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  1. Balcmeg

    Old Bengall in new suit

    This 200-year old Bengall (from Sheffield i believe) cleaned up great. It's hard to believe how nice the blade got with very little effort. Not so satisfied with the scales though. While I love the transparent deep purple, I still think a dark wood would have made it better justice! Looking...
  2. Balcmeg

    An "Impossible" Chinese and a Swede

    My latest restores, A Gold Dollar 300 and an Gustafsson. Not as good as they could have been, but enough to let me shave! Wish I hade a better place to work than the kitchen sink and hand tools..
  3. Balcmeg

    Some straights prefer coticules?

    Some of you might recognize this post for a sharpening forum, thought I should see what the Straight Razor community had to say as well. So, I have these couple of straights that defied my attempts of putting a nice edge on them with my Shapton Pro´s (220, 1k, 2k, 5k, 8k, 15k). Some days ago...
  4. Balcmeg

    How do I restore Ivory scales?

    Ok, as some of you have seen I got a bunch of straights when I was home in Sweden last. One of them was a C.V. Heljestrand Frameback with Ivory scales. The scales look mostly fine, with maybe one or two scratches, but mainly just dirt that seem to clean off easily. Sonce this is my first...
  5. Balcmeg

    Finally able to hone my own razors

    Hey Guys, I been quite busy for a while so i thought it was about time to post again. Some time ago I got a set of Edge pro 1"x6" Shapton Pro Stones (220, 320, 1k, 2k, 5k, 8k, 15k plus some DMT) from Tom and I have been practicing on my poor straights since then.:w00t: Today I am happy to...
  6. Balcmeg

    A good catch in Sweden *restores*

    Ok, so here are the restores I mentioned in a previous thread. Right out of the box :) Paid about 5 USD for the whole set, so I think I got quite a sweet deal ;) S. Gustafsson Not sure about scale materials, probably bone. Just need some polish and honing and then ready to go...
  7. Balcmeg

    How to identify scale materials (horn)

    I got two razors in my latest batch (pics coming in a couple of hours in another thread) where I am uncertain of the material of there scales. The razors are both Swedish from Eskilstuna and manufactures by S. Gustafsson and CV Dahlgren. The scales are black and a little browned, maybe from...
  8. Balcmeg

    Bought some new straights in Sweden

    Home in Sweden on vacation and I managed to pick up a couple of straights - 10 to be exact.. 2 are impossible to restore, but with ivory scales while 6 are good objects for retire. I will share those on pics when I am back in Hong Kong. In a antique store i found these two for 30US each. Not...
  9. Balcmeg

    My First Restore!

    Well, admittedly the blade was in pretty decent shape from the start, so maybe rescale would have been a better word. Anyway, this was my first straight that I bought cheap from Larry at Whippeddog and it shaves well. Unfortunately the scales were cracked and I decided to make some new by...
  10. Balcmeg

    Hr. E.A. Berg - Makeover

    So, this is the result of a couple of hours work on the E.A. Berg I got from my brother last week. It is still no beauty, but no longer look like its straight from the street. So my first restore! The scales is still original bakelite, one side that cracked when unpinning is successfully...
  11. Balcmeg

    "odd" E.A. Berg restoration tips

    Finally I got my mail from Sweden with goodies - some lterally since my brother packed down Swedish food!:drool: He also put down a flea market find for me - an E.A. Berg straight that looks quite old. And cheap. The handle seems to be bakelite but the blade confuses me. At first it looked like...
  12. Balcmeg

    It has begun..

    ... I suffer from HAD, almost sure now... today i logged in to order a Norton 4000/8000 combo with lapping plate to compliment mu DMT6E/F combo and couticle... instead I ordered a set wich also included the 220/1000 Norton as well... I simply figured that I am now getting so many (from my...
  13. Balcmeg

    Making my own Razor roll

    I have been thinking on how to store my increasing number of straights.. not that many about 5 usable, 2 restores and 3 GD - so far. Living in Hong Kong with a humidity varying between 45-98% and temperature between around 8.40 degrees Celsius and apartment facing the sea where salt blow in...
  14. Balcmeg

    Big Swedes

    So, just as the title says - what are the big Swedish blades out there? Preferrably types that can still be around for purchase. A couple of months ago I got three smaller ones from Honed, Hejlestrand, Söderen, Engström and all are great shavers! Last week i honed an GoldDollar #300 and got a...
  15. Balcmeg

    Open Comb Recommendations

    It was love at first shave when I got my Old Type Open Comb a couple of months back. With a Feather in, I get the smoothest and closest shave with it. Only thing bugging me is that I is worn, absoloutely no plating left and even the grooves in the metal on the handle is worn down in the...
  16. Balcmeg

    Honing a GoldDollar

    Ok, so i have been following this other discussion about using a Gold Dollar as an inexpensive way to learn honing skills. After my last trip in China, I purchased a couple of different GD, one #200, one #208 and one #300. I started to sand down the stabilizers of the #208 a couple of weeks...
  17. Balcmeg

    My Swedish Trio

    So, It didnt take long until SRAD set in quite seriously and thanks to Honed/Jens, this stunning Swedish trio arrived last week. Due to a sudden trip into China the day after I didn´t have time to shave with any of them yet and to be honest I am having trouble to choose which one to begin...
  18. Balcmeg

    Honing a Hejlestrand SE blade

    This is not exactly straight razor talk, but I feel it is better to post here then under safety razors. A month or so ago I got a Heljestrand SE razor PIFed, the razor is in great shape, but strop and the small handle for holding the blades when stropping is missing. All blades are included...
  19. Balcmeg

    Name of the chinese hones?

    Since I live in Hong Kong I have pretty good access to Chinese manufactured stuff on the website Taobao. One definitely needs to be careful before buying, but normally for low-teach inexpensive stuff you can buy quite cheap. For example I saw Gold Dollar #200 for only about 8USD and #66 for...
  20. Balcmeg

    First BBS! (thanks Peto)

    This morning I had my first BBS! After my regular shower, and washing my face with Shiseido foaming face wash I loaded my B&B LE 2008 with castlt Forbes Lime cream and face lathered. Since I am still in practice with the straight I first took it out and ran WTG, XTG with little success - no...
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