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  1. Beerhunter

    Old straight what should I do with it

    Yes you are correct, that friend was a typo.
  2. Beerhunter

    Old straight what should I do with it

    Gents, For a while now, I have wanted to get a straight razor but was somewhat reluctant. So today a buddy at work brought in in for me he knows I shave with a de and I have talked about using a straight. It be longed to his grand dad who was a barber for 50 years and retired in the 1970's...
  3. Beerhunter

    1st DE Shave in Indy

    I have yet to try reds.
  4. Beerhunter

    1st DE Shave in Indy

    Wow a fellow Hoosier awesome. Welcome to the club and glad you enjoyed the shave.
  5. Beerhunter

    Gillette Senator Replate

    oh my goodness I can't believe the work done on this razor it looks absolutely fantastic. I have heard of Mr. Kruiser's work but until now really haven't seen any of it only by word of mouth. Sir you are a genius that mere words cannot describe.
  6. Beerhunter

    Need fashion help for a old white guy

    looks very nice and you both look very happy. And starting at 200. I can beath a bit easier. I have been doing my research on suits materials styles what's in what out. Glue that holds the lapels together( ***=what the funk). I may be over thinking all of this but it is interesting. Now if I...
  7. Beerhunter

    Need fashion help for a old white guy

    Well thank you gents I certainly have a lot to think over. The car will be paid off soon might put off my new wardrobe until then. 200 bucks for a cheap suit? Plus alterations? Alterations although I do like the idea nothing worse than seeing a guy in a crappy suit there is a difference in a guy...
  8. Beerhunter

    Need fashion help for a old white guy

    Hey fashion guys I need some manly fashion tips, I am turning 50. I want to look my age with ought looking old. Needing tips for both casual and dressy. I am just a reg joe so no business attire is necessary. I am 6' and 217 With broad shoulders any hints where I can shop on a budget or get...
  9. Beerhunter

    Cartridge Price Hikes and Rebellion in The Economist

    Funny you guys should bring this up. At work today the girl I was working next to brought up the fact that her hubby was griping about the cost of modern shaving. Before she was done I had already had for her b&b info along with a few other sites and where to go on YouTube for helpful videos.
  10. Beerhunter

    Haberdashery Acquisitions

    Thank you gents on your opinions with over 3000 posts between you both I a grateful for your input. Btw boro62 the Goorin Brothers breaking bad pork pie hits the streets tonight.
  11. Beerhunter

    Haberdashery Acquisitions

    My bro in law (looks like a 6' 300lb Lou Costello) is gifting me his pork pie hat sis didn't like it on him. I am aware of of the hat being on breaking bad(btw I have not seen). I am not one to wear items that are a fad anybody remember parachute pants? Should I give the hat away via goodwill...
  12. Beerhunter

    Are Merkur Blades Really That Bad?

    Skip them. If it would make you happy try a sample pack. But trust most of us there are better out there. Enjoy.
  13. Beerhunter

    What are you drinking tonight?

    @tim: " Bombay Saphire I keep that for martini making" Smart man my exact thoughts also.
  14. Beerhunter

    What are you listening to?

    Sonny Rollins cool strutting:)
  15. Beerhunter

    A little help with a possible Tradere purchase

    Which weber comes out ahead arc vs dlc any drawbacks between them both
  16. Beerhunter

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Floyid blue.need to get more Floyd product.
  17. Beerhunter

    How would you describe the scent of Proraso (Green)

    noxeema that's how I would describe it I used to do plays in highschool and this is the stuff I used to take off my makeup. I ordered the porasso green and went to use it I r that that's what was in the tube. I was really suprized by the whole thing
  18. Beerhunter

    Whipped Dog Silvertip

    I am sold! I have been looking for something new for the den I have plenty of razors and really only use my feather with a OC baseplate. My other brushes are cheap but they do work, I am wondering if I got a better brush ill get a better shave?
  19. Beerhunter

    Would like some help in picking my next razor

    I am thinking of getting a new de razor my current fav razor is an asd1 with a OC base I get bbs shaves from it on a reg basis. The razors I am looking at are the webers arc dlc and the tradere. Do they pretty much shave the same way and the only difference being only aesthetic and basically...
  20. Beerhunter

    Hipsters are Killing American Razor Sales

    You can call shaving "hipster". I call I old guy cheap. ( I am speaking for only myself)
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