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  1. Racquet

    RazoRock XXX

    I have several RR soaps and enjoy them all, great value. Does anyone know who makes their soaps, particularly XXX?
  2. Racquet

    Lisa's Naturals

    I have 35-40 soaps and Lisa's is the worst lathering of the bunch. I know that it is a quality soap and I get a good shave but I can't get a good lather. Too much water and I get a liquid lather, not enough water and it's pasty. I face lather with good results on every other soap except Lisa's...
  3. Racquet

    Is it possible to not

    get a good shave with Razo Rock soaps? I have about 5 RR soaps and they always give me a great shave. They lather quickly, provide good glide and cushion and have some pretty good scents. XXX & Mudder Focker are my favorites but I also get a good shave from the non tallow RR's. A new Astra SP...
  4. Racquet

    Sandlewood Scented Soap

    I have RazoRock Santal Royale that I haven't used much until recently and the scent has grown on me. I see Proraso and Stirling have a sandlewood soap but what else is readily available?
  5. Racquet

    Is Henri et Victoria

    Cognac & Cuban Cigars not one of the best aftershave scents in wet shaving. I have probably 50 aftershaves and this recent acquisition is my absolute favorite.
  6. Racquet

    This is a really good soap

    Long Rifle Soap, I have 35 or so soaps, CRSW, WSP, B&M, Declaration, WK, Mikes and some other top artisan brands. Long Rifle stands up or exceeds them all from my experience. I have Hunting Lodge, Hawkeye and my newest arrival, Brown Bess which is described as Pipe smoke and leather. Anyone else...
  7. Racquet


    How frustrating! I understand that there are quite a few issues in the world that are more important than getting a shaving soap but........ Bufflehead sent out an email for an 8pm cst release of Fletcher soap. Last time I attempted to purchase the soap, it didn't even get in my cart before it...
  8. Racquet

    The elusive Bufflehead Soap

    Bufflehead came out with North York at 7.00pm sharp. I was at my computer ready and waiting, soap went to my cart and by the next instant it was gone. 60 were offered and sold out within 2 minutes. Obviously the soap is good, I don't know if I'm more aggravated by not getting the soap to use or...
  9. Racquet

    Long Rifle Tallow Soap

    Any one else use this soap? I ordered a tin of their Hunting Lodge Tallow after a saw a positive thread somewhere on B&B a while back. I haved used it 3 or 4 times and am really impressed, slick,nice lather with a nice mellow scent of Bay rum,leather and tobacco, or so they say. I'm not much...
  10. Racquet

    Captains Pipe

    Got Black Ship Grooming's Captains Pipe aftershave in today and it went straight to the top of my favorites. What a great scent!:thumbup1: I didn't shave today but I've put the a/s on twice, even though the scent is rather long lasting. I could still smell it several hours after my first...
  11. Racquet

    L&L Grooming After Shaves

    Anyone have these aftershaves? I have the Cuir Et E'pices soap and find the scent unique so I'd like to get some input on any of their AS's
  12. Racquet

    Mickey Lee / Shave Ship AS

    Two new AS's are Mickey Lees Grand Havana and Shave Ship Armada Blossom. I'm terrible at descriptions so maybe some others can give their thoughts. Both are fantastic scents in different aspects, I wish Grand Havana had a little more staying power as it has a tobacco/vanilla scent which is...
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