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  1. dfoulk

    Random soap PIF - almost free

    I've gotten crazy particular about what soaps I'll use, so my loss is your gain. Anybody interested in a medium flat rate box full of random shaving soaps? Most aren't lathered on but no guarantees. You'd be responsible for the shipping cost of the box (around $15.50 CONUS). Not going to...
  2. dfoulk

    Large Den Clearing - Wolfman, Charcoal Goods, M&F, Paladin, Brad Sears, Wolf Whiskers, High End Soaps - Grooming Dept, Wholly Kaw, PannaCrema

    Some really great products here that haven't been getting used and could use a new home. I have quite a bit of shaving gear so most of these items weren't used frequently when they were being used. I take really good care of my shaving items and all of the hardware items are in like brand...
  3. dfoulk


    Just got an email from Paypal (well, not really paypal) saying that my account was suspended due to suspicious credit card activity. It included a link of course that I could follow to sign in and it was pretty well done. Looked very realistic and probably would fool quite a few people. So...
  4. dfoulk

    Hot Ones Hot Sauces

    Ok, so I bought all of the season 12 sauces from the Hot Ones show with the exception of the very first one (not available until late July). We'll sub something else out for the very first spot. Our family and some close friends that have been quarantining diligently are going to cook up some...
  5. dfoulk

    What precautions are you taking and how's your shaving going?

    Ok, so with times as they currently are we've made some changes as to how we get through life on a daily basis. Here are some things that we're doing differently to stay safe. We have to mail some shaving related items from time to time. When mailing items I'll print the shipping labels off...
  6. dfoulk

    Tallow & Steel Sas'quets

    per Tallow & Steel.... Sas'qets, by Tallow + Steel should be available today 6PM EST. Available Nov 7 at tallowandsteel.com A scent for the adventurous that speaks of the untamed wilderness - and the spirit of the courageous exploration of the unknown. The endless forest of the Pacific...
  7. dfoulk

    FS 2018 Paladin Dark Holler Jack

    So here you have the 2018 Dark Holler Jack brush in 26mm. There aren't many of these out there. When I bought mine these sold out really quick. Ken wasn't making fifty million Halloween brushes as he appears to be doing this year. Much cooler when something like this is way more limited. Per...
  8. dfoulk

    FS Paradigm 17-4

    For sale is a rare first batch Paradigm 17-4 razor. Asking $475 which includes CONUS shipping insured, PayPal GS add 3%. International shipping accepted at difference in actual shipping cost provided buyer assumes all risk and pays via PayPal Friends and Family
  9. dfoulk

    Tallow & Steel Yakushima is available now - Limited Edition

    Avail on the Tallow & Steel website now if anyone is interested.... Copied from an email notification I received... Yakushima | Limited Edition | Available Now Introducing the highly anticipated sequel to our most popular 2018 scent, Kyoto. Nestled in the Pacific Ocean, on the southern...
  10. dfoulk

    WTB Gillette hybrid tech

    I am looking for a Gillette hybrid tech. Any condition is acceptable as long as things are mechanically sound. I have available for trade the following: Gillette RFB 44 set Angel razor British Goodwill FB new service set with excellent condition tin Pristine black and gold New set A...
  11. dfoulk

    WTB Tallow & Steel Kyoto and Tallow & Steel Echos of Rain soaps

    Maybe a long shot but I'm looking for preferably unused or possibly very slightly used Kyoto and Echos or Rain soaps from Tallow & Steel. Not an absolute must have but I'd purchase the aftershaves as well if you have the set.
  12. dfoulk

    Tallow & Steel has a Orangeilla (Orange/Vanilla) LE soap at West Coast Shaving

    Ok, so I'm really surprised that this one is still in stock. It's a limited edition soap and aftershave with a orange vanilla scent. Those that are turned away by the complex Tallow & Steel scents might really like this one. Not much in terms of advertising for this one so I figured...
  13. dfoulk

    WTB - UFO Handles

    I'm looking for a UFO handle or two that I can purchase at a reasonable price. Preference is for Stainless Steel. I would consider Titanium but not really interested in Aluminum. If you have something please send me a PM. Thank you, David
  14. dfoulk

    Bed in a box?

    Ok, so I'm thinking about purchasing a new mattress sometime soon and starting to do a bit of research on it. I'm currently sleeping on a King size Stearns & Foster Latex mattress that was one of their really high end offerings about ten years ago. So it was a really high end mattress back...
  15. dfoulk

    Looking for a summer fragrance

    It gets pretty hot here in Arizona and I'm looking for something for summer. Something not too heavy that'll get funky in the warm weather. Also, not something of the department store variety as I'm looking for something with some staying power and complexity. For the higher priced ones...
  16. dfoulk

    What's the last tub of soap you finished and what did you think about it?

    So in owning a lot of soaps it's become very rare that I actually finish a tub of anything. This is something that I want to change so I'm likely going to start using the same soap on weekdays in an effort to actually finish a soap once in a while. I'm not jumping on the 3017 bandwagon so...
  17. dfoulk

    Razors, brushes and soaps for sale

    Ok, so I've accumulated quite a few nice things and it's time to part with some of them. More pictures of any item are available on on request. Asylum RX - Retail is $230 I'll take $185. This is in like new condition, I just have others that I prefer. I do have the original box. Adoration...
  18. dfoulk

    Orange Rubberset 300-2

    My question to you guys is... have you ever seen one of these before? It's the only Orange Rubberset brush that I've seen thus far. I bought it a couple years back because it was unique but I'm not really a collector of shaving items so I don't know much about it other than what a quick...
  19. dfoulk

    Shaving soaps and hard water

    First off, I don't sell water softeners. I just find them to be of some value with wet shaving. So this past month for me has been a combination of traveling and my water softener dying. From this experience I can say that I have a much better understanding of my shaving soaps than I did...
  20. dfoulk

    Sudsy Soapery sale now

    What discount are you going to choose? PICK YOUR DISCOUNT UP TO 36% OFF. This offer cannot be combined with any other coupon or discount. Good only online at www.sudsysoapery.com. Good Thursday-Saturday August 10-12 2017. ANNOUNCING LIMITED EDITION COLA Announcing our newest limited...
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