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  1. mmack66


    It will probably be a while, since the NFL took such a beating on the last scandal they tried to fabricate. Oh, I know it's still in court, but the NFL appeal is just a formality. They got caught filming in the wrong location nearly ten years ago, and got wrongly accused of deflating...
  2. mmack66

    Vintage Avon find

    Island Lime is one of my favorites. That plastic piece should pull off of the actual cap so that you can reposition it.
  3. mmack66


    Well, that's all well and good, but the commissioner doesn't have the authority to turn into a Roman Emperor, and dispense justice as he sees fit. They have actual footage of footballs being heated, on the sidelines, during a game. Heating footballs is against the rules. Gives a competitive...
  4. mmack66


    They didn't trade anything away, but they do have a reasonable expectation that the commissioner of the league is going to follow the rules spelled out in the CBA.
  5. mmack66


    Brady is saying that he was not informed that by not turning over his personal phone, or the relevant contents of the phone, something that he was not required to do, he would face suspension. Since there has never been a suspension of a player for refusing to cooperate with an NFL...
  6. mmack66


    You keep talking about court and litigation. Tom Brady and/or his attorney stated to Ted Wells during the initial investigation that he wasn't going to turn over his phone or the electronic contents of the phone. They had no power to compel him to turn it over then, or at any time in the...
  7. mmack66


    Roger Goodell did, though the way he characterizes it the phone was deliberately destroyed to hide evidence.
  8. mmack66


    I don't know, but what does that have to do with anything? The referees, you know, the guys responsible for enforcing the rules, handle the footballs all of the time as well, but they didn't seem to notice anything either. The Easter Bunny will be back some time next Spring.
  9. mmack66


    Tom Brady was under no legal obligation to provide his phone, or its contents, to the investigators. The NFL wants people to believe that the phone was deliberately destroyed, and Tom Brady says the phone was broken. I tend to side with the party that hasn't continually lied, and leaked false...
  10. mmack66


    Of what?
  11. mmack66

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    Ant-Man. Very entertaining movie.
  12. mmack66

    If you could only pick one shaving soap.

    I'd pick Arko, but it isn't low/no scent.
  13. mmack66

    Can this Alum Block be the same as Razorock?

    It's probably the same stuff. You can buy it as the Thai Deodorant Crystal as well. I don't believe that either Ammonium Alum or Potassium Alum has any negative side effects the way that the Aluminum Chloride in antiperspirant is alleged to have.
  14. mmack66

    Controversial Hatred, or the thing you hate that everyone looks at you funny for.

    An unattractive example might work better.
  15. mmack66

    Bought a can full of razors for a dollar.

    What's that one below and to the right of the ball end Tech?
  16. mmack66

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    That movie is great for all ages. I love it when they shoot that bug bomb, and the whole floor collapses. And all of the Christopher Walken scenes are great.
  17. mmack66

    Feel like a MAN after my shave this morning

    My goal is to feel like a BABY after I am done shaving.
  18. mmack66

    Any Barbasol lovers out there?

    I use Barbasol yellow with a DE razor quite a bit, and I get just as great a shave as I do when I whip up some Arko. Lots of guys in the '60's and '70's regularly used DE razors with canned shaving cream. Of course, people just shaved back then, and didn't make a big production out of it.
  19. mmack66

    Clubman Special Reserve smells like.

    Like something an old lady would wear.
  20. mmack66

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    Mad Max: Fury Road. Liked it.
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