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    Gifting a knife....edge care?

    Planning to gift a knife to friend who spends a lot of time making salad with a blunt knife. A nigiri seems in the area but open to suggestions. My concern is storage & edge damage. Suspect I can pick up an acceptable upgrade for $50-$100 but none of them come with a what do you call it...
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    Lord Shavette

    Has anyone tried the Lord Shavette? I was gifted this by a barber in Egypt last year and have just got around to trying it. It's quite a cool little razor. Terrifyingly light, I suspect the chopstick with a de stuck to has more heft. Gonna have a few more shaves to adjust as I'm used to a...
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    Nail Care

    I seem to have stopped biting my nails, the only nail care regime I'm aware of is to eat well and wait a few years. Any tips?
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    Head Shaving

    I've never taken a blade to bits of my head I can't see before but have become sufficiently annoyed with my clippers to consider it. I imagine I just lather up, say a small prayer, and go for it. Reckon I'll reach for a safety razor to clean up but I've not used one of those on my head either...
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    Birch Polypore

    Anyone else used this stuff for stropping? I have chunk lying around from the local woods and have used it for stropping small knives a little. Tonight I didn't have a strop to hand but did have this so gave it a whirl. It is very small for stropping razors but had a really nice feel to it and...
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    Netflix Widget

    Dad watches Netflix on an Amazon FireStick occasionally. The majority of the time is spent turning it off and on again or trying to get it to connect to the wifi. My days of fighting a FireStick must come to an end shortly. Any ideas for a reliable Netflix device? Wondering if a ps3 or xbox...
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    Herbal alternative for a pipe

    This is for my dad. He's had a rough time the past few years with a few seizures, strokes and Alzheimer's. His main interest is smoking but he has burned his way through his Briarwood pipes, can't roll his own smokes anymore and smokes the cigarettes we ration him like a speedrunner who can't...
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    TPD in the UK

    Interesting view on the matter:
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    I have a few of plastic dynamo flashlights I got for pennies years ago, this sort of thing: Penguin Shaped Dynamo LED Flashlight Torch - eco friendly PP-Penguin: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home They work. What caught my attention a while back via the vaping/ecig community was that the single...
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    Rap & Hip-Hop - Your Favourite tunes

    Rap music was the first music I came to love, it made a big impact on me and was all I really listened to from about 12 to 16, beyond 16 I would accept other forms of music as valid expression. I still love it but am behind the times. Please post some rap/hip-hop you love. After listening to...
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    Lapping plate/base

    Where do I get a very flat piece of stuff on the cheap for wet and dry or loose grit lapping of stones? I asked a local guy that does granite kitchen & bathroom tops for something that suits my needs and awkwardly got a useless far from flat chunk of stone for nothing. My DMT 325 seems to be...
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    I've been looking at the wall for 15-30 mins a day for a few months and it seems like a worthwhile use of time. Meditation: how is it for you?
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    Fire by friction

    I've always used matches or lighters to get things going but a friend was showing me his ferro rod firestick and got me thinking I'd like to go a little more old school. Searching online for one to strike against my Opinel carbon knife I found a few videos on hand drill and bow drill and thought...
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    Strop Advice

    I've been mulling over a new strop for a while. Longterm plan was to live with what I had until I could shell out for a custom Neil Miller but Neil is gone now, I'm not rich yet, and what I have isn't making me happy. I've been using a Tony Miller Latigo & Ambrose Ebano for several years now. I...
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    Mech Mod Just Arrived

    First mech mod just arrived, only 24hrs in but really enjoying it. I've been loving my little $6 dripper for six months or so and was wanting a tube mech to stick it on. Splashed out $7 on the mech mod with three different sized battery tubes and am a happy camper. Thinking I might pick up...
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    ebay rant

    As there seems to be a lack a of ranting here alongside a demand for it, here's mine. I put a few items on ebay for the first time in a long time, I used to find entering international shipping a chore but when posting this time ebay helpfully explained that I don't need to bother with all that...
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    Mod Shopping

    My main mod, Smok M80, just died again and I want to replace it. The last time it died I was smoking again within the hour, but got a replacement back within a few weeks. This time I've got a Coolfire IV which I'm really glad I got as a backup as it doesn't look like a replacement will be...
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    Wooden floors.Laminate floors.decisions

    We bought a beige carpet for the hall about eight years ago when we moved into the house, it's a mess. Time to upgrade. No more carpets in the hallway, it's going to be dominated by cats, teenagers & toddlers over the next decade or so. My wife assures me that laminate flooring is just like...
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    DIY Juice

    Been vaping a few months now and pretty happy with my mods, atomizers and coil building. I've vaped my way through a few hundred mils of juice and thinking it's worth a shot getting some homebrew on the go, inspiration was mulling over another £8/15ml bottle of Smoked Custard Plus, I got the...
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    A little advice on a second mod

    Been vaping a few months and pretty happy with it. My Smok M80 mod alongside the Cthulhu & Lemo Drop RTA's are working out well. Having two tanks and two mods is great but one of the mods, iTaste MVP 2, is on loan and heading home soon, so it seems practical to pick up a backup. I really like...
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