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  1. sfeile

    Check this out!

    One of our very generous members is running a PIF for active duty servicemen. Stop by and check it out! Active Duty PIF the Team America Edition
  2. sfeile

    B&B Radio Show

    New episode is up! Interview with Bob Quinn from Elite Razor. Check it out here. B&B Radio Episode #44 11.13.2017
  3. sfeile

    This Veterans Day

    Every one of you, and your families are in my thoughts. For the struggles you have gone through, and for the sacrifices you have made. For the fear and wondering your families have gone through. For the selfless and often thankless acts you have performed and endured. For being a hero. I don't...
  4. sfeile

    Halloween show is up!

    Check it out here! B&B Radio Halloween Special Episode #43
  5. sfeile

    New Radio Show is up

    Stop by and check it out! B&B Radio Episode #42 for 10.16.2017
  6. sfeile

    Poll up for the upcoming radio show

    Check it out here. Mail Call, Member's Choice, and Hair Care Poll for 10.16.2017 B&B Radio Show
  7. sfeile

    A little inside info

    You guys are really going to want to check out the upcoming B&B Radio Show. Dave has a mystery guest and I'm pretty sure you are all going to want to tune in for this one.
  8. sfeile

    PIF in the Hab

    Right now there is a nice PIF going on over in the Haberdashery section for a nice Popov wallet. It's open to US and Canadian members. Go check it out! U.S. & Canadian Labor/Labour Day PIF!!
  9. sfeile

    WTT- Filarmonica

    I recently got the chance to try out an Iwasaki hollow ground straight razor, and fell in love with it. This may be a long shot, but if anyone has a 6/8 or so western style hollow ground in good shape that isn't getting much use and are interested in a Fili, I'd be happy to make the swap with...
  10. sfeile

    Safety reminder

    Remember to take the dang batteries out of the stinking mod BEFORE trying to put in and adjust a coil........
  11. sfeile

    2017 Annual Sue Moore Auction - Ready For Donations!

    All the information you need to donate is in this thread. Let's help out this great cause! INFO! - 2017 Annual Sue Moore Auction - Ready For Donations!
  12. sfeile

    My first attempt

    So here is my first attempts at a re-knot, and "making" a brush. The 400 was actually unused. It was kind of sad to have to cut the knot out of it, but it was so dry and stiff it would not break in at all. I tried soaking overnight, washing, conditioning, beating the crap out of it in some...
  13. sfeile

    B&B Radio Show

    Don't forget to stop by and check out the latest version! B&B Radio 07.24.2017 Episode #36
  14. sfeile

    Winners for the 2017 Gold Dollar mod competitions

    We had some beautiful entries this year and strong showings from some first timers in the new Novice Class, as well as some superb entries from our more experienced modders in the Unlimited Class. The top entries were placed up for popular vote and we now have our 2017 prize winners. For our...
  15. sfeile

    Check this out!

    Don't forget to stop over and give the newest radio show a listen. Dave's keeping us up to date, has the poll results from the soaps vs creams poll, and a new vendor interview. Available on podcast, youtube, facebook, as well as right here B&B Shave Radio Episode #35 for 7.10.2017
  16. sfeile

    Time to ask the experts.

    I have a nice little Ozuku that has been my main finisher for the last 2 years or so. A few months ago I received a new stone that is a little bit harder and finishes a little better, so I haven't used the Ozuku until last night. There is a slight crack in the stone, and at the end of the...
  17. sfeile

    New bingo thread

    Stop by and check it out! B&B Bingo Shaving Cream Edition
  18. sfeile

    Like soap? Check this out

    If you guys haven't see it yet, David (dfoulk) has just opened up the soap passaround again. This is a great way to try some of those things you have been on the fence about, or never even heard of for just a bit of shipping costs. It is up to four boxes this time, with approximately 150...
  19. sfeile

    First real ink purchase

    I finally made a purchase that didn't consist of cartridges! I did order a few replacement cartridges for my metropolitan, as the wife has laid claim to it now, but I made an order from Goulet Pens for myself. I loaded up some of the blue flame in my Scheaffer and it works great. I've had the...
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