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  1. _JP_

    Got my first cast iron pans

    I wish I had hit this thread sooner. Sadly, people refuse to let go of old ways. I know I'm tilting at windmills, but the modern Lodge cast iron really does not need an initial seasoning. Just use it. I've had no difficulties at all. If there seems to be problems after using it, then season it...
  2. _JP_

    Against hoppy beer

    What I found interesting was where the author explain that above certain level of hops, the drinker cannot taste the difference if more hops are added. Too much of a great thing. I do enjoy the full taste spectrum of beers where hops are concerned. The lighter beers are often just the ticket in...
  3. _JP_

    Against hoppy beer

    Is it possible to have to much hops? Here's some food for thought. http://www.slate.com/articles/life/drink/2013/05/hoppy_beer_is_awful_or_at_least_its_bitterness_is_ruining_craft_beer_s_reputation.html
  4. _JP_

    'Caddy' commercials

    They are trying to appeal to a younger crowd.
  5. _JP_

    Does it not disgust you?

    My boar brushes are produced from the bacon region.
  6. _JP_

    Zippo lighter and my favorite aftershave

    Interesting concept!
  7. _JP_

    Cicadas: What's all the Buzz about?

    I grew used to Cicadas while living in Oklahoma for several years. They were simply a part of very summer, although more numerous some years. The dog liked to pounce on the ones that fell out of the trees onto their backs, wings buzzing loudly.
  8. _JP_

    Badger and Blade Omega Blonde Boar Shaving Brush, Green Handle

    Ahh... I'm finally going to get a green brush.
  9. _JP_

    Are tea bags making us plastic?

    Something I hadn't thought about before. http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2013/04/are-tea-bags-turning-us-into-plastic/274482/
  10. _JP_

    Fly reel

    I have one of those old Shakespear's that is probably close to 50 years old now. I have fished with it a lot. One drawback is the drag because there really isn't any. But it does pick up line in a hurry. Still works smoothly, but I don't use it much these days.
  11. _JP_

    Intro to Pu'erh

    I've never had a fishy puerh.
  12. _JP_

    Temp. Gauge Kettle?

    I use a Panasonic Thermo Kettle, which is much like the Zojirushie at half the price. It's a countertop model with four different settings. Mine has lasted me for a good 5 years of near daily use.
  13. _JP_

    Prayers for my wife

    Of course you're going to have good thoughts coming at you, mine included. As I recall, your marriage is still kind of new
  14. _JP_

    I broke my showerhead.

    I have been using the rain shower type for years. I'm one of those that do not like lots of pressure, so it works well for me.
  15. _JP_


    Onions I can handle. Used to process a couple hundred pounds daily. Got to where I did not feel them.
  16. _JP_

    Calling all cartridge users - what system are you using?

    Sensor - When I travel.
  17. _JP_

    How do you refer to your girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other?

    Same here! A term that I find condescending and very much overused on this board. An uncle of mine still introduces his wife as his "first wife." They have been married for 50+ years.
  18. _JP_

    Compass recommendation

    I learned orienteering with a Silva from a former Recondo who served in Vietnam. My preferred compass is the lensatic.
  19. _JP_

    Coleman Fuel AKA white gas ?

    http://coleman.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/63/~/shelf-life-of-coleman%E2%AE-fuel This reminds me that I have a partial gallon that is more than ten years old. I should probably burn it "just because," and get a fresh can.
  20. _JP_

    Hey Check Sixers

    I am amazed at how many guys are bending over for this.
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