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  1. Luke49783

    Squadron Leader with Perique!

    Squadron Leader Special Edition with Perique 50g | Smokingpipes.com
  2. Luke49783

    Anyone tried Bombies Product X yet?

    Bombies finally released Product X a month or two ago. The retailers that carry Bombies don't seem to have it yet (MistHub at least), but it's available on Bombies.com. I ordered a 30ml of it yesterday to give it a try. It's described as peach with a milky finish, so it should be interesting...
  3. Luke49783

    Aspire Atlantis V2

    Anyone tried one yet? I should have one in my mailbox early next week. As much as I love dripping, having a tank would make things easy. I ran a couple of tanks through the Beyond Vape Silo I bought a while back and never really used. I liked it, but wanted more air. Apparently the V2 has...
  4. Luke49783

    Car troubles - Any ideas?

    I've got a 2010 Chevrolet Malibu, just shy of 75,000 miles. Went out to get coffee with my wife this morning and was pulling up to a stop light on our way home. Suddenly the "look at the gauge cluster" chime goes off, as if it's warning me that I'm low on fuel. Right at the same time, the car...
  5. Luke49783

    I'm from Qwertyburg, Hvalfjordur, Iceland

    Just saw that my user title seems to have been customized :lol: Someone with "the power" must have seen my post in the thread on wireless network names. Whoever is responsible, thank you! I like it!
  6. Luke49783

    How many people in the BL still shave regularly?

    Most of us probably ended up on Badger and Blade due to an interest in wet shaving. Once I stumbled into the BL area, my interest in shaving has completely fallen by the wayside. At one point I had around a dozen vintage Gillette razors as well as an Ikon. Since then, I've sold everything but...
  7. Luke49783

    Xikar Allume Lighter Rattles

    I just got a new Xikar cigar lighter in the maill, the Allume Double, and upon opening it notice that there's a rattle coming from inside the lighter. It's not coming from the sidebar that's pressed to fire the lighter or the doors that cover the jets. I haven't gassed it up yet and am...
  8. Luke49783

    Blown Away!

    I received a package from an incredibly kind member today and wanted to share it with you guys. I'm absolutely blown away and humbled by his generosity! As some of you have probably seen in my other thread, I'm getting back into cigars after having dabbled a little in college. This member...
  9. Luke49783

    XIKAR PuroTemp Digital Hygrometers

    Anyone use the round on? The current model states that there's no calibration needed and doesn't appear to even offer the ability. I'm curious if they're actually accurate out of the box.
  10. Luke49783

    Vaping: Why you should always check your wicking regularly

    I realized the other day that I hadn't changed the cotton in my Magma RDA in a while. Since the top cap screws on, I always drip through the drip tip, so I hadn't seen it in a while. I unscrewed the cap and this is what I found... YUCK! I pulled the cotton out and dry burned it like I usually...
  11. Luke49783

    Cigars - What's good?

    I used to smoke cigars on occasion from the time i turned 18 to midway through college. For some reason, I haven't had one in years, except for an Acid after they started selling them in gas stations in the humi-packs and a Cuban (I can't even remember what it was) when I was in the Dominican...
  12. Luke49783

    Venting - Dog lost his leg yesterday to neighbor's dog

    I don't know what I'm looking for in this, I think I just need to vent and feel like this is a safe place to do it since this is the most level headed corner of the internet. I have two dogs, Charlie who is about 14 pounds and Finn who is about 20. My neighbors have 5 dogs (was 6 until one...
  13. Luke49783

    Dokha: First full bowl. WHOA!

    As mentioned in my hookah thread, I stumbled across dokha and ordered some along with a medwakh (the pipe that it's smoked from). Here is a link to the Wikipedia page on it for those that don't know what is is. This stuff is interesting to say the least. Totally different from the pipe...
  14. Luke49783

    Experiences with the supernatural

    My wife is a huge fan of the various "ghost hunter" type shows. They were never something that I watched until we met, but I've grown to enjoy them quite a bit. I've never had any supernatural experiences, though my wife has had a few, as have her parents. I'd be curious to hear what...
  15. Luke49783

    Hookah Suggestions?

    Hey all, does anyone have suggestions on a good hookah to purchase? I had one back 5-6 years ago that I used fairly regularly for a while, I want to say it was a Mya QT, but after not cleaning it and letting it set for a while, it got pretty gross and I ended up tossing it (probably a mistake...
  16. Luke49783

    Check 6: Got the scope today

    It's long past March and the Check 6 badges are gone, but I had my first colonoscopy today. I had had some bleeding issues back at the end of spring/beginning of summer, so I went in to see my usual physician. He said that it was probably nothing serious, but suggested that I go in for the...
  17. Luke49783

    Vapers: How many milliliters do you vape a day?

    Just curious how much liquid other vapors here go through in a day. I seem to be averaging about 10mls a day. Probably not saving me any money over cigarettes, but it's saving my health!
  18. Luke49783

    Avis Mustang Convertible Rental

    Hey Gents, my fiancee and I are taking a short honeymoon after our upcoming wedding in a couple of weeks. We're going up to Traverse City, Michigan to do some wine tasting and and exploring of the Grand Traverse Bay area. We decided that we'd treat ourselves and rent a convertible for the trip...
  19. Luke49783

    Is Nasal Snuff making me sick?

    I've got a handful of different snuffs I ordered from Mr. Snuff a while back. I hadn't touched any of it in probably 6 months, so on Monday I decided to give some a shot again. I had mowed the lawn on Sunday afternoon, which had aggravated my seasonal allergies some, not bad, but some. I...
  20. Luke49783

    Custom Made Jeans?

    After what so far has been a good experience with Natty Shirts, I've started wondering what other custom clothing makers are online at reasonable prices. I'm a big guy and often find myself wishing that there was more of a selection in Big and Tall clothing. Where a regularly sized pair of...
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