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  1. MyOldKentuckyHome

    My vintage resto mod set

    Doh - I sold mine because it was so similar to my KCG (which my wife gave me) I loved the handle on the Heritage and the box. Should have bought a new tech head and done this!
  2. MyOldKentuckyHome

    A&E Summer Fig

    Well, bummer I opened this thread because I recently got Fezziwig which is fig and cranberry and LOVE it I just keep finding myself reaching for it But overpowering scents give me headaches so I don't think I'll be getting this as another fig scent If you LIKE fig but don't want...
  3. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Best TOBS cream?

    I have the grapefruit and it is divine
  4. MyOldKentuckyHome


    Oh the humanity...my den has been reduced to just this during the moving process (wife left yesterday and arrives at our new apartment in PEI later today, the daughters and I will follow next month Lord willing) The rest is in boxes about to cross into PEI
  5. MyOldKentuckyHome

    What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

    This actually arrived on Wednesday I think - but getting my wife ready for her move to Canada (I follow next month) has taken priority She left yesterday so I took this out and gave it a nice cleaning this morning and can't wait to shave with it!!
  6. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Safety razor convert, now obsessed

    Welcome. This place will feed your obsession!
  7. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Gillette Shakespeare, anyone seen it before?

    Whatever it is it's cool
  8. MyOldKentuckyHome

    First post

  9. MyOldKentuckyHome

    RESOLVED ***type advertisement on B&B

    Seems like there are several options here: 1) become a contributor 2) install an ad blocker on your browser (it installs in the background and prevents ads across most sites and you never hardly know it's there) 3) pack up your bags and leave We love having everyone around here but it does...
  10. MyOldKentuckyHome

    RESOLVED ***type advertisement on B&B

    ?? I don't remember ever seeing an ad on here.
  11. MyOldKentuckyHome

    The when is it a Schick Krona and when is it not DE timeline

    Every shave with it so far has been GREAT!
  12. MyOldKentuckyHome

    If you could give ONE piece of advice to new wetshavers, what would it be?

    My advise is just enjoy it - that's all that really matters.
  13. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

    I think Blue Spark is in Europe. Best option for partial recouping of cost would be to sell it on local eBay or something. Such a bummer. I do understand Maggard's situation though - I mean, they sell hundreds of different models and products to hundreds of different customers a day. I...
  14. MyOldKentuckyHome

    Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

    I still think a Tech is the best bang for your buck in the wet shaving world!
  15. MyOldKentuckyHome

    List of DE razor models produced by year

    Here's a list about the Gillettes And for the SE ASR crowd
  16. MyOldKentuckyHome

    What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

    Empty display box of GEM blades, partial box of GEM blades Oh and some random blades no one ever talks about 😆
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