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    Badger&Blade Shave Mug possibility?

    I just found this shave mug while looking through Deneen Pottery's website. Any possibility of doing a Badger&Blade run of these?
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    Whipped Dog 30mm Boar Brush?

    I'm considering getting a Whipped Dog 30mm boar brush. It will be used for head lathering, and face lathering around my goatee. Should I get the handle drilled deeper? 5mm or 10mm? Thanks.
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    First Wild West Brushworks brush

    My first brush from Wild West Brushworks arrived. Red/gray swirled with a 26mm Timberwolf knot.
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    B&B Brush of the Year?

    What happened to the annual Badger & Blade brushes? Not being done anymore? I think 2016 was the last year that I bought a brush.
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    Best Performing Fougere Soaps?

    What are the best performing shave soaps with a fougere scent? Thanks.
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    What Happened to My MWF Puck?

    I was about to use an old puck of Mitchell's Wool Fat shaving soap that I keep in an Old Spice mug, and noticed that the puck's surface had changed. What happened to it? Can soaps start to rot?
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    Clear Shave Gels for Beards?

    Do you use a clear shave gel for lining up your beards with a straiggt razor or shavette? Which ones do you recommend? Thanks.
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    Buck Knives 039 Salient?

    Does anyone own the Buck 039 Salient straight razor? How do you like it, and how well does the blade steel stay sharp for shaving? Thanks.
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    Semogue Taj Resin SOC Mixed Knot

    My Semogue SOC mixed knot with Taj resin handle just arrived. This is a really nice brush. Feels like it has good backbone(dry...fresh out of the box).
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    Bought a Few Shavette Items.

    I figured I'd buy a few shavette items for shaving my head and lining up my beard. I bought the Dovo Shavette with the stainless steel handle, the Pereira Shavery One Finger Ring shavette. I also ordered some razor blades: Derby Premium, Shark Saloon, Derby Professional, and Personna X-Series.
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    Tobacquisitions - March 2018

    Arrived a couple days ago... Mac Baren Golden Extra, Peterson's St. Patrick's Day 2018, C&D Three Friars, Mac Baren Golden Extra bulk, F&K Black Bayou Mist.
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    New York Pipe Show 2017

    Who's going to the New York Pipe Show tomorrow?
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    Warning... Int'l Pipe Orders!!!

    I just received a bill from FedEx for $30.14 for the Al Pascia Curvy pipe I ordered last month. $20 FDA Processing fee, plus taxes, etc. So a $100 pipe just beacme $130. [emoji35] [emoji107]
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    Home Blended Chocolate Semi-Aromatic Blend

    I just finished jarring up my semi-aromatic blend. I used 2oz of C&D Chocolate Cavendish, 2oz of McClelland 5100, 1oz of Latakia, and a 1/2oz(the tobacco was very dry, so I went by volume instead of weight...1oz was a LOT) of Dark Burley.
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    I just ordered a three pack of Franklin-Christoph Firma-Flex Journals from MassDrop.
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    Polishing Chrome Razors?

    What do you all use to polish chrome plated razors? Flitz, Brasso, etc.?
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    Good Tallow Creams in Tube Format?

    What are some good tallow based creams that come in tubes? Thanks.
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    Which Brushes For Face Lathering?

    Which brushes do you recommend for face lathering when using soap pucks(instead of creams)? Thanks.
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    PAA Order Arrived!

    My second from PAA arrived! Can't wait to try these.
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    Menthol Aftershaves?

    Which aftershaves do you recommend that contain menthol? High quality ones that also contain essential oils, witch hazel, etc. Thanks.