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    A bit of harberinging

    Recently, I sold 285 of my 315 straight razors to a buyer in Europe. He was in NY for business and came over to check them out. Most were NOS and I had no intention of ever using them. I wasn't interested in taking photos of each razor to list for sale. He said that he's going to resell a...
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    Japan TV Looking for Kanayama Strop Owners in NYC-Metro Area

    Wafu Sohonke, a TV show in Japan, is looking for Kanoyama (Kanayama) strop users in NY. The show is about craftsmen and they're doing an episode on the maker of Kanoyama strops. They want to find someone in the NY area for an interview of their experience using his strops. As someone who has...
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    New Grip for a Feather RG

    The original grip was too worn. What are my options for a new grip?
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    KAI Captain Titan Mild Availability

    This is just a notice that the lady who supplies me with KAI Mild blades is in the process of selling her business to a big chain. If that happens, I will no longer be able to offer them for a good price to forum members.
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    Multi-Purpose Boots Under $200?

    I need a pair of boots for when I'm doing yard work and when I'm shoveling snow. $200 is my max. I'd rather not spend a lot on something that I will wear sparingly. What brands should I look at? Thanks.
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    What's Your Favorite English (Sheffield) Razor?

    I've never used a Sheffield razor. I've never had much interest in them because my other razors are more than sufficient. Nonetheless, if I were to try just one, which would you recommend? Thanks.
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    What's the Going Rate for a Feather DX?

    The title says it all. Thanks.
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    Who Straightens Scales?

    I have a few razors with warped scales. I need them straightened. Who does that? Thanks.
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    PIF: Disposable Razor w/Safety Razor Blades

    GONE. I'd prefer someone new to straight razors. $3.50 for an envelope and shipping.
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    Kamisori Threesome

    They look better in person. I should've polished them but I couldn't wait to take photos. They're a mix of old wrought iron, Swedish steel, and Japanese White steel; they have an ergonomic handle and a wedge grind. Each razor takes a month to make from scratch. :thumbup:
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    Amy Winehouse Dead at 27

    Terrible news. I've been a fan of hers since before she was known outside the UK. She had it together back then. Once she got big though, she became a wreck. It's a terrible loss for someone who was truly gifted. My condolences go out to her family, friends, and fellow fans...
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    Dry Heat: 925,520

    Humidity: 0. If you've scoffed at the concept of dry heat, you might be rethinking it after this summer. This has been the most uncomfortable NY summer that I can remember. I've never experienced humidity like this in the US. Go outside at your own peril.
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    A Pod of Pelicans

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    Group Buy: Feather SS / KAI Captain Mild

    I am holding a group buy for the new Feather SS razors and the KAI Mild blades. The Feather SS razors are a cheaper option for people who want a stainless steel razor but can't afford the DX model. It's made for sensitive skin and seems to get positive reviews. Read here. It is available in...
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    PayPal Payments and the IRS

    Now that PayPal reports everything to the IRS, does that mean we should be collecting tax on shipments within our respective state? Will the IRS expect us to pay taxes on these payments? I'm concerned that I'll owe back taxes on sales. I've seen eBay sellers adding tax to their sales now.
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    Japanese Translation Needed

    I'm clearing out some of my collectible razors and I need help translating this. It came with a Tosuke razor. Thanks for the help. EDIT: I got it. "Tosuke Inoue put all his heart and soul into making this 'Stainless Tosuke' razor."
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    Does anyone not like the Coticule?

    It seems everyone is using a Coticule. I don't remember this many threads on it a year or two ago. Does anyone not like the Coticule?
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    How Do You Know That You're Finished Shaving (Smooth)?

    Everybody has their own way of gauging whether they're done with a given shave. What's yours?
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    Fine Sandpaper for Lapping

    I want to make my 8K and 15K stones especially fine by lapping them with fine sandpaper. The finest grit that I've found is 3000 grit. Is that fine enough? There's a retailer that sells polishing paper in 4000 grit, 6000 grit, and 8000 grit but I don't know how it compares to sandpaper. Has...
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    Buffing a Blade with a Gold Wash

    This Robuso blade needs to be buffed but I don't want to lose the gold wash. I believe buffing goes from spine to edge. How do I clean the blade without sacrificing the gold wash?
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