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  1. sarimento1

    original P.160 shave soap, 50g

    i've too much inventory! here's a small 50g (1.8 oz) plastic jar of the original, legendary p.160 italian shave soap. search on the b&b forum will provide more info. the large brick has been kept stored in the small fridge for 4 years and is in great condition. some of the marzipan scent is...
  2. sarimento1

    FS Vintage Morley Clover Brand Straight Razor

    Here is my vintage 5/8" restored Morley Clover brand straight razor. Has nice embossed scales, barber notch, satin finish on the blade. Blade centers well. A few pits remain on the spine, see pics. Edge is clean of any nicks or burrs. Buyer should sharpen to his taste. Plus INCLUDES a silicone...
  3. sarimento1

    R.I.P. Photokina

    was never able to attend, but always found the event to be newsworthy and launching point of so many photo gear innovations.
  4. sarimento1

    Shaving Soap Assorted Dozen Blowout!!

    Offering as a single LOT, these 12 assorted shaving soaps! Most have been re-potted to handy 2 oz tins, with screw lids and labels, all used lightly. A few are original packing with light use. All weights are current content approximations. $50 shipped to CONUS residential address, Paypal only...
  5. sarimento1

    "Wayback when" photo stuff!!

    "Make your own Color prints!!" Anyone remember this hobby darkroom kit?? Vintage 1960's, I believe! Sample print on box top got lost over the years! Who else has stuff "that should have been tossed long ago"!!
  6. sarimento1

    Vintage Yardley shave bowl and soap, 1/3 remaining

    here's my early Yardley wooden shave soap bowl and remaining puck, 1.1 oz. label with some normal age issues. soap has almost no scent remaining. Shipped, $15.00, Conus confirmed residential address only, Paypal only. See pics and message any question or if interested! Thanks!!
  7. sarimento1

    Large Cologne, Aftershave PIF!!!

    These colognes and aftershaves don't get enough playing time and deserve a new home! PIF!! For CONUS-resident, B&B Member, of at least 6 months! SHIPPED USPS GROUND, PRE-PAID!! Remaining-amount fill levels vary from slight to unused! Reply to this post if you are "IN"! Winner will be selected...
  8. sarimento1

    1986 Newspaper Article on Barber Shave

    A friend shared this 1986 newspaper clipping with me and I'm happy to pass it along! Here's the text, with full page image below. Note: "Old Sage" is not an error of the OCR app, rather actually as written! further note...interesting wedding announcement on the reverse side of the clipping, see...
  9. sarimento1


  10. sarimento1

    Another Law Enforcement PIF!! Vintage Trumpers w/tallow!!

    Doing some more Den Cleaning! Here's one of my all-time favorite shave soaps! Vintage GF Trumper's violet shave soap, tallow version. With a Trumper's wooden bowl (re-purposed from another Trumpers puck). Approx. 60% remaining of original 3.3 oz soap. Still has some scent! PIF, INCLUDING...
  11. sarimento1

    Nice Shave Cream and Soap Lot! Caties, TOBS, Strop Shoppe, More!

    Doing some Den Cleaning! Here are several nice creams and a few (unobtanium) Strop Shoppe samples. $25 including CONUS shipping for the bundle!! Caties Bubbles rose cream/croap, 8 oz jar, 90% remaining Dovo almond oil shave cream, 5 oz tub, 90% remaining Simpson vanilla rose cream/croap, 4 oz...
  12. sarimento1

    Witch hazel yellowing over time

    Just noticed how much this Thayer's rose witch hazel has yellowed over the past 6 years. Fragrance is just about the same, maybe a tad mellower. The other Thayer's that I have (lemon, plain medicated) haven't yellowed nearly as much. All stored in cabinet, away from sun and heat.
  13. sarimento1

    HUUUGE CREAM PIF! Law enforcement!

    Cleaning out the Shaving Cream Sample drawer! Here's a PIF, with Thanks, for any gov't-employed Law Enforcement CONUS B&B member with 20+ Posts!! 30+ small classic shaving cream samples! Most have been used once or twice; most are 4-5 years old; a few are untouched. Each should be enough for...
  14. sarimento1

    Help! MdC soap corroding tin.

    OK, soap chemists, what is cause for rust building up on my Martin de Candre shave soap tin? 3 yrs ago, I repotted some soap from the MdC original glass jar, to a smaller 2-oz flat tin with tin screw top lid. Good for travel. But the rims in both the bottom and top are now rusting. No similar...
  15. sarimento1

    Quick pesto

    Easy. Lots of recipes. Get fresh basil, wash, de-stem. Mine included parmesan cheese, garlic, olive oil, pine nuts, roasted; basil as last step. In food processor. I added a dash of salt and some lemon juice to season. Use it as topping on just about anything.
  16. sarimento1

    Post-Lockdown Haircut??

    OK, gents, Who's been able to get a haircut at the barbershop, now post-lockdown? Tell about your experience! Was an appointment needed? How far in advance? Any "Covid surcharge"? Booked mine...two week wait!
  17. sarimento1

    HUUUGE Soap Sample PIF!!

    Cleaning out the Soap Sample Drawer!! Here's a PIF with over 20 hard soap samples! Each is partly used, but with enough soap for 3+ shaves! Packed in plastic petri-type dishes. Several hard to find soaps, including QCS, Creed, Floris. Most are tallow-based! Open to Any B&B member with...
  18. sarimento1

    Finished off puck of (pre-) shave soap!!

    the at-home shave routine is pre-shave lather and rinse with Ach Brito Glyce; works great! Face lather from the puck with whatever brush du jour. The approx. 6 oz. puck is lasting about 2 years; now's about time for a replacement!
  19. sarimento1

    Shave support for medical workers during pandemic!

    our nephew is chief of staff for large hospital in the region. so, i'm sending this 'care' package for his co-workers who now have to shave for mask reasons! A few dozens of Truefitt & Hill samples of shave cream and pre-shave oil.
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