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  1. Geordon

    Worth my while to get a strop to paste?

    I am wondering if it's worth my while to buy an inexpensive strop with the specific intent to paste it and use in between honings and when a plain leather strop is no longer enough. Would someone please comment and let me know?
  2. Geordon

    Anyone happen to know what shipping from EU to USA is running?

    I just ordered a BBW from Ardennes Coticule. Does anyone know how long things are taking to get delivered from EU to USA addresses currently? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Geordon

    What she doesn’t know won’t hurt me, right?

    I’m very much enjoying using my Gold Dollar razor, so I want to upgrade to something more attractive and higher quality. I know that this buts me into the plus-$150 range, but I’m asking for suggestions of attractive razors up to about $300. So, help a gent out? Sent from my iPhone using...
  4. Geordon

    Care and feeding of a hanging strop?

    Ok, not so much feeding, but more of a question of "how to care for" a hanging strop. Should I be taking any special precautions with the environment of the strop? Specifically, should I make sure that it doesn't get the occasional water droplets on it from hanging near the sink? Right now, I...
  5. Geordon

    An amusing comment from SWMBO tonight

    Back in July, I had weight loss surgery (gastric band) and have dropped somewhere around 60 pounds without any special effort on my part. My wife is a member at one of the chain gyms (Planet Fitness? The "no lunk zone" whichever that one is.) where she has been paying every month but not going...
  6. Geordon

    GD 208: Does it have any markings?

    I got my Gold Dollar 208 from Razor Emporium today (unboxing vid after dinner) and I wanted to find out if it's supposed to have any distinguishing markings on the blade. I know that there are all sorts of marks that different blades can have, but I am not seeing any on this blade anywhere and...
  7. Geordon

    Project day for me!

    Today is a project day for me. Over the past couple of months, I have been involved with a research panel for a local food pantry. As part of that, I offered to shoot some videos of me making some stuff out of some of the things that we got an abundance of, namely onions, apples, and carrots...
  8. Geordon

    Any home roasters?

    After a significant number of years, I have finally been able to convince the missus that I should be allowed to roast coffee at home. Of course, this comes a year after she was gifted a Keurig by her BFF and sister of the heart last Christmas. Her one stipulation is that I don't stink up the...
  9. Geordon

    Why 7-day sets?

    Let me start by saying that I don't shave every day. I would like to (as strange as that sounds), but my facial hair just doesn't grow fast enough to warrant it. On top of that, I have some issues with dermatitis that I think I might have recently turned the corner on, so it's been a balancing...
  10. Geordon

    Just made my first non-blade shave purchases in about 5 years

    well, I finally did it. I just ordered a straight starter kit from Razor Emporium. This is me trying to get back on the proverbial horse and improve my self-esteem and such after a number of years in the dumps. It's been a goal of mine for a number of years to start using a straight razor...
  11. Geordon

    Don;t you just hate it...

    Don't you just hate it when there are a couple of places that catch the edge of your blade no matter how careful you are? Speaking specifically about the one on the top of my lip... Also, I am constantly vexed by the dermatitis that I have in my mustache area, no matter what I do.
  12. Geordon

    What are some current good (no bleed through) journals/notebooks?

    In an effort to come back out of the hole that I've been in for the past several years (physical and mental health issues, but I am finally starting to see the possibility of the light at the end of the tunnel), I'd like to start journaling some. What are some current brands of notebooks and...
  13. Geordon

    ISO recommendations for less expensive, less fiddly first straight razor

    Hi, guys, it's been a while since I've been around. Here's looking forward to things being better in 2021 than they have been in 2020. As the title says, I'm in the market for recommendations of a first straight razor that is pretty much ready to use on receipt. More than a couple of months...
  14. Geordon

    At a loss, so asking you guys

    SWMBO is in the market for a jewelry roll. She's fairly specific, too. She wants on that rolls up. She wants one that holds long necklaces. She wants one that has multiple "tie-down" points along the length of the necklace. The closest that I have been able to come up with is here. But, it...
  15. Geordon

    Lavender: Dr Selby vs. Castle Forbes?

    Can anyone compare these two for me? SCAD is kicking in and one of these is in the making, but I would like to hear some comparisons, if possible.
  16. Geordon

    Picked up a couple of watches on a cruise last week

    SWMBO and I were taken on a Western Caribbean cruse by my folks last week, and we ended up picking up three watches: One for me, one for her, and one for my stepson, who turns 18 in Sept. He had been asking for "a nice watch" in the recent past, so we have been keeping our eyes open for one...
  17. Geordon

    That'll teach me to loan a pen out...

    We were on our way to get to the airport for our trip just over a week ago, and SWMBO needed to a pen RIGHT NOW! to write something down. Not thinking anything of it, I pull out my Retro 51 Tornado Big Shot in titanium and rose gold and hand it over to her. It looks like this: Retro51 Big Shot...
  18. Geordon

    Hand lotion shoot out: Jack Black vs. Billy Jealousy

    I can't remember if I posted this here already, but I did a write-up of two hand lotions for my personal blog a couple of weeks back. I don’t like my hands to be rough, dry, and peeling. I also don’t like to have my hands highly perfumed. That’s where these two fellows come in! Billy...
  19. Geordon

    The horror! Swmbo asked me...

    ...when I'm going to shave off my "funny mustache" :cursing: that I've been growing since Movember. Granted, it's still slightly unkempt, but I'm getting the hang of a handlebar these days. I told her if the mustache goes, the goatee goes, too. Sometimes you have to play hardball, yeah? I...
  20. Geordon

    How does Osma compare to Manantiales?

    I know hat my beloved Manantiales will not be replaced in-kind, but I'm wondering if anyone can compare Osma soap (with alum!) to the Manantiales, which is rich with mineral salts?
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