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    Fougere Scents

    I had it in splash (fouguere parfaite) and definitely agree
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    Spanish Shaving Creams

    To my best knowledge, following the purchase of the brand by Schwarzkop & Henkel, they move the production of the shaving stick to Slovakia. Before becaming full wetsahver 3 years ago, I shave for ~2 decades with a badger brush, a cartridge, and La Toja Stick. For me, it is a scent that...
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    your favorite aftershave/ gel/cream

    APR splash is my way to go. I also like Chatillon Lux too. I am not a bal person, but The stray whisker balm is pretty good IMO.
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    Best soap scent ever.

    I know there has been some small releases of soap/splash/EdP based on real sandalwood with a cost quite a few hundreds. Too expensive for me at that time :(
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    Easiest Soap to Lather?

    MArtin de Candre and La Toja Stick. La Toja would go first but because I have used thousands of time, I can lather it just by staring to the stick....
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    Whoa... La Toja

    At least it used to be. I cannot say it with full proof as of now as it belongs to a big company, but to my knowledge they still use the salts form this old spring from La Toja island, in Galicia. 'La Toja' brand use to make everything there, but once bought, some products where made elsewhere...
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    Best soap scent ever.

    I have many, most of them from APR, maybe general ledger, ozyandias or fenchurch?. I like a lot By Luna L.E. Foroafeitado. It is a bergamot and wood scents. I tend to love bergamot + woody scents, on th eline of what I consider a barbershop scent
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    Whoa... La Toja

    I've used la toja stick since my 15 to my 30something. (with badger brush but with a multiblades gillette, is how I was teached by my dad). It have some risks of making a small reaction on the skin of some people because of the salts it has, but it has a clean scent and a very good performance...
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    Black Ship Grooming

    They are pretty good. I only have Thomas tew and like it a lot as an strong orange scent. The label is not of the best quality, at least the one I have (iot was still under the previous name of the brand). It does not feel in the skin as good as Australian Private Reserve, Barrister and Mann...
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    Wholly Raw Fougeres Question

    To me, La fougere parfaite is pretty close to Brut, more than Fougere bouquet...
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    Whats cooking in 2019?

    My fav pizza from my childhood was one made with just emmental cheese, some garlic, and shrimps. Just amazing!
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    Artisan Fougeres

    Australian Private Reserve has several fougeres, its performance on the skin is top notch. Currently, at Maggards: APR Fougere bourbon Rose. To me is like a fougere with cologne notes, very classic, not really floral APR General Ledger. This is a fougere. To me, less green and brigth than B&M...
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    Which Soaps to buy in Spain?

    if you like colonia style scents, go for Alvarez Gomez shaving cream, available in stores (i.e. El Corte ingles) in Madrid City. If you like artisan products, harder to get from USA, can be ByLuna or Joserra (both can be contacted by mail or through facebook pages). They may be able to send to...
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    Is there a shaving soap/cream for female DE-shavers?

    Barriester & Mann once made a shaving soap for women, called Velvet. quite nice floral, too sweet maybe for me (latha base)
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    La Toja Review

    Thanks for the review. This stick was my only shave soap for 2 decades. It is superb, and certainly a bargain in Spain (With time, and a bit of luck, you may get it even cheaper than the 1.20 Euro that Marco mentioned). The scent is of clean soap, unoffensive, and it does not interfere with...
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    SOTD "FREE WEEK" March 11th - March 17th, 2019

    Long time without a SOTD here... Pre: nothing machine: Timeless 0.95 open scalloped / Ufro goliath prototype blade + feather brush: Doug korn / Nathan Clark Envy White soap: Eufros Verum (LE) splash: AP Reserve ozymandias Amazing shave and I am smelling awesome! Hope to post more often:)
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    Australian Shaving soaps.

    Actually, if you are interested in trying, I will be happy to send it to you by the cost of aus-post. I want to give it a last trial, but even if I am happy with the last one, It won't get any more attention. Lather looks superb, but not the shaving, alas not on my face. cheers
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    Australian Shaving soaps.

    I have a face fat soap that don't get my attention (and don't give me good shaves after three uses). I think there is something on it that irritates my skin, but I want to give more trials... Whispers from the woods could be a next one to try too :)
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    Chatillon Lux Recommendations

    I find delor de treget in the dark spectrum of citrousy. Very nice to my nose. The best of the few CL I have (Delor de treget, TSM fougere and fourth and pine)
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    Musgo Real Lime Basil

    To me, it is more on the basil than on the lime. Quite pleasant