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  1. guru

    Thank you, B&B

    I haven't been on forum for some time but I received an automated Happy Birthday greeting a little while ago. It reminded me that while I have not been on forum, I have not forgotten this great place. While I was not a complete rookie when I came here, I got so much good, and lasting advice, I...
  2. guru

    Proper case for Fatboy

    A friend recently gave me a case for an adjustable of some kind. It is black and has the magnifyer on the top. What is the proper case for a Fatboy?
  3. guru

    Bald guy wants to shave with a Tech

    When my friend found out I was going to Burning Man, he invited me to stay at his camp. Can't tell you the name. He shaves his head daily with a six blade thing, don't know what has six blades. He had been to my house and saw some of my razors, and commented on them. So for thanks I gifted...
  4. guru

    Any campers/teardroppers?

    I was wondering if there are any other campers out there? I live in southern Oregon and there are seemingly endless places to go. I used to tent camp, but now only tent when I backpack. I quit sleeping on the ground when I got my teardrop trailer, a wonderful little thing. It can go where...
  5. guru

    12 Aug Persied Meteor Shower

    The yearly Persied Mereor shower is Tuesday night and Wednesday morning on August 12 and 13 this year. The best time is from midnight till dawn. Often there are 60 average per hour, or more. And they don't come regularly, sometimes they come in bursts or multiples. Very cool natural...
  6. guru

    Bull Mastiff aggressiveness

    I recently got a Bob's Razor Bull Mastiff. First this is one great looking razor. The replated NEW head looks terrific on that knurled handle which has great weight. My question is the aggressiveness. I mostly use a '47 SuperSpeed and get very nice shaves. The Bull gives a smooth shave but...
  7. guru

    Bull Mastiff

    After a long vacation I came back to find my Bull Mastiff waiting at the Post Office. My favorite razor right now is my '47 SuperSpeed. But the weight and the replated head combine to create a really fine razor. With a new red pack Personna it has given me two of the best shaves I gotten...
  8. guru

    Your experience on BS&T

    I was just wondering what the general consensus on BS&T is? My experience has been mixed. Some great, upfront sellers who describe accurately and price fairly. Others... If I want a mint or near mint razor I expect to pay for it. Let me say, here, that I don't object to a seller asking a...
  9. guru

    Flat against your face SE shave

    I see the advice to SE shave with the razor "flat against your face". It's the pretty standard mantra to all new SE shavers. I wonder if all who give that advice are using their SE's that way? Or if they SE shave at all? I use a Junior regularly and a Micromatic some, and I don't shave flat...
  10. guru

    Another Tech dating

    Last weekend I found a ball end Tech in gold that was in excellent condition, the gold plate intact. I thought that was pretty cool, when on Monday I get a package from my brother with, yes, another excellent gold Tech just like it. Which is nice. First, the gold is in better shape than the...
  11. guru

    Black handled Tech

    I got this black handled Tech. It appears to have a bakelite handle and the head is made of... what? It is the color of copper. I can't imagine a head plated in copper but is there a brass this red in color? What is this metal?
  12. guru

    WTB: Gillette NEW

    Want to Buy a nickel NEW in very good to excellent BST guidelines.
  13. guru


    I bought another 40's SuperSpeed and I know it will come on Monday, my wife's day off. They always do. Hard to sneak them in when the UPS guy rings the bell. Why do they always come on Monday...
  14. guru

    Sticky door on Micromatic

    I have a Gem Micromatic, not a Clog-Pruf, that when you tighten all the way down the door won't come up without a nudge. If you don't tighten, works OK, goes up and down. Just as long as you don't give it a tighten on a blade. Do I just try to push the sides of the door apart, to free up the...
  15. guru

    Soap user likes creams

    I use soaps, have for years, mostly Williams and Old Spice, but more recently Tabac, a puck from a guy on the bay, and one a local soapmaker made. My wife got me a tub a couple of weeks ago of Body Shop Maca Root cream and I am quite taken by it. I like the lather of the Tabac but the cream is...
  16. guru

    the bay, fatboy vs slim

    Just an exchange between me and the seller of a H code "Fatboy" My comment: "Nobody but you calls an H4 Slim a Fatboy. Can't you kind of tell that "Slim" and "Fatboy" don't go together. The reply: "Dear Sir or Madam, Hello and thank you for the extremely kindly-worded email. Unbeknown...
  17. guru

    You stupid? what about this

    One day, I cut myself with my favorite '47 SS and I never cut myself with that, knock on wood. So I made another pass and cut myself again. Both bleeders. Couldn't believe it. Finally looked at my razor and saw that I hadn't tightened the blade down. Don't ever do that.
  18. guru

    Olive Oil Preshave

    I had to shave without the benefit of a preshave shower. I got to thinking about the preshave oils and since I had some olive oil, wife keeps it for her hair, I decided to give it a try. I put hot, wet towels on for a couple minutes and then the olive oil, leaving it on for a minute or so...
  19. guru

    Anyone else using the EJ synthetic fiber brush?

    I got the Edwin Jagger synthetic fiber brush a month ago or so and have been using it exclusively since. Before that I was using an old boar bristle and a Body Shop synthetic more recently. This brush is not as stiff as the Body Shop brush and I like that. It makes a fine lather in a short...
  20. guru

    40's style SuperSpeed Possible Repair?

    I just got another 40's style SS. Pretty nice one, but there is one thing. The doors, or I should say just the one is a little sticky, doesn't open fully. You can push it with your finger open, and it closes fine and locks up tight. You can see that it is a little sticky and won't fall open...
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