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  1. guru

    Thank you, B&B

    I haven't been on forum for some time but I received an automated Happy Birthday greeting a little while ago. It reminded me that while I have not been on forum, I have not forgotten this great place. While I was not a complete rookie when I came here, I got so much good, and lasting advice, I...
  2. guru

    Personna's drawbacks?

    Hi. I tried several blades and liked the Personna Reds fine and bought, I think, 500, and have been using them over the years to no complaint in all my Gillette'. Sharp, last a long time. Good blades. Don't know what current good prices are. My opinion, use them.
  3. guru

    Wife trying DE shaving

    A couple of years ago I got my wife a Lady Gillette and not only does she like it and use it, she really likes the long handle. She used a couple of my vintage DE's, but it is the long handle that made the difference. I got her a good synthetic brush, because she leaves that in the shower and...
  4. guru

    Are there any history buffs on B&B

    Yeah, I agree. What do you want to know that for...?
  5. guru

    Thinking About Single Edge

    Yeah, yeah, do it. Real fun. I use my Gem once in a while. It seems like such a device. And it shaves, too. Of course, be careful.
  6. guru

    Your compact shave den?

    I took, yes took, a drawer-- and I won't give it back, for my 5 or 600 blades, my 12 or 15 various DE's, extra soaps and creams, yadda yadda, I think you get it. That leaves one rack with 4 razors and a brush, a bowl with a tub of cream in it, a mug for soaking my brush while I'm in the shower...
  7. guru

    Choose my next soaps and creams (Poll)

    You didn't include my favorite, which is the Body Shop Maca Root Shave Cream. Tried lots of others, but this one works-- makes great lather in my extra hot volcanic geothermal water.
  8. guru

    What camera and photo gear do you use?

    I have a few cameras, some old N<A HREF="http://wiki.badgerandblade.com/index.php/Banned_Filtered_Vendor">*Filtered Vendor*</A> films and a N<A HREF="http://wiki.badgerandblade.com/index.php/Banned_Filtered_Vendor">*Filtered Vendor*</A> SLRD, but I, too, have the Lumix DMC. I have used it for...
  9. guru

    Pre-Shave Oil-Did it help you or not?

    I used an oil a while back, can't remember which one, but I also used olive oil, not extra virgin (makes you smell like salad) but pure and found it worked just as good. But it was too messy and I get good results with Body Shop cream. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  10. guru

    Mug warmer for warm lather?

    In a totally unconnected way, instead of getting anything that keeps the lather warm, I live in Oregon with volcanic geothermal heat and hot water. My hot tap water, out of the faucet, is 160&#730; (no kids around, otherwise would have a mixer). It works very well. I'm sure this is no...
  11. guru

    What's your favorite DE HANDLE?

    I use my '47 SuperSpeed most, like it, then a Tech, fat handled or ball end. But when it comes to handles, far away the best is that fat chunk of stainless steel, hand turned and knurled, and heavy, the Bull Mastiff. The New head is a bit more aggressive than my regulars, but with that...
  12. guru

    Trac II trial

    I used to use the Trac II. Got a heavy brass handle for them. Just every once in a while I get it out and use it. The handle gives it a nice feel, a heft to it, and the blades actually shave pretty good. I would use it more, probably, but the cartridges are harder to get, for me, and a little...
  13. guru

    Travelling With DE Gear

    I rarely fly, and when I do I never check a bag, so shaving is always an issue. I actually try to take the train, where you can carry a razor.
  14. guru

    Proper case for Fatboy

    Thank you, Gentlemen. That is what I wanted to hear. My Fatboy now has a nice home.
  15. guru

    Proper case for Fatboy

    A friend recently gave me a case for an adjustable of some kind. It is black and has the magnifyer on the top. What is the proper case for a Fatboy?
  16. guru

    The Body Shop is really stepping up their game.

    Yeah, I bought a stash the last time I got the Maca Root cream. When I want a special shave, I break out the Body Shop.
  17. guru

    How often razor change

    I have a dozen out that I CAN use, but often get favorites that I use more often. It's, right now, my Bull Mastiff. It's more aggressive than the Techs and SuperSpeeds, but now that I've gotten used to it, I love to use it. Really like the extra weight and the balance.
  18. guru

    plastic handle tech

    I have all three of the styles you mention and they are the same. Which plastic handle do you have?
  19. guru

    Share your funniest shaving accidents

    This wasn't so funny when it happened. I had a new '47 SuperSpeed I was trying. Put in a fresh blade and started to shave. Almost immediately I cut myself. I thought that odd, and kept shaving and cut myself again. Two pretty good bleeders. That's when I checked the razor, and I had not...
  20. guru

    Soaking the brush

    I have a mug that I fill with very hot water before I shower and put my brush in. Badger hair absorbs water and lathers better when it's wet. I also put my bowl in the sink with hot water and put it back in between lathers. When I say hot water, I mean hot. I live on a volcano, in the...
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