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  1. oakeshott

    Newbie Coffee Roaster: Skillet vs. Air Popper

    I started with a cast iron skillet that I already owned. You can get amazing results IF you treat it as something more than just heat the pan, dump some beans and stir. On my setup, it took trial and error to learn the maximum weight of beans for the size of the skillet as well as the right size...
  2. oakeshott

    Honing Framebacks

    Though for the record, he can hone anything. Not just framebacks.
  3. oakeshott

    Who ties Their Own Fishing Flies?

    I used to do it around 20 years ago for saltwater surf casting. Still remember catching my first bluefish on a fly I had tied myself. Started using them as teaser droppers on spin casting rigs and they were devastating on the stripers for about 2 seasons. It's one of the things I'd like to get...
  4. oakeshott

    Arkansas translucent white hone

    +1. In addition, the stone just gets better with use.
  5. oakeshott

    Looking at finishing stones

    Simply not the case. Many of us, if not most, use a strictly Jnat progression after bevel setting. A few of the more glamorous, charismatic types on the board, you know the ones...they have supermodels on their arms and a demanding global travel schedule...also set the bevel with japanese...
  6. oakeshott

    Arkansas translucent white hone

    Vlad, You can get the w/d you need from Amazon. It makes a big difference and saves a lot of time over waiting for steel to do the work.
  7. oakeshott

    Arkansas translucent white hone

    Vlad, Have you lapped it with anything after the SIC powder? The SIC will get it "mostly flat", but may leave some very slight unevenness. Regardless of that, you'll need to smooth it out if you want to use it for razors. I generally follow up SIC powder with a sheet or two of 800 grit w/d, then...
  8. oakeshott

    Father's Day: Castle Forbes or MdC?

    Keep in mind that with a premium soap, you're not going to get a huge leap in performance. There might or might not be a noticeable improvement depending on variables such as your water, loading technique and skin type. What you're buying is part excellent performance, unique scent and excellent...
  9. oakeshott

    Touch up? More like "Touch Down.

    A coti. I'm out. Plenty of people here who can help you though.
  10. oakeshott

    Natural stones for kichen knives

    Steve, Can anyone even buy decent Washita for 100 anymore? It's been a while since I looked, but there were scarce about 2 years ago and hitting close to the 100 dollar mark. OP, if you can find one, they're great stones. I'm not recommending the following process as my use case is unique, but...
  11. oakeshott

    How many times are you supposed to do these passes on a hone?

    BROKEN RECORD WARNING: You will spend 92% of your honing on setting the bevel (but 96% of your disposable income on finishing stones...oh the irony). This is where every new honer rushes. Without the bevel, there is no edge. Say that and repeat. As Doc said above, there's simply no way to know...
  12. oakeshott

    Touch up? More like "Touch Down.

    I haven't "lost an edge" in a very long time, but it used to happen regularly to me. With the JNAT, I'd go back a couple of steps in the progression. On a coti, I'd just start all over again, but that was also because I never really mastered those. I have several stones that when used for touch...
  13. oakeshott

    What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

    Ethiopian Ardi roasted about 5 days ago (just barely into 2nd crack) and brewed via chemex. Sticking to this one bean till the bag is gone.
  14. oakeshott


    There is no gooeyness at all. What happens is you catch them live, then freeze them. Then there's some sort of prep work during which I stayed out of the kitchen (remember...delicate flower here) and then they're baked on a cookie sheet in the oven. After they cool, they're dipped in chocolate...
  15. oakeshott


    It's no joke. Years ago my wife had me and my son collect a bunch of cicadas and she roasted them and dipped them in chocolate and took to a party that weekend. I refused to eat them because, let's face it, I'm a delicate flower, but the kids devoured them and even most of the adults enjoyed...
  16. oakeshott

    What Green Coffee did you Buy or Roast Today?

    A friend's daughter is coming over this morning to roast some Ethiopian Ardi (what I'm drinking as I write this) for her two favorite teachers. She graduates HS and wants to give them a gift of fresh coffee for all their help.
  17. oakeshott

    a mystery hone :D

    Looks a lot like a charnley forest I have. Is that a bit of red in the stone or just my monitor? The lapping will tell you a lot.
  18. oakeshott

    Heavy Chamfer on the Special Stones

    That flake might have made a nice Tomo.
  19. oakeshott

    Question on roasting and brewing cacao beans

    That was a terrific link. I'm going to try some cold brewed cacao.
  20. oakeshott

    Question on roasting and brewing cacao beans

    I've been on the chocolate alchemy site and that is where I bought my beans. It's useful, but vague on some specifics.
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