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  1. whiteweed

    Cade Cedrat Eau de Toilette and Eau des Baux Eau de Toilette

    I am not a frag guy at all. I am going to make my way over to Bassnotes and get even more confused...does anyone here have any experience with these from Cade. Any have suggestions with similar notes?
  2. whiteweed

    FS Game changer .84 (New) / Paladin Cleo

    For Sale: Clearing out some duplicates. Price including shipping (conus). 1. Paladin Cleo, 26mm, 52.75 Loft, 49mm Free. Everything like new as delivered from manufacture. Price $160. 2, Game Changer with Super Knurl and Barber Pole. Price $65
  3. whiteweed

    Thank you Nascar

    I grew up with Nascar, could write a book. I just wanted to thank Nascar for this weekend reaffirming that you are now fielding a unwatchable event. After watching Chicago and Daytona I will watch anything, roller derby, if I have to. No slam against Rollerdeby, it is much better than what ever...
  4. whiteweed

    Watch and Tablet

    For Sale via PayPal payment with fragile pack shipping with signature to confirmed address in conus. Price much reduced to move to a new home some unused items. First up a lightly used used Lenevo A5500-F with additional SD mini card of unknown size I am sure it is 16GB with 16GB on board...
  5. whiteweed


    I could not get to sleep and ended up watching some Wheelchair Rugby. I was watching USA vs Japan, two good teams according to the commentators. Japan has been improving over the years. I found it fun to watch, the tactics seemed similar to basketball, not that I know anything about basketball...
  6. whiteweed

    FS Shavemac 2 band

    For Sale Shavemac 2 band Siivertip measures 25x50. The brush is very solid (no hair loss.) lightly used. ships USA Payment PP instant transfer. Price $105.
  7. whiteweed

    FS: Victorinox Swiss Army

    For Sale is a lightly worn Swiss Army Original with Hadley Roma watch band plus original regular length band (not pictured), does not come with box. The watch presents very well, pictures actually show more than in hand. This setup sales now on the web for $160, I paid $175. I am asking $110...
  8. whiteweed

    FS: Muhle R89 Double Edge Safety Razor

    For Sale is a Muhle R89 Double Edge Safety Razor. There are scratches in top cap that are shown very well in picture. the scratch upper right in picture is the worst and a bit out of focus (sorry), would look better had it been in focus. Razor presents in natural light much better. Price is...
  9. whiteweed

    New Tamron or vintageish Minolta

    Need to add a lens to the Sony A33. I am between New Tamron and a Minolta or Sony 18-200. Now I am with kit 18-55 and a Minolta 18-75 2.8. The new warranty seems to push me to Tamron, but would easily pick another Minolta. Anyone with Tamron, Minolta, Sony experience or all chim in...
  10. whiteweed

    46-47 and The 1951 Aristocrat

    I have a 46-47 and like it, that is an understatement. Was thinking of adding a 1951. Is there any credible difference in the shave, I know the other differences I think. Any info is appreciated. Picture are welcome.
  11. whiteweed

    FS: shaverjoe Brushes

    For Sale: Shaverjoe hand turned brushes. Shipped to USA included These are hand turned by the former artisan brush maker here on B&B Tulip type24x46 TGN Grade a silvertip fan, hair is similar to Simpson Best grade hair in fell. Dark green in color and is very nice to hold. Sheds an occasional...
  12. whiteweed

    Brushes For Sale

    Brushes for sale: Payment via paypal instant transfer, shipped to confirmed address CONUS only at this time. Shipping for each package is $3 all price per the forum rules SOLD on Left: Semogue Mistura, a mixture of boar and badger. Non shedder used very little, knot 22x50 Price $24.60 plus $3...
  13. whiteweed

    anterior cervical discectomy and fusion

    Just curious if any of our members or close relatives of the forum has had ACDF done? I am curious to find out how many people have been touched by this here on the forum. I know lumbar fusion is more common, but I haven't heard much about the neck. Not really looking for facts, heard all that...
  14. whiteweed

    Recommended Reading

    I would like to find a book that takes me from the camera bag..so to speak.. to the ink jet printer. I have gotten back into the hobby with a dslr and some ok glass and find myself struggling. I know I need to get into my camera more and learn how to shoot with it, but I would like to find a...
  15. whiteweed

    APS-C Cropping

    I need some help. I read some and need to now if i buy a Maxxum Lens by Minolt for my Sony SLT A33. What will be the focal length ie will it crop and the field of view be different than the lens says. And is there any suggestions as to which lens to lean to to supplement the kit lens. I was...
  16. whiteweed

    favorite Blade for the Weber PL

    Just curious as to what others find to be their favorite blade for the Weber Polished Head. This razor makes even the mediocre blade sharper for me. I had to work harder at finding the angle and used a premium blade and found it to be a bit to much for my neck right out of the box. In the end I...
  17. whiteweed

    Upright Bike Program

    Running with this thought from Toyman in my thread about spin bikes, I see this is where my mind needs to be right now. I have a magnetic resistance upright bike and need a program or train of thought to get to where I need to be, just fit with no competitive dream. Starting from scratch I am...
  18. whiteweed

    Spin Bikes or. Choosing some cardio.

    Need a bit of help on choosing a spin bike or a elliptical. I have a magnetic bike now and have used a spin long ago and tried one yesterday and I am sold. My room only has enough square footage for a bike or something that is only going to take up a 3'x4' area. I just missed a used one a Sunny...
  19. whiteweed

    Rooney 1/1

    I have had a few Rooneys. One being a 1/1 in white and liked it, but would like a Rooney again. I have had the white 1/1 at 45mm I think it is, but would like a bit more backbone. Is the black on at 43mm OK. It seems these have became more of a bulb compared to the previous I have had.
  20. whiteweed

    Canon hs 50 vs dslr

    I am having trouble making the final pull of the trigger. I guess it boils down to dslr= flexibility on creativity in aperture settings ie portrait shooting and with the hs 50 being able to grab and go. Through this thought up in a pitch, but would like some feed back, the dslr would be a sony...
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