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  1. mmack66

    Shaving Article from Our Local Fishwrap

  2. mmack66

    Woman feels sexier since growing out her beard, now looking for love

    Woman feels sexier since growing out her beard, now looking for love :blink:
  3. mmack66

    mobile test

  4. mmack66

    D.R. Harris Lavender

    Can anyone tell me how lavendery this soap is supposed to be? I just received a puck and quite frankly, I can't tell that it is a lavender soap. In fact, the soap barely has any scent at all. Just wondered if this is normal. Thanks.
  5. mmack66

    Single Ring Issue

    Picked up a 1920 Single Ring at an antique store today. I cleaned what I thought was some gunk out of the knob, but apparently that gunk was what allowed the knob to screw to the top. The first 1/4" of threads on the top are worn to the point that the threads don't catch on the knob. Anyone...
  6. mmack66

    Century Shaving Brush

    Picked up this brush at an antique mall yesterday. Handle: 60mm Loft: 65mm Knot: 25mm The last picture is a size comparison between the Century and a C&E BBB.
  7. mmack66

    3-piece open comb razor for sale on Craigslist.

    Not affiliated with ad. http://kansascity.craigslist.org/clt/2244148652.html
  8. mmack66

    "Have you ever stockpiled a discontinued product?"

  9. mmack66

    gillette coolwave

    The product is named "The Sleeper"?
  10. mmack66

    New Items at Bed, Bath, and Beyond

    Went to the local Bed, Bath, and Beyond that carries shaving stuff, and notice that they are now carrying Cremo Cream and The Real Shaving Company products. Picked up some Cremo Cream and TRSC Shave Cream, and since I was getting low, a bottle of Lilac Vegetal. For the Kansas City...
  11. mmack66

    Fatboy Adjustment Video

    Just in case anyone wants to see what happens when you turn the adjustment dial on a Fatboy, the following video shows it in a detailed closeup. The adjusting part starts at around the 0:25 mark in the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOfGrbgyXo4&NR=1
  12. mmack66

    Silver Bar Handle New

    Saw this razor in an antique store and would like to know what sort of a price one would expect to see for this razor. The case is silver also, though I don't know if it is the right case for the razor. The razor itself is in pretty good condition with minimal wear on the head and no cracks on...
  13. mmack66

    Schick HydroMagic Injector on eBay

  14. mmack66

    Travel Tech Bargain on eBay

    Vintage Gillette Tech Travel Safety Razor Can't believe it hasn't been snapped up! I apologize in advance if I ruined the under the radar status of this razor.
  15. mmack66

    Kewtie Razor

    I have seen many photos of these tiny razors, usually photographed next to some denomination of American coin, but I guess I never got a good impression of their size, because I saw one in person yesterday and was astounded at how tiny they actually are.
  16. mmack66

    Shaving Supplies at Bed, Bath, and Beyond

    I always used to read about folks going into BB&B and get shaving supplies whereas I myself have never found anything in the ones I went into. Well, I went to one today and noticed they had a whole section devoted to toiletries and such. Much to my surprise, I saw they had the following...
  17. mmack66

    What are the odds?

    The other day, I was tightening the silo doors down on my L2(birth year and quarter) Flare tip SuperSpeed and one of the side caps popped off. One of the brackets that holds it to the head of the razor had broken. I was bummed since I had sold all of my other flare tips. Well, today I was...
  18. mmack66

    Clauss USMC

    I bought this razor to sell to another member, but before I do, I would like to have some sort of idea if it can be restored. I don't want him to pay for something if it is not worth it. If any different views would be more helpful, let me know. The stuff on the scales in the first picture is...
  19. mmack66

    Has anyone tried calling them?

  20. mmack66

    It should have been here by now

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