?

    Just want some opinions on a recent EBay purchase. Bought a Gibbs Adjustable and received it today. When taking it out of the box, I immediately noticed plate damage on the corner of the baseplate and top cap. The damage on the baseplate corner goes to brass (See pics). This looks like...
  9. THall

    New...Help Needed

    I’ve been using DE for the past 7 years and have focused on the Old Types lately. Won a Khaki set at auction with no apparent cracks in the handle and felt pretty happy. This was a lot purchase and after looking at the Old Type again, I checked the rest. Within the lot is a straight razor...
  10. THall

    Proraso Green New Formulation?

    I have been using Proraso Green in the tube for years. I last bought some tubes in December but it took me until today to get to that first December tube. When I opened up the tube to put a dab on my brush, I noticed the consistency was creamier, less thick than it normally is, like a lot...
  11. THall

    Emperor Augustus

    Fit and finish are superb on this razor and it is extremely well made. As I observed from the pictures before buying, the head, minus variations in the baseplate appear to be an almost perfect copy of both the Super Adjustable and Slim. The adjustment mechanism is very close to the 3000S in...
  12. THall

    3000S Adjustable Review

    I first saw glimpses of the 3000S last summer, but the talk died down until it became available in late January of 2019. To make a long story short, instead of getting it in a few weeks from Aliexpress, I ordered from a seller on eBay. Well, after a month, it never arrived, got my money back...
  13. THall

    Astra SP, Still a Good Blade?

    Recently discovered Astra SPs after they came with a razor and just love them. I went online to order more and noticed recent bad reviews of new batches, specifically the new laser etched blades without numbers. A lot of these reviews can be seen on Amazon. It appears to be the same story...
  14. THall

    Replica Tech in Stainless

    While looking for a handle for my Old Type, I stumbled upon a company that intends to reproduce the Tech, Super Speed and Fatboy in stainless. I just saw that they just released clones of the Tech in CNC stainless apparently. The company is called Global Shave Club. I believe this company...
  15. THall

    Old Type in the Raw

    Just got this beauty today and at an amazing price. It looked pretty good when I got it, but buffed it up a bit more with Flitz. No handle cracks, didn’t think possible, but none. Even though it was posted on eBay as crack free, I still assumed a hairline crack would be somewhere. The seller...
  16. THall

    No Love for Brass Halo Handle

    I had posted before that I loved my stainless GC Halo handle on my Old Type. They look terrific together, the balance is great and the Halo fits like a glove. My only concern were those brass threads going into that stainless handle and if I would eventually strip the old brass threads. I...
  17. THall

    Muhl/EJ Brass Thread Replacement Top Cap

    Even though my rotation increased since the purchase of my first DE, the Edwin Jagger, I have missed shaving with it since my threads corroded. Not my best razor, but it is smooth and always enjoyed the shave. I have read quite a bit about the new Muhl caps having brass threads, but don’t know...
  18. THall

    EAD Surprise

    For my wife’s birthday today, I took her and my boys to a hibachi grill. We got there a bit early before they opened and decided to venture into a Dollar Tree next door. While walking around with my toddler, I came upon the shaving section and saw the Assure DE razor which appeared to be a...
  19. THall

    Van Der Hagen Self Heating Cream

    Hello All I was in CVS today and while in the shaving section, saw VDH Self Heating Cream. Anybody try this? Claims to warm up your face and open pores. Not sure if a brush can be used. If it happens to be brushless, I was thinking I could combine it with another cream if it does as...
  20. THall

    Fast BBS DE

    I have found that most of us on here like to take our time and enjoy shaving. I fall into this category as well. The only issue for me is my 7 month old and my 3 year old as well as a job that requires me to be in very early. This probably applies to a lot of us. I used to get up extra...
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