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  1. Clay S

    DFW Get-together Saturday August 10, 2019 @ 2:00pm

    JOE's Pizza-Pasta & Subs Joe's Pizza Pasta & Subs 4300 Matlock Rd #100 Arlington, TX 76018 Saturday August 10,2019 @ 2:00pm Please respond in following thread if interested in attending. DFW Get-together?']DFW Get-together?[/URL]
  2. Clay S

    Finally knotted Olive wood/Black palm by Graydog

    A "Black Badger" knot from China. "Black Badger" because it makes tea when soaked in hot water a few minutes. :)
  3. Clay S

    DFW August 2019 Meet-up Date Poll

    Poll Ends in 21 days.
  4. Clay S

    Cold Tasting or Dry Drawing

    I was watching a cigar review on YouTube recently and the reviewer mentioned that he just started cold tasting cigars, but had been smoking cigars for quite some time. I instinctively was cold tasting from my first cigar. What are everyone's thoughts on Cold Tasting?
  5. Clay S

    Ran into this song about sh...

    Shaving Cream.
  6. Clay S

    Happy π Day

    Also Einstein's Birthday and Hawking's Deathday. Actually have a website for it if you can believe it:https://www.piday.org/
  7. Clay S

    Newbie PIF

    Requirements: At least 1 Post :) That you consider yourself to be a new DE shaver That any items, if determined not to your liking, be PIF'ed If can also be gotten for a new shaver, but one actually wanting to start, not as an enticement or gift hoping they will start. Be OK that the soaps are...
  8. Clay S

    DFW gathering August 2019 initial date poll

    Please indicate in the poll which Saturdays you would not be available in August. Another poll will be ran based on that for which day you rather have the meeting. It will be a month poll, to give plenty of time for people to look at/plan their schedule. Limit is up to 4 responses. If you...
  9. Clay S

    DFW Get-Together Feb 24 3:00pm

    DFW Get-together?']DFW Get-together?[/URL] Mother's Daughters' Diner Please respond in above link it interested in coming!
  10. Clay S

    DFW Get together 2019 FEB 24 Restraunt Poll

    Poll Located here:DFW 2019 FEB 24 Restraunt Poll Please do not respond to this thread.
  11. Clay S

    DFW 2019 FEB 24 Restaurant Poll

    Poll for finalizing location. Open for 7 days Google Maps Google Maps Google Maps Google Maps Google Maps Google Maps Google Maps Please do not respond to this thread Use this thread instead:DFW Get-together?
  12. Clay S

    DFW Texas get together. Feb 24, 2019

    If you think you will attend, there is a poll here:DFW 2019 FEB 24 location poll. to vote for general area on where we'll meet. Join the discussion at:DFW Get-together?
  13. Clay S

    DFW 2019 FEB 24 location poll.

    This is a poll on where to have the meet. This is a general location, the "place" will come next. It's maxed out on entries. We can fine tune location after getting general area. You are akkowed two votes.
  14. Clay S

    Judging Your SR Shaves!

    An idea I have and would like others input/thoughts Yesterday was the first time I have finished a shave with a DE that I started with a SR since Muddy's Meanderings; Which was the only other time since I started complete, two pass shaves. I received very little tactile or audible feedback...
  15. Clay S

    Barburys by Sibel synthetic

    Should I reglue in Original Or re-knot in Klenzo: Or in Vintage: If klenzo, any idea how to clean up the bleeding red? If vintage, Repaint, or clean and Stain?
  16. Clay S

    I like the "Wishing you a Happy Birthday from your friends at B&B."

    Mark Forums Read Search Forums Watched Forums Watched Threads New Posts Wishing you a Happy Birthday from your friends at B&B. Saint Sue Moore Memorial Fundraiser Nice touch
  17. Clay S

    Zenith B25 Olive Wood Long Handle Big Boar Brush 27.5x62mm Knot

    Happy Birthday to me! So far I am pleased with my choice of this brush. It is very close to the Omega Pro, but I will need time for it to break in to evaluate fully. Its splay, and scrub is similar, it's scritch very much higher. And upon soaking, you knew it was a boar, I then gave it a...
  18. Clay S

    Wanting boar Knot, similar to Omega Pro 10098

    Well! :) Wanting boar Knot, similar to Omega Pro 10098, any vendor suggestions?
  19. Clay S

    Klenzo B1053 - a rebranded Rubber(un)set

    My Klenzo gave up the ghost. While lathering, caught a whiff of old Rubbersets that have been enclosed in boxes, and started noticing bristles. After the shave, thumbing the bristles down to one side and quickly releasing results in : A couple more strums: This is a dead brush. This brush...
  20. Clay S

    Market Street

    Only place near me I have found shave intended, SE blades. Both Schick Injectors and PAL Super. Manager must be an SE user. No DE products, and no empty spaces where they would be. Had Williams as well. But no other shave soap. Mind Blown! My Buys: Legos are SE users:
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