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  1. Boro62

    First shave in 2.5 years

    About 2.5 years ago, I was a wet shaving fanatic. I had to try every new product out, started down the vintage razor hoarding and then into straights. But then I decided to see if I could grow a beard. I have never had one before in my life so I stopped the shaving. To my surprise, I could...
  2. Boro62

    Folding Knife Locks Preference

    Just curious out there, but what type of knife locking systems do you guys prefer on your folders? Lots of knives come with frame/liner locks. I just find them harder to manipulate with one hand and, having my finger under the blade while trying to close and manipulate the lock isn't very user...
  3. Boro62

    Movember here at B&B

    Its just a couple weeks away and every year there are a few of us who get together and grow out our mustaches in support of movember. Our B&B team can be found here. For those of you who don't know what it is, its a month long event where those who are participating grow out their mustaches in...
  4. Boro62

    That awkward moment between strangers

    Not sure what's in the air, but I've had some really awkward moments with strangers these last few months. There has been 2 incidents that really stand out in my recent memory. First one was back in May. It was after work and I was having dinner by myself at my favorite local Vietnamese...
  5. Boro62

    WTB - Japanese Biken 8000 straight razor

    Looking for a Japanese Biken 8000 straight razor with the monkey tail thanks!
  6. Boro62

    The Author Shape

    So I can't remember exactly where I saw it, but I think it was in one of Andrew's (senshi) youtube videos. Anyway, he was waving it around talking about something, and I thought to myself hey thats a nifty looking shape you don't seem to see people smoking them very often, but for some reason...
  7. Boro62

    Stonehaven In stock at iwanries

    Just giving you guys a heads up. I just picked up a bag of stonehaven. http://www.iwanries.com/Esoterica-C132.cfm
  8. Boro62

    OTC blends - whats your favorite?

    So, recently I've been smoking a lot of OTC blends. I have a pouch of half and half, carter hall, and captain black open right now that I'm smoking while some of my more expensive stuff is sitting in mason jars. I find most of them really easy to smoke, but also really mild. I think carter...
  9. Boro62

    Stipula Splash V-Flex Fountain Pen

    So I just got the goulet pens news letter in my email box and saw this. http://www.gouletpens.com/Navy_Blue_Stipula_Splash_Fountain_Pen_p/st49501.htm It's suppose to be a flex steel nib piston filled demonstrator. Price point doesn't look too bad either. Anyone heard of anything else on...
  10. Boro62

    New steward here checking in

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I'm the new stew around these parts. Hopefully I'll be able to add some contribution to the already wealth of knowledge around here. cheers! -Boris
  11. Boro62

    Tsuge + Drew Estates

    Just stumbled onto these press releases while on drew estates website. Apparently they are becoming the new north america distributor of Tsuge pipes. Tsuge is also making a pipe line exclusively for drew estates. Not sure how i feel exactly about that pipe especially at the MSRP of $250 which...
  12. Boro62

    Cali megaherf event in the Los Angeles area

    Anyone thinking of going to this. There are a bunch of events from sept 24-sept 28 I'm thinking of going to the mega cigar cruise event on Friday sept. 26 starting at 7pm in marina del Rey..tickets for the cruise is $100. Here's a link http://www.calimegaherf.com/ABOUT.html
  13. Boro62

    Birthday rocks!

    So i have been wanting to get into honing my razors and sharpening kitchen knives but never actually got into it.. however i get home today and this was on my doorstep...a buddy of mine who used to work in a professional kitchen sent me this as my bday present. My jaw is on the floor...my...
  14. Boro62

    Haberdashery Habits Learned from your Dad

    I was just thinking about this the other day since father's day is a few weeks away, but are there any habits that any of you guys picked up from your dad on something you wear or keep on you? a hat? a handkerchief? or certain ways of storing and caring for some of your clothes or shoes? For...
  15. Boro62

    My new Harner

    This arrived in my mailbox saturday, finally getting some time to share with you guys. Had my first shave with it last night, loved it. Its a harner that is 11/16 half hollow double bevel kamisori style w/ ironwood burl and custom saya. It takes a bit of getting used to as its my first...
  16. Boro62

    Anyone try anything from Woolrich?

    I was looking around on the net for a chore jacket and ended up stumbling on this company. I ended up ordering the Centerpost Chore Jacket in Fieldstone. The company seems to have a nice story behind it. On their website it says they have been around since 1830, and have always been in PA...
  17. Boro62

    Beanies...anyone else wear them?

    So I'm out in Seattle for the weekend with my friends and it's colder than I'm used too. I passed by a goorin bros store and decided I needed a hat to keep my head warm. But I ended up with this 100% cashmere beanie. Head is nice and warm and super comfortable. Any of u guys like...
  18. Boro62

    Valentine's Day - What are you wearing for your special someone?

    So Valentine's day is coming up. Are any of you guys doing anything special for your significant others? Going to any nice dinner's anywhere? If so what are you guys going to be wearing? Is there any special cuff links or ties or shoes you guys are planning on showing up in?
  19. Boro62

    Snus Order Recommendations

    So ive been getting into snus lately, my last order came from snuscentral. Anyways, I'm looking to put together another order. I was thinking of ordering from northerner. Also looking for some recommendations on snus. This order will probably have some that I like that ive tried so far...
  20. Boro62

    Haberdashery Christmas gifts

    Anyone planning on giving any Haberdashery items for Christmas presents this year??
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