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  1. mantic

    Best Bang For The Buck Shaving Subscriptions?

    I'm starting to see more shaving subscriptions popping up--Wet Shave Club, Luxury Barber, Bespoke Post, etc. Not to mention Dollar Shave Club, Harry's, 800razors, etc. Which do you think offer the best value? Why?
  2. mantic

    "Micro Touch One" DE Seen At Local Megamart

    My wife and I were shopping at the local "Wally World" this evening when we came across this: I "took one for the team" and bought one to see if it is the same razor that is available online/mailorder (see THIS thread). My initial impression is yes, it appears to be the same: the razor is...
  3. mantic

    Caswell Massey Turns From The Dark Side?

    While major shaving names like DR Harris, Art of Shaving and Trumper’s appear to have recently reformulated some of their shaving creams and soaps into what some say may be inferior products (compared to what they were), Caswell Massey’s recent reformulation and launch of their new...
  4. mantic

    Have You Shaved Someone Else?

    Hello gents-- I'm starting to work on a video about how to shave someone else. Not like a barber mind you, this would be more like shaving someone who couldn't shave themself due to age or disability. I want to make it a pleasant experience but probably not a BBS shave kind of thing (though...
  5. mantic

    Pre-Stage Fright?

    Gents-- As you may know I will be speaking about shaving at events in Chicago (along with Lynn Abrams from SRP and Geo from Shavenation) and Milwaukee next week. I'm becoming a nervous wreck about it: not so much from the presentation itself (I'm confident enough in my own shavegeekery to speak...
  6. mantic

    10,000 Subscribers!

    Coincidentally with the release of my latest video, my Youtube channel just cracked the 10,000 subscriber mark! According to Social Blade that's roughly the 8000th (or so) most popular channel. Considering there are tens of millions of Youtube channels, that's not too shabby. Do not tell me...
  7. mantic

    An Aftershave Balm/Splash Primer

    I just posted a new video about aftershaves: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5bgmuUw7fA
  8. mantic

    Help ID This Razor?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p34IdliA5P0 Based on some comments I've already gotten could this be a Sabi razor? If so, I'm amazed it would be sold under a Gillette name (even in a 3rd world country).
  9. mantic

    Set-Top TV Boxes

    Do you have a cable/satellite TV "alternative" service that streams both TV and web?
  10. mantic

    Questions For Our UK Friends

    [MOD: Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this, feel free to move if its not] I have several--possibly silly--questions for our friends "across the pond." Please excuse my ignorance. I've been asked to make a shaving video specifically for a UK-based grooming website and I don't...
  11. mantic

    My Faith In The Medical Community Is Shaken

    I don't even where to begin so I'll just link to it. "Shaving Tip For Men: Use a multi bladed razor": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHy5aBJMYmQ
  12. mantic

    Shaving and Swimming?

    I get questions on my Youtube account all the time, asking for advice with shaving problems. I can usually field them pretty easily, but this one threw me: Can any swimmers out there offer suggestions or advice? I've also posted this question on my blog, so feel free to answer there if you...
  13. mantic

    New Video "Where To Find Traditional Wetshaving Products In The US

    I just posted a new video, hopefully helpful to the "newbies" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8Id57M5-xA
  14. mantic

    Real Shaving Company @ Rite Aid?

    Are Real Shaving Company shave creams still available at Rite Aid stores (I don't have any Rite Aid's in my area)? --Mark
  15. mantic

    Cheap Shaving Brushes

    I just posted a new video about cheap shaving brushes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LCctLMf_EA Pretty basic stuff for the chaps who have been here for a while, but I wanted to make it so newbies could understand they don't *have* to spend $100 (or even $50) for a brush to get them...
  16. mantic

    Attn: Texas "Aggies"

    Would you believe...Cremo Cream is now available at the College Station HEB? Yep, right there along side of the canned goo.
  17. mantic

    Help For Ingrown Hairs

    Suprise! I have a new video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJzk4QL6iME
  18. mantic

    Article On Shaving To Be In Money Magazine

    Gents-- I just spent 30 minutes on the phone with a writer for Money magazine, who's doing an article on shaving for their April issue. The writer had found my videos online and contacted me as a research source. I was asked some good, intelligent questions! --Mark
  19. mantic

    Is This A DE89L?

    Gents-- After an extended delay, my wife and I finally got to have "Christmas" with my in-laws. They know of my..."interest" in traditional shaving (ahem) so they enable one of my AD's on occassion. I received this: Its an EJ razor (apparently from Duluth Trading Co.) and bears a...
  20. mantic

    New Video! "Advice From A Master Barber (Part 1)"

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