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  1. CongaJon

    Rubberset 200's and a couple displays I threw together today

    Do 200-1 and 200-6 brushes really exist? I have the 2 and 3, with the 4 and 5 inbound. It's looking like the bookends are going to be tough to acquire, though. With another foot of snow today, I spent some time in the shed scheming up a goofy stand for the set of 6. At least the hunt will give...
  2. CongaJon

    Just a couple of common Rubbersets restored.

    A 200-3 and a 153. Both 24 mm knots at app. 52 mm loft. Looking forward to trying the 70/30 mixed Maggard knot. The other is a Plissoft type called "Sunrise," I believe.
  3. CongaJon

    Vintage Brush ID Help

    Anyone recognize these brushes? I can find no Rubberset brushes that look like the chrome one. I don't recognize the arrow logo on the lighter wood one and the black one says only "Set in Rubber." Thanks in advance! Jon
  4. CongaJon

    Brush Restoration With 28mm Maggard's Black and White

    Just glued the knot into this resto: It's one of those big-dollar Surrey handles. The bottom is representative of the brush's original state. I filled the stripes with a Sharpie, because it's what I had. Sanded off any wayward ink, then injected thin CA into the grooves with an insulin...
  5. CongaJon

    Handle/Knot Choices:Purely Aesthetical

    I am in the process of restoring some brushes, so I placed a couple orders for knots. These knots were not necessarily targeted for these specific handles, but I liked all three enough that I think that's where they are going to end up! Horsehair, Boar and Red Fox synthetic (all Shave Forge)...
  6. CongaJon

    Pradat Brun: thin grind?

    I'm in the process of honing this resto job and noticed that this blade has the smallest bevel I have come across. Are these blades known for their thin grind? Is this in fact thin? I always hear Fillys and some German manufacturers mentioned when the subject comes up, but the lower half of this...
  7. CongaJon

    Potential scales. What do you think?

    Tacky as hell, but so is the blade! Will affix to wood and coat with epoxy. It's just a few bucks, so why not? Picture quality does not seem as bad as the photo appears.
  8. CongaJon

    November Photo Contest...Contrast

    Theme: Contrast Rules: Entries are shot this year. Post-processing is allowed. When post-processing is used please elaborate a bit on what you did. Conditions: Winner of the November challenge picks a new theme and starts a new thread. You must be the photographer. One entry per month...
  9. CongaJon

    Another French razor, another case of cell rot?

    This one had some black spots that I thought were patina. WRONG! They looked almost like a bad stain, with heavy pitting beneath. These were after a bit of 120 grit. Note the spot over the bell. The scales, showing the spot right over the bell. What do you think? IF I can salvage the...
  10. CongaJon

    What does in etching (or stamping)?

    You see it on the tang maker's mark a lot. Why can I hit that with 100 passes of 180 grit with minimal impact, yet the stamping is often obliterated. By the much smoother, softer scales that are lightly touching it??? Seems like it would take about 1.5 eons for that to happen! Here's a blade...
  11. CongaJon

    Came across this fairly recent post today. Mr. Camoloc!

    How did that work out for you?
  12. CongaJon

    Razor ID: Fragment of maker's mark

    I think you guys will be all over this! What have we here?
  13. CongaJon

    Could this be cell rot beginning?

    Or just garden variety corrosion? It kind of concerns me because it seems almost exclusively on the portion of the blade that the scales cover. Hopefully I'm just being paranoid and it is in fact plain old rust. I can't find so much as a mention or a photo of a "Walk Over" and would hate to have...
  14. CongaJon

    Another "How would you proceed?" restoration thread.

    I just received this Pradat Brun from France. It was an inexpensive project purchase and it looks like it is in pretty good shape for around 20 beans. Looks a little rough after taking 300 diamond to it to correct geometry and check for good steel at bevel. I can't decide whether to sand it and...
  15. CongaJon

    Hilarious Advertisement

    Maybe everyone has seen this, but I saw this on another site and thought it hilarious!
  16. CongaJon

    Circuit Board Scales

    I know it's been done a lot, but thought you folks might still like to see it. While repairing a Chromebook, the bad motherboard really jumped out at me. I thought it would be impossible to work with, but a scroll saw and belt sander made surprisingly light work of it. (With breathing...
  17. CongaJon

    Crazy Scales, cont'd (Burned oak and azurite powder)

    After using the Shou-shugi-ban technique on a fire table top, I noticed a small red oak cutoff. Hmmm... What could I do with that? Quick shape up a set of scales and take the torch to 'em, that's what! Only let's let these ignite. And not brush them off when charcoaled. A little crushed stone...
  18. CongaJon

    Is this Rodgers a regrind?

    How do you tell? This blade looks pretty old, but it also has some waviness/dimpling that I haven't seen. Almost like it was hammered by hand. Nearly impossible to capture in photos, but I tried.
  19. CongaJon

    Tally Nooo...

    This fine old blade showed up with a crack that is somehow clearly evident in MY photo. Couldn't stand it going to waste, so it became a quite pretty little shorty! I was able to save the collars and after a Neatsfoot soak even the well-worn scales came around.
  20. CongaJon

    Recommended course of action: Frowning Eyre

    As the title suggests, I'm seeking advice on how to hone this blade. The good news is that it reached this state with a couple quick rubs of Flitz. I may not even unpin it. What would you recommend I do about the frown under the "HOLLOW GROUND" ? I'm thinking cut down the heel and hone away...
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