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  1. Scritchnscrub

    FS Lot: Weber Bulldog Handle, Blades and Wilkinson Soap Sticks

    Selling these all together as a lot: 1. Weber Bulldog Stainless Steel Handle. 2. 93 Personna Lab Blue blades and 10 Feathers (to make it more than an even 100). 3. 2 Wilkinson Shave Sticks. Whether you're interested in this lot or not, I highly recommend the Wilkinson shave stick. It has...
  2. Scritchnscrub

    FSOT SOLD: Synthetics and Semogue Boar

    All brushes were purchased new by me. The synths have been used less than a dozen times each. The Semogue has been used about 6 times – part of the label is rubbed off – it arrived this way. $68 value new: Semogue 830 Boar - $23.99 new at Italian Barber RazoRock BC Silvertip Plissoft Synth -...
  3. Scritchnscrub

    FS SOLD Shavemac 2-band Silvertip in Ivory for Small Brush Lovers

    In recent years I sold my larger brushes in favour of knots in the 20 to 23mm range because I enjoy having to work a little more for my lather. I've decided to let go of one of several I own - this Shavemac 21mm x 46mm with a classic ivory handle. It has a 2-band silvertip knot with very soft...
  4. Scritchnscrub

    FS Razor Heads, Synths & NOS AoS Sandalwood Tallow/Lavanda Cream Lot

    NOS Art of Shaving Sandalwood tallow soaps – 100g each and NIB Lavanda shaving cream. Soaps are in original plastic and stored in freezer bags in a cupboard. Great strong scent. The seal on the tube of Lavanda is unpunctured and it was purchased about 8 months ago – I bought three. $40 shipped...
  5. Scritchnscrub

    Favorite 3-band Silvertip Knot

    I haven't owned a three-band silvertip knot for a couple of years and would like to try one again. What's your favorite 3-band these days and why? Thanks!
  6. Scritchnscrub

    Simpson Case C1 Mod

    Just in time for the holidays, I had one of my all time favourite handles reknotted with a 22mm x 44mm Shavemac Silvertip 2-band fan. I rarely show off brushes but couldn't resist.
  7. Scritchnscrub

    FS: Three-Brush Sampler Lot

    Selling these as a lot because of the shipping expense. Thought it would be a good way for someone to sample three different hairs at a great price. These are all good quality brushes. Left to right: Whipped Dog Silvertip badger 20mm x 44mm. This knot hasn't shed a hair. Very soft tips with no...
  8. Scritchnscrub

    FS: Whipped Dog Silvertip with a NOS AoS Tallow Sandalwood Soap

    I'm bundling these two together because of shipping costs. Thought they'd make a nice pair anyway: Whipped Dog Silvertip Badger - 20mm x 44mm knot - handle is 47mm tall. Really fantastic value Silvertip 3-band. Not much backbone but not floppy with good density and zero scritch and it hasn't...
  9. Scritchnscrub

    WTS - N.I.B. iKon X3 Razor Head & 2013 Semogue LE Cerda

    iKon X3 slant razor head in mint condition. This is my spare which I've never opened. It retails for $40 + $5 shipping at iKon. $35 U.S. shipped CONUS or Ontario or PM me for a rest of Canada quote. 2013 Semogue Barbear Classico "Cerda Limited Edition boar bristle brush. $35 shipped CONUS or...
  10. Scritchnscrub

    FS: Shavemac , Vie-Long Silvertip, Aristocrat Junior, Semogue 1800 & Polsilver Blades

    Paring down the den: Shavemac 2-band Silvertip Custom 23mm x 49mm bulb in butterscotch. This was purchased in early 2015 when Shavemac's 2-band silvertip was still relatively new. Part of a large rotation and probably used less than 20 times. Shavemac's 2-band silvertips are my favourite knots...
  11. Scritchnscrub

    SOLD*WTS: Shavemac 2-Band Silvertip Fan Beehive*SOLD

    Custom Shavemac silvertip 2-band, 21mm x 43mm in Opus Summum stock. This brush retails for $160.00 U.S. including shipping to Canada. I prefer Shavemac bulb knots but configured this as a fan because of all the good press the fan knots get. After using it a few times, I decided I'm still partial...
  12. Scritchnscrub

    New Arrival

    Shavemac Silvertip 2-band - thought I'd share...
  13. Scritchnscrub

    Semogue 1800 vs Barbear Classico Cerda

    I have a Semogue BC Cerda and it's the only boar brush I truly love. For me it has the perfect combination of soft tips, backbone and density - the knot holds together the way a top notch 2-band does. I've read some good things about the Semogue 1800 and am thinking about trying it. I was...
  14. Scritchnscrub

    On The Subject of Gel Tips

    My I've-got-nothing-better-to-do-treatise-of-the-day. Over the last few years, I've seen a proliferation in the use of the term "gel-tips" on the forums. Originally the descriptive was only used in relation to the Rooney Heritage 2-band brushes that were manufactured in the last few years...
  15. Scritchnscrub

    Rooney Beehive Size 1 in Two-Band

    Looking for a Size 1 Rooney Beehive in Two-Band only. Thanks a lot. Peter
  16. Scritchnscrub

    Sharper, Smoother Or What?

    I know this may be inflammatory but I'm starting to wonder if blade smoothness is simply proportional to blade sharpness. So far I haven't found a really sharp blade that wasn't also really smooth. Granted, there may be a higher risk of nicking oneself with a really sharp blade but that's...
  17. Scritchnscrub

    Weber Razors and Similar Recommendations

    I just went to order a Weber razor for a friend and saw that Weber is only selling handles now. Looking for a Weber-like razor recommendation. In other words, a smooth razor on the mild side but not too mild. Any recommendations? Thanks, Peter
  18. Scritchnscrub

    Tet-a-Tet Aftershave Balm

    Anyone know where I can purchase Tet-a-Tet Aftershave Balm in the red tube these days? I can't seem to find a supplier anymore. Thanks. Peter
  19. Scritchnscrub

    New Acquisition

    I think my beautiful 3-band silvertip Shavemac tortoise shell got accidentally knocked off my desk into my waste basket and tossed out a few months ago. Yes that stings. But I decided to replace it with a 2-band silvertip which I haven't tried yet. Just wanted to share a couple of pics.
  20. Scritchnscrub

    New Shavemac

    This just in. Standard Silvertip 24/50mm.
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