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  1. hcoop111

    How long does cella 1kg really last ?

    I was told a 100 gram slice would last about 2 months....it’s been 3-4 months and I haven’t noticed it going down much .....so I’m wondering how long a slice lasts you guys? I mean I load for a minute..I soak it for couple mins beforehand...I scrub it like crazy...not complaining just...
  2. hcoop111

    1st time using haslinger schafmilch

    So I’ve been wanting to try this for a while and decided to then put it in a container...it lathered super easily one or two dips of water and done I did a 30sec load (may do a 1m next time I like my lather super thick)...the scent is medium strength...very low when lathering and during the...
  3. hcoop111

    New shaving storage trolley

    My partner was using a trolley for her craft goodies so that got me thinking maybe I could get one for my shaving goods keep it all in one spot mainly...and it worked well...(mind the mess still unpacking and moving stuff around) it fits everything minus 4 pucks that are under the sink....I...
  4. hcoop111

    Maybe I’m seeing stuff but...

    I could swear since I’ve been using Thayers rose petal witch hazel some ..not all..of my scars have faded a lot or changed colour idk ..just can’t see them as much anymore...is it meant to do this or am I crazy?
  5. hcoop111

    My 1st use of tabac shaving soap

    Ok so let me start off with the nice....I like the scent it is pretty much the same as the aftershave and I liked that heaps I love musky scents....it did lather up fairly easily...I’m part German and this is German so that’s cool( no I can’t speak it lol) like that it comes with a bit of foil...
  6. hcoop111

    Fine closed for good

    Well guys it’s happened there is no doubt that fine has closed its doors what a shame..wanted to try snakebite ...yet another company gone this year ... :(
  7. hcoop111

    Tabac shave soap

    Was talking to my partner the other day about shaving and tabac shaving soap and she ordered one for me to my surprise a package was sitting at my door so i opened it and this was inside o_o
  8. hcoop111

    yaki mokka 2band 26mm badger brush!

    Annnd its here! They sent me A free feather blade box as well bonus! This thing is awesome! Better than the synths for sure...so much badger hair...i lt has pretty decent backbone as well more than the synths...its soft...yet picks up so much soap...i didnt scrub the puck for very long as i...
  9. hcoop111

    Yaqi 2 bands

    Show me your yaqi 2 bands trying to get a idea of what they look like
  10. hcoop111

    New razorock soap - XXX Fresco

    Just seen this thought id let you guys know
  11. hcoop111

    Yaqi slant

    well this turned up today ...looks very scary hahah ...anywho i shaved with a shark super chrome and my thoughts...itS kinda rough...but i have a sensitive face most things feel rough also all my hair grows different ways...but it gets pretty close ...if i can work on my neck area it wouldnt be...
  12. hcoop111

    Is martin de candre overpriced and overrated?

    Does it really perform the best is it really THE best shaving soap/cream around? Is it worth the price tag?etc etc thoughts?
  13. hcoop111

    Had my first margarita

    made with Sauza,Tequila,Orange cointreau, Agave nectar and lime juice served with a lemon slice on rocks with salt around the rim...not bad i could drink alot of them..i dont drink very often i only had 1 with some buffalo wings in spicy bbq sauce
  14. hcoop111

    New razor and brushes

    i won a futur 702 hp gold last night and purchased 4 yaqi brushes...when it all arrives ill post pictures...sometime during this week
  15. hcoop111

    Adding menthol crystals to shaving soap/creams and aftershaves

    Just wondering around how much should you add ...should it be crushed or mixed into something etc etc any help would be great
  16. hcoop111

    Personna red israeli blades

    Just turned up give me 5-10 minutes to shave with and ill be back to say what i thought
  17. hcoop111

    Yaqi -violet plissoft 26mm

    So after people talking about yaqis for a while i decided to get the yaqi violet plissoft 26mm ....i could not get a decent photo as much as i tried...but anywho the performance.... no1. Considering this is a plissoft knot this was making thick lather that peaked on my hand so fast didnt matter...
  18. hcoop111

    Tfh - sandalwood cologne

    Mm mm ive had this stuff before and its so good :3 if you like sandalwood and cologne scents this is for you 👍
  19. hcoop111

    My auction parcel has arrived !

    So recently we had a auction and i seen these and thought they must be mine as i love nivea and havnt tried 3 of the things within the package...and just so happen i won it and its here today...so i unpackaged it gave it all a sniff... i know what the sensitive cream and balm is like as ive had...
  20. hcoop111

    Yaqi rainbow brush

    Thinking of getting one but not sure on this as its horse hair...is it any good?
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