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  1. Klovgren

    Question about Handles

    Hey, y'all! I have tried to think of the most polite way to ask a question about brush handles. I am not being flippant about anyone's handle, may I ask about the handles that come from the most famous brands. Now, gently, of the modern handles are made (not including , ivory, bakelite, the...
  2. Klovgren

    Synthetic Knots - replacement or disposible

    Please don't get the wrong impression, I mean nothing pejorative about synthetics. (*edited for clarity) Hi! We have been looking into offering synthetic knots for brushes. I have gotten no where in trying to buy the knots alone. But with the current threads on synthetics they seem to be...
  3. Klovgren

    Have you tried "Geo.F. Trumper Rose Shaving Soap"

    I tried it today and was initially bowled over by the intensity of fragrance. Have you tried it? Then kind of surprised because the scent was rose plus a bay rum not at all what I expected. Then after building a lather the scent did fade quite a bit. What are your thoughts, if you've already...
  4. Klovgren

    Shave brush Handles Your TOP 3-5 handles (knots not included)

    HI! I'm rather new here but I would love to find out everyone's top 3-5 favorite shave brush handles. Are you loyal to the M7, In love with a semogue - any of them - but please note if it's the 1300 or the SOC, off brand? As many people as possible :biggrin1:. Then at the end, I count them...
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