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  1. dfoulk

    Reforming Soap

    Not sure why you'd need to. I mean what do you clean it with, soap right? I just put mine through the dishwasher mostly to remove any residual fragrance is all and it's back to good.
  2. dfoulk

    Too many brush choices!

    Ok, here's a plan. Buy a cheap resin handle for around $10. You can find them at Whipped Dog as well as other sites. Then buy either a Maggards SHD knot or an Elite Manchurian Fan knot and pick up a tube of silicone at the local hardware store for around six bucks. You'll have to choose the...
  3. dfoulk

    Reforming Soap

    It's not just tallow or not tallow that determines if you can melt it or not. Assume that you cannot melt it unless it's stated otherwise by the maker. If you melt something in the microwave you're taking a chance. Best case you lose a little of the scent, worst case you ruin the soap, or...
  4. dfoulk

    What's Your Brush Today?

    Mozingo ZT1 28mm
  5. dfoulk

    Help with Kitchen knife storage.

    Haha, that's awesome.
  6. dfoulk

    Help with Kitchen knife storage.

    I have the in drawer ones as I've been using them for years. The wife doesn't like knives out in the open as she's apparently watched too many horror movies. I use them with Wustof Classic knives as well as some really expensive hand made Japanese knives and I haven't noticed any degrade in...
  7. dfoulk

    Opinions: Best razor that is available on the market currently

    To answer your question... 1. Wolfman WR2 - not available 2. Raw Shaving RS-10 - not available The order may vary a bit here depending on what you like in a razor. 3. Timeless 4. Charcoal Goods 5. Blackland 6. Karve If you were to provide a bit more information about what you like in a...
  8. dfoulk

    Help me find certain soaps.

    Wondering if you took the p-trap off and cleaned it out well with a snake plenty far down the pipe, maybe it wouldn't be an issue anymore. I don't know how old your home is but maybe several years of buildup have accumulated. Just a thought and a total guess, I'm reaching here.
  9. dfoulk

    Help me find certain soaps.

    We have two sinks in our bathroom. One is mine and the other my wife's. You can guess which one I have to unclog from time to time. I just use one of the plastic hair grabbing tools with all of the barbs on it and it clears it right up. I could take apart the p-trap or throw chemicals down...
  10. dfoulk

    Boycott a Product ?

    It depends on the reasoning. I was taught to forgive and I enjoy going to sleep at night without carrying hatred and anger towards others. So I'm inclined to give people a second or even a third chance in most cases, provided the situation can warrant it. I don't want to turn into a grumpy...
  11. dfoulk

    Best 3 DE razors of the last 5 years

    Wolfman .95 WR2 SB Titanium - This is probably my favorite razor of all time as it should be considering the price tag. Exceptionally smooth while still being extremely efficient. Workmanship is unmatched. I have it in stainless as well in .95 1.00 and 1.05 as these could all take the top...
  12. dfoulk

    Heavy razors

    I've gone back and forth between light and heavy razors using each for extended periods of time. I don't usually go back and forth day by day but more of a longer term thing. So light for a while and then maybe heavy for a while. What it comes down to is that after several uses of the same...
  13. dfoulk

    Is Battery power taking over the lawn/garden business?

    The tools that I have are all two stroke versions so regular maintenance isn't costly. As long as I add good oil and a fuel stabilizer I don't seem to have any issues at all. Maybe a spark plug every now and then and to clean the air filter but that's it for me. The maintenance comes into...
  14. dfoulk

    How long does B&M Soap Last?

    Plenty of factors... How hard or soft your water is? What size brush do you use? How often are you shaving? How many passes do you do? Are you making more lather than you need? Are you blooming the soap? Most tubs would last about a month or more with average water, shaving daily with a...
  15. dfoulk

    Top rated DE razor

    I use a Wolfman WR2 SB as my daily razor. After trying just about everything out there I have yet to find anything better.
  16. dfoulk

    Why are soaps more popular than creams here?

    If you're asking how many soaps and creams I've tried I've tried probably over 800 soaps and probably 50 or more creams. I oversee a soap sample passaround here on the forum where vendors will send me full tubs of soap that I'll refill sample containers with. There are over 600 soaps in the...
  17. dfoulk

    Adjustable Weight Handle (pif)

    Great PIF. I'm in. Just kidding, congrats to the winner as this was an excellent PIF. After trying many, many handles I'm finding that I'm liking using a lighter handle with a more aggressive head and a heavier handle with a less aggressive head. The lighter handle kinda forces me to have...
  18. dfoulk

    No More Purchases?

    I only have things from a few select makers that I'll buy anymore. I've gotten to this point only after already buying just about everything and becoming extremely selective. These items are unfortunately very pricey and terribly difficult to get. I suppose this is good and bad. Good because...
  19. dfoulk

    Why are soaps more popular than creams here?

    A few reasons for me. First off shelf life of a cream is way, way less. So if you want to do creams you will likely have maybe one to three going at a time to give you some variety. Users that use soaps might have fifty or more in a rotation. If you tried to do this with creams you'd have...
  20. dfoulk

    Tallow & Steel Sas'quets

    Yeah, not problem. There's a link on their site to a video that's really cool and done exceptionally well. You should check it out if you have a couple minutes. These seem to slip under the radar and sell out quickly then people complain that they missed it. I wanted to give everyone a...