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  1. johnniegold

    Desert Boots

    What about them? Like the Wallabee that we discussed previously (and awaiting the arrival of the Velasca-version of that shoe, the Barbee), the Desert boot is certainly an iconic model that is another great fall/spring shoe (and summer for purists/enthusiasts of this shoe.) Like the Wallabee...
  2. johnniegold

    Katyishee Website

    Anyone ever purchase anything from this website? The clothes/shoes are priced so incredibly low that I’m wondering if this site is legit.
  3. johnniegold


    You know them. You love them. You hate them. I don’t really know if I fall so far to the left or right of this iconic shoe. But I do know this... I like them (well... almost). I can’t find a picture of James Dean or Steve McQueen wearing them as readily as I can find photos of each of...
  4. johnniegold

    Sperry Topsider and Mink Oil

    Hey you sons of Badgers, if you have a pair of older Sperrys and you also have some mink oil... Go and get them. They are thirsty. 😀 The shoe pictured on the left after a nice coat of mink oil. The one pictured on the right is parched. These Sperrys are about 5 years old and have never been...
  5. johnniegold

    Alden v. Mephisto

    I am looking to purchase an everyday, casual, knock-about shoe. I keep coming back to these two. The All-Weather Walker by Alden and the Marlon by Mephisto. If any of you badgers has had experience with either shoe, I’d appreciate your comments. I own shoes by both companies so I am...
  6. johnniegold

    Getting Rid of Compact Discs

    What to do? I started collecting CDs in the late 80's when it was de rigueur for listening to music. And I collected with a vengeance. Hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of CDs until I had a collection totaling just over a thousand CDs. I had friends coming in and out of my house borrowing...
  7. johnniegold


    I’m getting older. I know it and I’m ok with it. But I have a problem letting go of the things. My car is 21 years old and has 221,000 miles. While at work one day a (younger) colleague of mine told me how much he liked my navy blue pinstriped suit. I asked him how old he was and he...
  8. johnniegold

    Feeling (Floïd) Blue

    Several years ago when I heard about a possible Floïd Blue shortage I bought some bottles. I thought I was solid. 3 bottles would hold me. Well, guess what. IT'S ALL GONE! :eek: Now what? Is there none to be had anywhere?
  9. johnniegold

    Fixing a keyfob for a '97 BMW 740i

    My car is 17 years old. My keys are also 17 years old and look every bit of it. I got tired of looking at these shabby keys as well as having to push the buttons down so far to get them to work. Here is a quick pic tutorial on fixing a key fob. It is easy and gives a well-worn key a quick...
  10. johnniegold

    Classic Album Discussion - A Passion Play

    CLASSIC ALBUM DISCUSSION A PASSION PLAY (1973) by Jethro Tull This album has always vexed me. It was purchased by my oldest brother back in 1973 (he was a senior in high school and I was in 5th grade). A Passion Play was the next Jethro Tull entry in my brother's album collection joining...
  11. johnniegold


    I'm thinking of changing my user name. :rolleyes: :biggrin: Okay, so I have been reading about the release of Johnnie Walker Platinum since last summer and the rollout is finally here. I'm not quite sure what the goal is here for Johnnie Walker. This is what I have gathered is going to...
  12. johnniegold

    The Griswold #4 and the Egg. Perfect Together

    The #4 is really a great little pan and very versatile. Eggs, side dishes, etc. I live it! One egg, side of wheat toast. Ready for pick-up! :biggrin:
  13. johnniegold

    Refinishing a Griswold #8 - A Sticky Proposition

    I just refinished a Griswold #8. I gave it the oven cleaner routine in the plastic garbage bag overnight. Then I took it down to the metal with the wire wheel. Sanded down some rough spots. Gave it a coat of Crisco and baked it in the oven. After that, I noticed that I had baked the...
  14. johnniegold

    Jack Purcells by Converse. What a shame.

    I just received my new pair of Jack Purcells from Piperlime the other day. I ordered them several weeks ago but they were backordered. I didn't care since I got them on sale for $39.99. They cost between $55-60 depending on where you order them from. So, for a good deal I didn't mind the...
  15. johnniegold

    Benton's Bacon. Damn!

    A friend of mine sent this my way and I have to tell you that this bacon is outstanding. I usually get bacon from my local butcher and although it is good, the flavor just doesn't come close to this. Check it out... I could not get over how powerful the hickory smoked aroma permeated...
  16. johnniegold

    The Search For The Elusive Alden Ravello Chukka Boot

    There are a variety of threads here in the Habadashery that have been discussing some of the more exotic shell cordovan offerings by Alden. Just recently, Joel picked up a pair of Cigar shell cordovan chukkas and whiskey shell cordovan plain toe bluchers. But more to the point, I believe the...
  17. johnniegold

    Anatomy of a Good Time

    Now that was a good time. :wink:
  18. johnniegold

    Shoe Shining Disorder. What Have I Done!

    WHAT HAVE I DONE! http://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/media/42170"][/URL] You see, it all started when I watched this video about bulling shoes... http://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/media/42190"][/URL] It seemed like a good thing to do and gave your shoes a great finish on the captoe...
  19. johnniegold

    Manic Depression

    I just heard on the radio that Jimi Hendrix would have been 70 today. That is depressing. I must be getting old.
  20. johnniegold

    Griswold #10 - Is there hope for this pan?

    I just received this pan yesterday. Here are some pics. Is there a chance of salvaging this one? http://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/media/39041"][/URL] http://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/media/39042"][/URL] http://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/media/39043"][/URL]...
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